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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, know then, it is time to reform, pause, and reflect.
—Mark Twain


Of all the “conspiracy” malarkey proposed to our subconscious minds by ‘powers’ that shouldn’t be, the worst of all kind of crimes committed on the human psyche are the crimes of withholding truths of our human existence and History! We know now that there have been numerous magnificent human civilizations before us on this planet—all greater than ourselves … we the falsely indoctrinated arrogant ones of supposed intelligence! We of these moments, are not worthy! ¬©


Question: What profound message of love will we leave to our progeny?

Answer: The TRUTH

Let us accept that there is no “missing link” yet to be discovered, as there is no missing link. All life is ‘born’ of the same beginning, and different forms of life did mutate to suit a particular environment to survive. All life did in fact, evolve from the same “tree of life”, and therefore, all life is connected through the same evolving DNA. Humankind has never resembled the ape, chip, nor any form of mammal of its kind. Our very DNA holds within it all folds of adaptation of beginning earthly forms. Humanity had it’s unique place on a branch of the “tree of life” come from *a species* that was neither ape, chip, nor human, and yet from this same species did both chip and the like of its kind, and humanity ‘branch off’ separately; the same genetic coding made different. Astoundingly, the evolutionary fingerprints of earthly progression can be seen within the human embryo as it grows to maturity. We are, uniquely “human”, and yet carry all the traits of life’s evolutionary beginnings within our DNA. Let us agree to call this miracle of magnificence, our “creators” evolutionary ‘design’. We are indeed, evolving. ‘Something’ interfered with natural evolution’s intention [DNA],to ‘create’ what we have become: A genetic manipulation of a species that did already exist on the planet. I, a human of sane and sound mind, do now believe, to the best and extent of my own significant research on these matters, that a ‘creator’, or ‘creators’ of a more advanced civilization than that of the civilization existing on the Earth at the time of genetic manipulative undertaking, did in fact interfere with the natural progression of evolution. And this thought alone boggles the mind, and does conjure within me many many many more unanswered questions that will perhaps never be answered, nor questioned, as the powers that shouldn’t be keep their manipulations of our minds par on their discourse of untrue history.

We, are no longer ignorant children easily swayed by a corrupt secular society! We must demand the truths of ourselves, and even if we also must find these truths on our own! We must, question answers, and question questions! Truth, is the only “religion” we should reverence: A resolution to quell the aching human soul of unreasoned chaos. We are, in these times, physically, mentally, and spiritually evolving, as this IS the way of all things of Nature. The ‘something’ that we feel IS real, and we must be determined towards it if we are to survive!

Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is acceptance of place in life’s true connections. To know thyself, is to thine own self be true: A place of gratitude within life’s holy circle. Humanity is created, and is also evolving to suit an ever-changing environment. The Earth itself is evolving, as it has been constantly since the beginning of time. Seems evident that every 5,000 to 10,000 years, these changes affect all life on this planet, in that an extinction of life may be inevitable. And this, together with the horrors presented of extinction offered by our own malevolent brothers and sisters! We must plan our survival, as is referred to by the messages written of warnings set in stone by our ancient ancestors, who were in fact, better than we in their humanity. We, are so not worthy!

Everything is connected, and everything changes according to Nature’s laws.

The ‘messages’ are becoming clear, and should not be ignored …

“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”
11 Corinthians 11:14

Beware the lawless one(s).

‘Something’ strange indeed did happen in the days of Noah, pure blood grandson of Enoch, that we do not fully understand. However, we, all being of pure blood of Noah, should listen before we so quickly dismiss the ancient writings of warning . . .



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( photo credit: CCO free range-no attribute given: http://www.Pinterst.com )

A repeated decision is not always a mistake.

All life presents itself in spark of seed: A masterpiece of contineous algorithms of move —to every seed is chance given to existence of eternal perpetuity.

Some, only care of the thoughts of what others may think—the some too proud to humble before greater reasoning for life’s being. The same some who do feel but refuse a responsibility to acknowledge and not accept the un-reasoned current ‘sufferings’ imposed upon the life-force—the some, who fail to ‘see’ that they are born to light of courage and inspiration for the lost of collective ‘feelings’ of darkness created of man’s illusions of choice; a fallacy of blindness to an acceptance of emptiness waiting to be filled. Some, fail to ‘see’ that fear must be seen and faced and not ignored! The only ‘monsters’ need be destroyed of this world are made in the image of man, as so are created by man! How unfortunate that some choose a “status quo” position of ‘coward’; a choice homage paid to ignorance of mortal place of fear fearing itself of truer instinctual beckoning for chance to change amiss to just!

“Hope conspires with the wind. It blows away the ‘demons’ of despair.” —Maya Angelou

“Messiah”: One who understands a meaning to his/her existence.

“You are the ‘Angel’ you’ve been waiting for! You’re here!”
—Alan Watts

We, and all sentient beings, are born to our own Universe, and therefore, we and only we are responsible for just being a truth of life by just being a truth we bring. To be a meaning is our meaning. Choices made must be our own. This is the law of all things. Forsaken must be the ‘opinions’ of fallactic entity endeavoring to change inner worlds, thusly are doing so against the laws of nature. This, being nothing more than audacity of arrogant proposal to control the outer world to their will! This, we can prevent by simply understanding humility; a human ability [power] of knowing honored place of innate nature.

Dare to peer into the abyss … ūüíę



Music is meditation, because meditation medication is in the melody.




Music is . . .

a constant . . .

the magic

of everything sacred

Music is accidental

Music is searched

Music is revealed

Touched toned

are voices

between melody

calling . . .

calling . . .

a life bargained

for chance

after chance 

to dance

with eternity ©




You were born to the wanderer’s soul. This is how you began to be whole. The stars keep dancing, and the world keeps turning. Why would you think yourself to be any different?




“Tragedy is imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; i.e., through pity [eleos] and fear [phobos] effecting the proper purgation [catharsis] of such emotions.” ¬†









There’s a message in the music, and the Universal soul, is the master DJ.








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“And so, the movie ends, good triumphs over evil, and the music played. ¬†Life is so simple and yet so hard in its ways, and the music played. ¬†So the book begins now that was once just jumbled letters of thoughts—taking each breath with valor … each moment as the last page in a gripping novel clutching your heart as you fall to the floor. ¬†And the music played. ¬†Each tear a marker, middle of the page, the edges battered and turned under—your choices needing no shared explanation. ¬†And the music played. ¬†Dreams are lived, and love is smitten, love is made, and love letters are written even in times of war. Love’s reason seems unfair, but is reasoned within the lessons. ¬†And the music played. ¬†To the end and to the last, drink life for the future and not for the past. ¬†Take what you’ve earned and give it what you want. ¬†Love all that you see, and love all that you don’t. Be there for love ’til the last breathe, for there’s always one more chapter left—written just for you—sweet melodies filling your soul with love. ¬†And the music played.”

(no known writer)



“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

—Ludwig Van Beethoven



ūüíď … “This is my church …”











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Happiness is not a¬† “pursuit” as is falsely proposed by deceitful thoughts of mankind, but is the reward recognized of self-worth when the heart unites with wisdoms of intimacy [soul] centered in compassion, kindness, and giving necessary to meet the requirement of balance between the give and take of the seasons of birthright of all life.

Everything of existence exists within a perfected order.   Humanity must return to the mindset of humble acceptance; an embracing of forgotten instinctive morality of mortality.  Why would humanity so grossly think themselves the exception to given ordered place of Universal law?  An instinctive knowledge of place within the whole.

Humanity is meant to exist for experience in moments of joy gifted of an eternal now of vested personal truths that need¬†be shared to the whole for purpose of change. ¬†And everything, just as a child is disciplined for imbalance of temperment, has ill consequence to be learned and understood without provication if thoughts meant for the giving are not given toward a betterment of life for the whole. The reward for courage of unselfishness, is happiness—gratitude reaped of higher conscious accomplishment of being, and even no matter the rain of self-inflected pains of ignorance tolerated through lessons given for greater necessity’s sake.

A suffering continues, over and again, until be realized a humility gained of the broken-ness of false expectation, disillusionment, and disappointment. ¬†Humility gathers up the broken pieces to show the path to reconstruction through intimate conversation of ‘muse’ of greater ‘force’ of core being: A true who of ‘self’ found if one is brave enough to dare remove a mask of gross intention; a numbered permission to enter the ‘stage’ of altered reality of illusions of lure.

Within comes the revelations of mortification of conformity moved by evil-minded endeavor. ¬†‘Seen’ is the continuous consumption of precious wasted souls [gifts]: A punishment of tears of self-disappointment spent in ignorance and mental imprisionment of anxious torment for want of dreams deferred by stolen moments.

The greatness of mankind, the arts of emotion . . . music,¬†poetry, story-telling and writing, painting, the humanities—remembrances of histories rich in thoughts of desire for change of heart and consciousness! ¬†And if one is completely honest with the truer of ones-‘self’, it will be from these desires that mindful wisdoms naturally flow from the center of being; a balance where freedom exists. ¬†No suffered anxious ego needing constant consult of place and reason.

The more expediently humanity gets it’, the sooner the world’s children will no longer be burdened of the ‘sins’ of apathetic forefathers. ¬†And an end will surely come to the insanity of killing propagated of false ideological‚Äč claim.

Life’s adversity is a false ‘bitch’, and will continue to be so until is acknowledged that the Earth is as our glorious Mother to what souls continue to return to through her womb to complete an ‘assigned’ task. There are no exceptions! ¬†And so it is . . . to the ones who remove the mask go the rewards of a just taste of anticipation of “heaven” on Earth; a state of spiritual sight revealing the truths of worthiness—beauty reaped of perdition’s tears of persistence toward Love’s promised perfection!

Forgiven must be everything of the sleepy minds of ignorance while the awakened heart forsakes the illusion of shamed mark by showing the world a born face of imagination’s courage of creative charge!

To humanity is entrusted happiness; a responsibility of divine measure to be shared with all manner of matter! Smile we must, as we reap a gratefulness of full heart in knowledge of miracles happening upon life at every precious moment!

As much as is reconciled in the silence of redemtion by ones of broken connection, such must be repeated aloud by all, until the aloneness of angst for change is no more!

Physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual hungers are all equally painful.  A humbled stewardship entails human compassion to call out the suffrage of any species for what it is . . . an abomination in the sight of existence!©


“Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.” —Victor Hugo


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Artist: Kouji Oshiro

If we dare,¬†and we must of anxiety’s instinct of wanting burden, delve deeply into the very personal proverbial ‚Äúrabbit hole‚ÄĚ. An inner sense of way where one comes to accept shown paths to truths once lost. Seems that legend, myth, fairy tale, art, and music, are more truthful in lyrical meaning than any of mankind‚Äôs watered-down versions of interference dictated by the ego: An interpretation of¬† knowledge offered of twisted human history of supposed ‚Äúholy order” of books versed and re-versed according to the whims of man’s cultures and religions sorely and soully missing reverenced truths of value of untold record.



The histories of organized religions have been grossly bloody ungodly, and frankly, have very little or nothing to do with personal meaning to the matter of “faith”, nor do they hold words of meaning concerned with matters of self-love and the destructive nature of self-hate. We must pay full mind to all personal accounts of witness to all historical stories of numerous battle between love and hate of all hearts, with “faith” being profoundly personal: A knowing inner ‘voice’ given to whispers of instinctual muse, as it is impossible for “faith” to come of any external force. It is for interpretation through discipline of introspection. No¬†other one can reach unreachable souls except for ‘the one’ what is of first divine order—the soul’s-mate; shared individually as part amongst the whole of all other ‘ones’;¬†an expression of connection to one-ness through ‘the one'”G.o.d” . . . the Universe . . . the Omnipotent . . . Phi of¬†fingerprint . . . Mathematics . . . the Matrix . . . the Alpha, the Omega¬†. . . Allah . . . ¬†YAH
. . . JAH . . . Yahweh . . . Nature . . . etc. etc. etc. of all names given by all cultures made of great and grand planet Earth.

Life is created through free will and thought. There¬†is¬†no mistaking the ‘something’ of inner “calling”
—the ‘something’¬†of ourselves felt of existence—the very soul-mate of the what which seeks experience through us from within. It is best to believe in one-‘self’, rather than in falsely gained false powers that be of mankind who have no right, and who in reality, have no real power at all—the ones of humankind who mock our¬†thoughts through ways of drama, dogma, and distraction. Let it be known, let it be said willfully, that curiosity is the what that satisfies the human imagination.¬†Indeed, surly it is unthinkable for humanity to give up desire of possibility for chance to achieve the impossible when given such divine soulfull role model as perfected love: A soul-mate of expressive thoughts bound in unfathomable beauty of light in plain sight—the intense drive to all human pursuance . . . passion
. . . the true power, where lay waiting are blood-chilling joys of reward!

We must endeavor to mind our thoughts . . . always, as they are intimate conversations with the Universal soul-mate. A will¬†chooses either to¬†listen¬†to divinity of voice, or chooses to conform blindly to forces of mankind’s making, which is nothing more than worldly voice of confusion, expectation, misery, and unreason, which, in reality, are summations to complete ignorance: A deafened and defeated right of way to¬†human progression. To whereforever one’s thoughts are lead, such is what will be so. ¬©


“G.O.D”: G.aining O.ne’s D.efinition — Common



It becomes¬†important to know the histories of all “sacred texts”, and to all, all should be read.

ie; The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia—all versions before the “Authorized”¬†K J V version:

A simple review of “The Book of Enoch”

The Book of Thomas

“The Childhood of Jesus Christ”

The Quran

The Book of Mormon

The Gnostic Scriptures

“The Dead Sea Scrolls”

The Vedas

Eastern and Western Zen

The Book of Troth

The Sumarian Texts

Alan Watts

The Nostic version of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” :

Other books:


etc. … etc. … etc. …

A history of John Wycliff: http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/john-wycliffe.html


Other studies [books] of message (+):



“If some years were added to my life, I would dedicate fifty years to the study of the ‘Book of I’, and then I might come to be without great fault”
— Confusious
Read: “The Complete I Ching”

A¬∑poc¬∑ry¬∑pha: biblical or related writings not forming part of the “accepted” canon of scripture:¬†https://carm.org/reasons-why-apocrypha-does-not-belong-bible (writings,¬† [questionable] “reports” not considered genuine).



“The ¬†word” of “holy” books, together with all books removed thereof, are given to personal interpretation. They were never intended for organizational use by¬†religious groups endeavoring to¬†usurp control of the minds of the masses, as this would most assuredly¬†deny and defy the intended¬†fulfillment of requirement given of the “G.O.D.” of equality and will.

Who am I really?

What is my message [gift] for change?

Have a conversation with the soul- mate, you, to find out.



To agree or to disagree, will always be matter of personal discernment. Question everything, contemplate everything to the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô vying for your attention from the center of your being. Do research with an¬†‚Äėeye‚Äô outside the realms of religionists and political drama and dogma. Seek, and never stop seeking. Be awed by the things you will come to remember—the things of the¬†true “G.o.d.” of connective self.

Love yourself first … “To thine ownself be true”.













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Let your heart

search my soul

For once . . .

just one . . .

feel what I feel . . .

believe what I believe . . .

perceive what I perceive

Look . . .

examine . . .


for once . . .

just once . . .

understand me

(unknown author)


“Because when you stop to look around, this life is pretty amazing!”
—Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka ‘Dr. Seuss’


A Universal Soul exists. ¬†All life is of the Universe . . . wisdoms of equality of awe.¬† Humanity should dare not claim to be intelligent, until is fully understood the fragile¬† balance¬†of Nature‚Äôs ‘laws’ of order.


Humanity is not a ‘monument’ to greatness, but a model of likeness: A gift of will: A privilege.¬† Just once, stop to think that maybe other sentient species possess the¬†capacity to change the world with their just being; a centered desire . . . purity of love and compassion. Maybe, others¬†are desperately calling humanity to return to an¬†‚Äėunderstanding‚Äô of place¬†of understanding. ¬†





There is no mistaking the existence of a greater power than ourselves: A fingerprint design speaking idioms in the silence; beauty, love, strength, courage. Felt are vibrations of connection, seen is vision to wonder, heard are voices in the sound of wind, and the light of eternity is made clear.


Imagine that! Life . . . seasons in survival mode.  Get your halo dirty! Let your wings be singed! It is our time to continue the battle for reality!

(unknown Artist)


Sensible winged one   

Foretell clever essence touch

Be of design’s choice ‚ďí




6:11 “Put on the full armor of ‘God’, so that you can take your stand against the ‘devils’ schemes. 12¬†For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of ‘evil’ in these heavenly realms.”¬†

[Ephesians 6:11-18]



“Courageous, untroubled,¬†UN-mocking and violent—this¬†is what wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman, and love is her warrior.” ¬†

—Friedrich Nietzsche



You . . .
one of many roses
Oh how I love you so
when you show me rapture
of thorn’s reason. ūüĆĻ¬†

VIOLET: Calm: Peace: Faith



Truth is personal: A self-love struggle for determinate will
—the way to life. Love, will prick most tender, as it is the only way for the light to enter








Tell the world!





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moon_moonlight_pale_219754(unknown photographer: free range image: Google Search: Moon)

Many times I did enter the realm of midnight fair of air of Zana‚Äės garden.¬† A place of billowing peace painted of enchantment; an unending diversity of plumage: A menagerie of flora and fauna releasing Nature’s drug, euphoria, upon me at first deep hypnotic breath.



I am at once rendered calm—moved away from¬†life’s dark-sighted anxieties¬† of due affairs of tormented spirit while swayed of tire as Zana’s garden welcomes my secret¬†tears to cleanse and cure: A peace is given to open heart’s door¬†to rest.



I sit in moment upon nestled¬†caress—senses lulled in awe of flaming hibiscus and out stretched arms of comforting bended palm. ¬†My nostrils fill with¬†intoxication of warmed summer breezes of sweet earthly delight of flowering blooms singing whisperings¬†of strength to vanquish¬†silent mournful illusion.



On this night, a full moon gently gleans the night sky reaching to touch¬†my soul in quiet quiescent delight. ¬†Zana’s garden does somehow know it is¬†peace and comfort I seek: A peace graciously given in unselfish Love’s language of lush and ‘Godly’ bonding. ‚ďí




Embrace the intimacy of cosmic rapture to feel Love’s native tongue.



A message is spoken¬†of Love‚Äôs tongue,¬†‘Your¬†deepest fear is not the¬†sense of confined false inadequacy, but of how powerful beyond measure is your power.¬† It is the light of heart within¬†that most frightens you, and not the darkness of tormented mind.’



NATURE: The inborn forces of light and dark: A realization of awakened being: A place of transitional euphoric-agony of joy and pain calling: A recognition of connection of truth in just taste of ‘godliness’: A mind ensensed of Universal mastery and self-love’s place within the moving canvas: A constant dance toward infinite change.


The ‘something’ that we feel, is real. ūüíę

¬†*NOTE: The original name given to this song is “Goodbye Forever”.






Ying & Yang

A menagerie of sensation rose from the garden called Eden: An aroma of citrus, the tantalizing sounds of wildlife, the feel of the air through strains of hair. Overwhelmed was the young beautiful and spirited girl named Eve as she felt the roughness of strength of the full-grown great Ironwood tree against her soft flesh. In her divine nakedness, Eve closed her eyes to receive and relish in the intoxication of invisible sweet balmy breezes of mid-May move through her long thick shimmering black hair. The scent of bitter-sweet citrus moved her to the realms dreams. As Eve relished in the massage of air brush her delicate skin, she became entranced to unawareness to the sounds of an entity making its way down from out of the canopy of the great Ironwood where she stood. Eve closed her eyes as she stretched upward, taking in a long deep breath of enchantment. Upon opening her eyes, Eve saw the large looming figure of color; yellows and greens, and blacks and reds. A creature with menacing glean of purpose. Eve became paralyzed with fear and anticipation; making the grave mistake of gazing into the creature’s eyes. An assured hypnotic spell had been caste.

The large and formidable figure of the serpent took lustful pleasure in its triumph of overcoming Eve‚Äôs innocence as it moved ever slowly toward her it’s slow stride of amuse. Even in this trance of moment, Eve instinctively knew that the serpent’s visit was intentional as she felt the silky-soft, yet heavy and cold movements of the serpent’s large head move across her right shoulder as it slithered its way between her breasts as her breathe raced and she could hear her heart beat as stimulated within her were the newfound emotions of fear and pleasure intertwined within her.

The serpent gently moved its body of cold matter slowly further toward Eve‚Äôs warm abdomen, meeting the softness of her feminine frame. In her trance of mortal spell, Eve could feel the numerable waves of pleasure in conscious abandonment of self-control as she succumbed to passions of the flesh. In preying upon Eve’s vulnerable young feminine inclinations, the serpent took great satisfaction in presumptuous thought that it had beguiled Eve’s divine nature. The serpent presumed “sin” of insatiable mortal feeling had been cast: An intent to defame the eternal promise made to innocence, truth, and progression. A supposed perpetual “sin” of physical, mental, and spiritual legacy did the figure of a serpent mean to make placement upon Eve‚Äôs Holy virtue—one of malevolence. One of mortals’ “sin” of flesh and blood experience. The serpent named such “sin” guilt, as it laid assumed corruption to the very essence of love. This, the serpent did to accomplish a purposeful self-justification: An envious coward’s move to disgrace humanity’s true worth to devotion to intuition come of entropy’s force of intention. However, unbeknownst to wicked ruse, was woman’s privileged beginnings of intent toward higher purpose; to dispel deceit of all unjust affair. For it is love being Eve‚Äôs begotten nature. And so even be through her heart’s torment through human vulnerabilities, A woman’s intuition of heart will never allow her to betray devotion to responsibility, and even to love through the temptations of disparity suffered through many mortal moments of temporal self-disrespect.

The genius of the spirit of Beauty
—that which is of the feminine, remains so for preservation of love to reign eternal; mortal and immortal: A bearing of essence and expression of universal form. The serpent of malicious favor was the one who was tempted, and thus was rendered riled and unable to resist Eve‚Äôs powers of innocence beauty and seduction of Nature’s imagination of perfectible plan. The serpent, through thoughts of arrogance and willfulness and self-professed godliness, was the one who was unaware of its own imperfection, and thus become perpetually angered and tempered toward the “G.o.d.” of love and all manner of creation made of love. The serpent chose to be non-reflective of the things of equality in all things created through devotion to all one. The serpent vowed to curse and make all malevolence in attempt to usurp life and light for all moment, and for as long as humanity remained in boundary of place of grace, because malevolence refuses to acknowledge strength in benevolence: A power greater than itself. An idea of dis-harmony did reign in the minds of mankind thereafter: A continuance in dark subconscious given to false place of worthy heart: A mind and spirit imprisoned, But it be for moments issued to human memory there’d be no gathering of pieces to the arrangement of balance.

The mind is the seed in the dark. The heart is fertility of feed to insure proper growth. The spirit is the flower of life of perpetual light.

A liar cannot have last word over love’s will, for in all beginnings to all ends to all beginnings, the insinuators of doubt cannot change what has already been clarified of spiraling dance. It was She who was and is for always. It is She of all human thought centered in love what is fertilized intended to keep balance of of the whole: A Holy purpose.




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