A Thread-bearer speaks

beyond the ordinary

Sown is an impart © -epc



Love is quantum entanglement





MUSE: A ‘holy’ spirit:  A sanctioned observer of all things of unvarnished linked whispers bearing existence as old as the Universe.  A ‘reflection’ of sort; a phantom of silhouette of glimpse and shadows of outlined patterns of  reproductive Phi well detailed; a beckoning of awe toward all part of the original.




Spirutal intelligence conquers AWE. ღ


Conscious confusion ensues when forced is interjection of egotistical fears of imposed deterent of will of infinity negated out of the ‘self’: An indivisible quantum inner facing.  The divisible ego must be constricted and restricted, so can part an impart of re-‘vision’ come through conversation of frequency of ‘voice’ void of pretense. 


“We are all connected.
To each other biologically.
To the earth chemically.
To the Universe atomically.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson
















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