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A repeated decision is not always a mistake.

All life presents itself in spark of seed: A masterpiece of contineous algorithms of move —to every seed is chance given to existence of eternal perpetuity.

Some, only care of the thoughts of what others may think—the some too proud to humble before greater reasoning for life’s being. The same some who do feel but refuse a responsibility to acknowledge and not accept the un-reasoned current ‘sufferings’ imposed upon the life-force—the some, who fail to ‘see’ that they are born to light of courage and inspiration for the lost of collective ‘feelings’ of darkness created of man’s illusions of choice; a fallacy of blindness to an acceptance of emptiness waiting to be filled. Some, fail to ‘see’ that fear must be seen and faced and not ignored! The only ‘monsters’ need be destroyed of this world are made in the image of man, as so are created by man! How unfortunate that some choose a “status quo” position of ‘coward’; a choice homage paid to ignorance of mortal place of fear fearing itself of truer instinctual beckoning for chance to change amiss to just!

“Hope conspires with the wind. It blows away the ‘demons’ of despair.” —Maya Angelou

“Messiah”: One who understands a meaning to his/her existence.

“You are the ‘Angel’ you’ve been waiting for! You’re here!”
—Alan Watts

We, and all sentient beings, are born to our own Universe, and therefore, we and only we are responsible for just being a truth of life by just being a truth we bring. To be a meaning is our meaning. Choices made must be our own. This is the law of all things. Forsaken must be the ‘opinions’ of fallactic entity endeavoring to change inner worlds, thusly are doing so against the laws of nature. This, being nothing more than audacity of arrogant proposal to control the outer world to their will! This, we can prevent by simply understanding humility; a human ability [power] of knowing honored place of innate nature.

Dare to peer into the abyss … ūüíę




#truthofLove . . . Do not ignore what beckons from the core!



“Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strenghtened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ¬†—Helen Keller

Life and Death¬†¬†It is not the suggestive heart that should be ‘followed’, as is suggested, as the heart is the bearer of anguish¬†at best, becoming¬†easily¬†broken by the insignificient, mundane and meaningless¬†guilts and regrets it feeds upon¬†in opposition¬†to¬†the soul simultaneously begging intuitions logic which so easily succumbs¬†to mankind’s spiteful¬†ignorance! ¬†Love, is the intimate forgiver, and therefore, is ‘stored’ at¬†the core of being because Love is the perpetual and purposeful energy that transforms and does not fade away, as such is the nature of the human heart—so easily filled with negative charge offered of¬†proposition of mind. It is reasonable to say that the mind¬†must first be ’emptied’ of the things of angst’s imprisionment, thusly so the soul can offer the ways of intuitions positive solution to counter¬†‘the darkness of unreason given to human thoughts. ¬†This, is the¬†battle; a¬†must of fight in order to re-gain and maintain a¬†knowledge of the light once know, allowed to just be.¬†This, is the what of meaning of “born again”—to rid, to ‘un-program the mind¬†of¬†society’s stagnation of imposed ills of will.



The¬†mind must remain vigilant to ‘see’ the things of the soul’s craving; an¬†allowance of¬†heart to¬†purpose. ¬†The heart is the¬†organ created to¬†carry the genes of blood-reign who speak from¬†the soul. ¬†The heart is the doorway of entrance meant to feed the soul’s worth, but is used and¬†abused¬†by malevolent force as an exit for external damnation if one does not listen to the cries of internal endearment. ¬†The heart beats fast for anxiety’s ways of doom; a ‘cheering on’ for a death of personage. ¬†In an awareness of truths, the heart¬†remains at peace [rest] when comforted by the ‘voice’ of internal influence.



A cyclic Universe¬†is eternal beauty and chaos. ¬†Life¬†is no different, and¬†cannot exist one without the other. ¬†Internal Love carries the soul¬†moment to moment within¬†the light¬†perpetually speaking;¬†an eternity of¬†souls of Love’s energy battling a¬† blinded heart’s despair for repair. Love is the ‘Temple’¬†binding¬†the Earth to the Universe.¬† And if¬†it is Love [light] we must fight for¬†as we¬†roam¬†the rhelms of physical¬†[dark] experience, then stands to reason that “success” is¬†the re-absorption of Love’s energies once given over to deceitful illusions residing in the festering darkness of mind.



‚ÄėHome‚Äô, is the name of the internal light that is; an energy beckoning humanity to ~~just be~~.¬†¬©




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“In contrast to the monotheistic religions with their linear view of sacred time and the progressive nature of history leading to a final eschcatological event, many Neo-Pagans view sacred moments¬†as cyclical, rotating between life and death in an eternal cycle of periodic renewal, which Mircea Eliade called ‘the eternal return’. In contrast to the Dharmic religions, which seek escape from this cycle, many Neo-Pagans embrace it. Far from being a source of pessimism or despair, for these Neo-Pagans, the ineluctability of death gives deeper meaning to existence.”











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Every woman’s heart is deserving of ‘the fairytale’ Love. ¬†Imagine that! A belief of heart¬†worth bringing¬†forth meant¬†to just be where broken is its own kind of beautiful.



Happiness . . . to love and to be loved: A truth worth living.¬† And yet, how many earthly souls do truly¬†feel loved‚ÄĒthe ‘something’ to have without reason of¬†logic aforethought. A ‘something’ of faith. A faith of knowing. A ‘go with the flow’ mentality necessary to evolve to allow the¬†‘self’ to¬†feel the one ‘something’ that¬†is real!



She once¬† feared a listening to her own ‚Äėvoice‚Äô‚ÄĒfeared that the pains of her soul would bleed out tears of many lives hidden of words waiting to be spoken through the aloneness. She summoned a courage to¬†‚Äėunderstand‚Äô a¬†question of,¬†‚ÄėWhat has been the most important thing you have done in moments of life-times?‚Äô She already summized an answer, as she is a survivor of Love‚Äôs seemingly unfair ‘tests’ of endurance, because even after the heartache, she stilled angst for love through the scaring.



A woman’s intuition¬†is¬†sincere, and even when made ignorant¬†for a time of Love’s blinding. She¬†chooses¬†to love Love always, and even in an eternal tiring of trying. She cannot easily give up on love so wantonly desired. She will attempt discovery of means of acquire, as she¬†wills¬†a world of her own desire‚ÄĒ‚Äägiving¬†wholeheartedly to Love’s gravity of rhythm as it tares¬†down walls of distrust in unending attempt at rebuilding her¬†pieces continually falling at her feet. She waits for¬†the melting‚ÄĒthe smile that tells her he needs her. A promise of trust in his eyes that says he will never leave her. The touch of his hand in hers that says he’ll catch her when she falls. A lust for repetitive kiss of just ‘because¬†I love you’. Until the moment of betrayal comes‚ÄĒ‚Äähe lets go of her hand, he pushes her away with a pain of indifference, and kisses her with empty heart. ¬†He hears nothing at all¬†through her¬†tears lost in a seeking of Love’s seeming vain unreason. ¬†All this, she endures, waiting a time for her lust¬†of Love to make love to her like the storm ravages the ocean!



Is ‘the devil’ of mind delusional?¬†Is¬†the ‘God’ of hearts an illusion? ¬†Faith, is choice made clear in reflection of choosing direction‚ÄĒ‚Ääbe it negative thoughts of impending loss of self-worth by idiocy of mind’s hearsay, or be it positive thought for the keeping of heart¬†of¬†understanding Love’s way for growth and preservation? ¬†Is not Love a do or die challenge of worthy battle—for soul’s sake?



Perhaps, Love did design her for contentment in aloneness, if only to teach her how to breathe new air.


Perhaps, ‘something’ of the Universe desires her love for purpose as it whispers in her ear,¬†‘I am sorry for your reign of pain, as it is to be this way for sway’.



Dearest Duke: ‘Move’ your Princess wisely, or¬†lose her entirely.

Dutiful¬†Princess: ¬†Let no man give you unreason to think the unthinkable—that you, of life’s design, are not of ‘substance’. ¬†You, one given in loan for Love’s greater sake!¬† If many are un-worthy, have no doubt in your faith that many others pray you walk with love their way.



Perhaps . . . for many, love is made of the pieces left of a tired world. One must be willing to lose connections to people, places, and things that create all the noise in order for the peace of Love to flow freely from the broken pieces.



A private conversation in Love’s sway, is¬†a soul healed of a wound.



He asks: “Does Love truly exist?”

She answers: “Love is an adjective and a verb moving all matter of noun. ¬†Love, is the what of who¬†you are¬†of¬†what you do, and of what you say or don’t say or don’t do: A word of means of connection to just being. Thus, it is meaning what you seek. ¬†Love, just is‚ÄĒ‚Ääthe same as always been.”

He asks: Well, if we marry, will we ‘find’ a meaning to love?

She answers: It depends¬†on personal introspection. ¬†You won’t ‘find’ what was never lost. ¬†If you ‘find’ that there is beauty in life, then Love’s meaning is self-evident. If you keep ‘looking’ for Love as a thing to grasp, you will never ‘find’ it, because Love just is and was never lost. What you must ‘find’, is you . . . Love is there first: A way of being. Again, to just be. To love yourself first, you must dare take off the mask given you at birth by ‘systematic immorality’. ¬†You will ‘see’ and feel Love everywhere and in everything if you do this first! ¬†Once you rid yourself of the mask, you’ll want no more to hide behind it! ¬†All truths of true love’s systematic reality is revealed immediately:¬†A joy of all that is Love released from imprisonment of mindless madness!



Within simplicity of innocent heart is where Love resides.¬†No need to seek it! ¬†And even through lies of proposed mask of cruel broken-heartedness, Love remains always faithful to YOU! ¬†The one thing of life all life can be sure of is a meaning of faith: A knowing that Love’s presence resides of all things believing in YOU, and even despite¬†all else of telling to the contrary!



Q:  What is mortal sin?

A: ¬†Mortal “sin” is what it is, the sins of mortal lies and ties created by the wicked ruse-ful who knowingly and willingly¬†betray their fellow mortals: A convincing blindness assured given of mask to uncertainty and unreasonable illegitimacy of perplexing complexities¬†of¬†intentional stagnation of individual imagination’s creation of perfected evolution . . . over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over of each new berth unending, until each can deny no more the ‘voice’ of thought within of whisper to ‘take off the un-‘god’-ly [ugly] mask of unknowing shame’! ¬†“Sin”, is a thing of mere mortals sole un-soulful doings of choice! Nothing more than human drama and dogma¬†having nothing to do with a ‘God’ of all¬†things of true face created of love!



She‚ÄĒone of continuous counting of many sorrows is overdone with lies and contrived controls of masked mania vested in mankind’s broken promises and religious and political betrayal‚ÄĒwords of nonsensical indifference and hidden meaning professed through ungodly delusion!¬† She, comes over and over, holding her divinely given Love close to being in spite of mankind’s ‘evil’ dark intentions and inventions attempting bending of her light toward spiritual reckage!



Give her¬†simplicity and she’ll¬†be fine.¬†The Earth the beach the beach house and wine! ¬†Please take note of the sign over the entry-way door embellished with pink¬†cockle shells and clay purple turtle bells:¬†“WELCOME: NO mask of governed-mentality to ruffle your hair here! ¬†Please leave un-smart phones on the veranda chair!”


A reachable reasoned DREAM come true . . . once she saved her own ass‚ÄĒto experience love without a mask!



Love is given to hearts for the serving, yet sadly abused by the undeserving. ©










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If you dare¬†.¬†.¬†. and you must of anxieties of instinctual wonton burden, delve deeply into a proverbial ‚Äúrabbit hole‚ÄĚ; an inner sense of way where one comes to ‚Äėsee‚Äô paths of truths once lost. ¬†Seems legend, myth, fairy tale, art, and Music, are more truthful in lyrical meaning than any of mankind‚Äôs watered-down versions of interference of ego: An interpretation of¬† knowledge offered of¬† twisted histories. The supposed ‚Äúholy books‚ÄĚ‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääbooks versed and re-versed according to the whims of culture and religion are sorely missing truths of value and realities of untold record.



The histories of organized religions have been grossly bloody ungodly, and frankly, have very little or nothing to do with ‘faith’¬†nor ‘words’ of means of biblical sense—words concerned with matters of Love and hate—namely,¬†specific accounts of witness of historical story of relentless and numerous battles between the Love and hate of mankind’s hearts. ¬†Faith then, becomes¬†profoundly personal; a choice come of¬†ourselves of inner ‘voice’—thoughts given by way of personal whisper: An unrelenting loyalty, devotion and surrender to a magnificence of faith given unto one or the other. ¬†It is impossible that faith¬†would come from elsewhere other¬†than from within. ¬†No¬†other one can reach unreachable souls except for the ‘one’ who is the first divine Soul-Mate shared amongst the whole of all other ‘ones’;¬†an expression of connection of one-ness . . . ‘God’ . . . the Universe . . . the Omnipotent . . . Phi of¬†fingerprint . . . Mathematics . . . the Matrix . . . the Alpha, the Omega¬†. . . Allah . . . ¬†YAH ¬†. . . Yahweh . . . Nature¬†. . . [etc. etc. etc. of all cultures]. ¬†



Life is created of free will. There¬†is¬†no mistaking a ‘calling’—‘the something’¬†that is felt and¬†does exist. ¬†It is the Soul-Mate what we seek, and¬†so too,¬†is¬†the¬†‘what’ that is also seeking. ¬†It is best to choose to believe in your-‘self’, rather than ‘powers’ that be who mock your¬†thoughts if they be outside the ways of drama and dogma. ¬†Let it be known, let it be said freely, curiosity¬†satisfies the imagination.¬† Indeed . . . surly it is unthinkable to give up on a possibility of chance to achieve the impossible when is given such divine role model as a perfect Love; a Soul-Mate ¬†of expressive thoughts of unfathomable beauty of light in plain sight—an¬†intense drive of passion, where lay blood chilling joy!



Do mind your thoughts . . . always, they¬†are¬†intimate conversations with a Universal Soul-Mate. ¬†A will¬†either¬†chooses¬†to¬†listen¬†to a¬†divinity of ‘voice’, or, will choose to conform to the forces of worldly voice of misery and unreason; a deafened defeated right of¬†progression. ¬†To wherever thoughts lead, such is what will come¬†through the door left¬†opened.¬†¬©




‘G.O.D’: G.aining O.nes D.efinition.¬†—Common




It becomes¬†important to know the histories of “sacred texts” before reading them.

ie; The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia—all versions before the “Authorized”¬†K J V version:



A history of John Wycliff: http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/john-wycliffe.html



Other studies [books] of message (+):




“If some years were added to my life, I would dedicate fifty years to the study of the Book of I, and then I might come to be without great fault.” ~Confucius


The Complete “I Ching” – 10th Anniversary Edition:



A¬∑poc¬∑ry¬∑pha:¬†biblical or related writings not forming part of the ‘accepted’ canon of Scripture:¬†https://carm.org/reasons-why-apocrypha-does-not-belong-bible (writings,¬† [questionable] ‘reports’ not considered genuine).



‘The ¬†word’ of ‘holy’ books, together with all books removed thereof, ¬†are¬†given¬†to personal interpretation. Never were they intended¬†for¬†organizational¬†use by¬†religious groups endeavored to¬†usurp a control of the masses, as this would most assuredly¬†deny and defy a¬†fulfillment of requirement given of ‘God’ to¬†personal¬†freedoms of¬†choice and will.



Q: ¬†‘Who am I really? ¬†What is my message [gift] for¬†change?

A: ¬† Have a conversation with the Soul’s mate, you, to find out.




To agree and to¬†disagree, should always be matters of personal discernment. Question everything to contemplate the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô vying for your attention from the center of your being. Do research with an¬†‚Äėeye‚Äô outside the realms of religionists and political drama and dogma. Seek, and never stop seeking. Be awed by the things you will come to know. ¬† The things of a¬†true ‘God’.










There are healing messages on an ‘awakened’ side of Music:













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CCO image via Pinterest
(no Artist attributed)

What’s amiss ¬†
of Love’s abyss
where privilege holds summon

atop an eyefull tower
in final hour
of power?

Oh’ how humanity weeps

whilst mortality creeps
along a disturbed consciousness

Who holds high
the lathe
of heaven . . .
to strike first blow
upon the deceptive seven?

Wherefore art thou

laden leader . . .
to bring forthwith
 paradise sweeter?


Fruition endures
dire straits . . .
’til forsaken
human will awakes


A tower
of power
shall again be built . . .
to rid the world
such shameful guilt! ©




“Burn the Lies.” ¬†‚ÄĒHatebreed

Those who seek shall not stop seeking until they find.
When they find, they shall be ‘disturbed’ [FREE].
When they are ‘disturbed’, they will marvel, and will reign in awe over all!




“Never do anything against conscience. Even if the state demands it.”
– Albert Einstein


Be vulnerable, unafraid, and un-apologetic!






















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