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A Thread-bearer speaks

beyond the ordinary

Sown is an impart © -epc



Love is quantum entanglement





MUSE: A ‘holy’ spirit: ¬†A sanctioned observer of all things of unvarnished linked whispers bearing existence as old as the Universe. ¬†A ‘reflection’ of sort; a phantom of silhouette of glimpse and shadows of outlined patterns of ¬†reproductive Phi well detailed; a beckoning of awe toward all part of the original.




Spirutal intelligence conquers all.¬†ŠÉ¶


Conscious confusion ensues when forced is interjection of egotistical fears of imposed deterent of will of infinity negated¬†out of the ‘self’: An indivisible quantum inner facing. ¬†The divisible ego must be constricted and restricted, so can part an impart of re-‘vision’ come through conversation of frequency of ‘voice’ void of pretense.¬†


“We are all connected.
To each other biologically.
To the earth chemically.
To the Universe atomically.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Neil deGrasse Tyson














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Every woman’s heart is deserving of¬†a ‘fairytale’ Love. ¬†Imagine that! A belief of heart¬†worth bringing¬†forth to be meant¬†to just be where broken is its own kind of beautiful.


Happiness is to love and to be loved.¬†¬†And yet, how many souls do truly¬†feel loved—the ‘something’ to have without reason for¬†logic aforethought: A ‘something’ of faith:¬†A faith of knowing. ¬†A ‘go with the flow’ mentality necessary to evolve to allow the¬†‘self’ to¬†feel the ‘something’ that¬†is real!


She feared a listening to her own ‚Äėvoice‚Äô‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääfeared that the pains of her soul would bleed out the tears of many lives hidden of the words waiting to be spoken through the silence. She summoned a courage of¬†‚Äėunderstanding‚Äô of¬†question of ‚ÄėWhat has been the most important thing you have done in moments of life-times?‚Äô ¬†She already summized an answer, as she is a survivor of Love‚Äôs ‘tests’ of endurance, because after the scars, she stilled angst for love.


A woman’s intuition¬†is¬†sincere, and even when made ignorant¬†for a time of Love’s blinding. She¬†chooses¬†to love Love always, and even in an eternal tiring of trying, as she cannot easily give up on love so wantonly desired. ¬†She will attempt discovery of means of acquire¬†as she¬†wills¬†a world of her own desire‚ÄĒ‚Äägiving¬†wholeheartedly to Love’s¬†rhythms as it tares¬†down the walls of distrust in unending attempt at rebuilding her¬†pieces continually falling at her feet. She waits for¬†the melting; a smile that tells her he needs her. ¬†A trust in his eyes that says he will never leave her. The touch of his hand in hers that says he’ll catch her when she falls. ¬† A lust for repetitive kiss of¬†‘because I love you’. Until the moment of betrayal comes‚ÄĒ‚Äähe lets go of her hand, he pushes he away with indifference, and kisses her no more. ¬†He hears nothing at all¬†through her¬†tears lost in a seeking of Love’s seeming unreason. ¬†All this, she does endure¬†for want¬†of Love to make love to her like the storm ravages the ocean!


Is¬†‘the devil’ of mind delusional?¬†¬†Is¬†the ‘God’ of hearts an illusion? ¬†Faith, is choice made clear of¬†reflections of choosing direction‚ÄĒ‚Ääbe it negative thoughts of impending loss of worth by idiocy of hearsay, or be it positive thought for the keeping of heart¬†of¬†understanding Love’s way for growth and preservation? ¬†Is not Love a do or die challenge of worthy battle¬†for Universal soul sake?


Perhaps . . .  Love designed her for contentment for a time in aloneness.



Perhaps . . . ‘something’ of the Universe desires her for a¬†purpose as it whispers in her ear,¬†“I am sorry for your rain of pain, but it must be this way for sway.”




Dearest Duke: ‘Move’ your Princess wisely, or¬†lose her entirely.


Dutiful¬†Princess: ¬†Let not mankind give you unreason to think¬†you are not of ‘substance’. ¬†You . . . are given in loan for Love’s greater sake!¬† If many are un-worthy, have no doubt in your faith that many others pray you walk in love their way.


Perhaps . . . for many, love comes in pieces in a noisy world.  One must be willing to lose connection with people, places, and things that create all the noise in order for the peace of Love to flow freely from the broken pieces.



A private conversation in Love’s sway, is¬†a soul quenched of a wound.



He asks: “Does Love truly exist?”

She answers: “Love is an adjective and a verb moving all matter of noun. ¬†Love, is the what of who¬†you are¬†of¬†what you do, and of what you say or don’t say; a word of meaningful connection to just being. ¬†Thus, it is meaning what you seek. ¬†Love, just is‚ÄĒ‚Ääthe same as always been.”


He asks: Well, if we marry, will we ‘find’ meaning?


She answers: Depends¬†on your life perspective. ¬†You won’t ‘find’ what was never lost. ¬†If you ‘find’ that there is beauty in life, then Love’s meaning is self-evident. ¬†If you keep ‘looking’ for Love as a thing to grasp, you will never ‘find’ it, because Love just is and was never lost. ¬†What you must ‘find’, is yourself . . . Love is there first; a¬†way of being, again to just be. ¬†To love yourself first, you must dare take off the mask given you at birth by ‘systematic society’. ¬†You will ‘see’ and feel Love everywhere and in everything if you do this first! ¬†Once you rid yourself of the mask, you’ll want no more to hide behind it! ¬†All ¬†truth will be revealed immediately:¬†A joy of all Love released from its imprisonment of mindlessness!


Simplicity . . . is where Love resides! ¬†No need to seek it! ¬†And even through the proposed and created masks of broken-heartedness, Love remains faithful to YOU! ¬†The one thing of life you can be sure of is that a meaning of faith is simple . . . faith is ¬†about belief in Love’s presence in all things believing ¬†in YOU . . . despite all else!


Q:  What is mortal sin?

A: ¬†Mortal “sin” is what it is, the sins of mortals’ lies and ties created by the wicked ruseful who do knowingly and¬†willingly¬†betray their fellow mortals: A convincing blindness assured given of mask to uncertainty and unreasonable illegitimacy of perplexing complexities¬†of¬†intentional stagnation of individual imagination’s creation of perfected evolution . . . over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over of each new berth unending, until each can deny no more the ‘voice’ of thought within of whisper to ‘take off the un’god’ly [ugly] mask of unknowing shame’! ¬†“Sin”, is a thing of mere mortal’s sole unsoulful doing by choice! Nothing more than human drama of dogmas¬†having nothing to do with a ‘God’ of all¬†things created of love!


She, one of continuous counting of many, is¬†overdone with lies and contrived controls of mass mania vested in mankind’s religions and politics; words of ‘other’ [hidden] meaning professed through dillusion! ¬†She, comes over and over, holding a divine Love close to being in spite of mankind’s own ‘evil’ inventions of spiritual reckage!


Give her¬†simplicity and she’ll¬†be fine! ¬†The Earth the beach the beach house and wine! ¬†Please take note of the sign on the entry-way door strunned in pink¬†cockle shells and clay purple turtle bells:¬†“WELCOME: NO mask of TV governed-mentality to ruffle your hair! ¬†Please do leave un-smart phones on the veranda chair!”


A reachable DREAM come true . . . IF . . . she frees her will to know an experience has no mask!


Love is given to hearts for the serving, yet sadly abused by the undeserving. ©














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