“And so, the movie ends, good triumphs over evil, and the music played.  Life is so simple and yet so hard in its ways, and the music played.  So the book begins now that was once just jumbled letters of thoughts—taking each breath with valor … each moment as the last page in a gripping novel clutching your heart as you fall to the floor.  And the music played.  Each tear a marker, middle of the page, the edges battered and turned under—your choices needing no shared explanation.  And the music played.  Dreams are lived, and love is smitten, love is made, and love letters are written even in times of war. Love’s reason seems unfair, but is reasoned within the lessons.  And the music played.  To the end and to the last, drink life for the future and not for the past.  Take what you’ve earned and give it what you want.  Love all that you see, and love all that you don’t. Be there for love ’til the last breathe, for there’s always one more chapter left—written just for you—sweet melodies filling your soul with love.  And the music played.”

(no known writer)



“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

—Ludwig Van Beethoven



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