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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, know then, it is time to reform, pause, and reflect.
—Mark Twain


Of all the “conspiracy” malarkey proposed to our subconscious minds by ‘powers’ that shouldn’t be, the worst of all kind of crimes committed on the human psyche are the crimes of withholding truths of our human existence and History! We know now that there have been numerous magnificent human civilizations before us on this planet—all greater than ourselves … we the falsely indoctrinated arrogant ones of supposed intelligence! We of these moments, are not worthy! ¬©


Question: What profound message of love will we leave to our progeny?

Answer: The TRUTH

Let us accept that there is no “missing link” yet to be discovered, as there is no missing link. All life is ‘born’ of the same beginning, and different forms of life did mutate to suit a particular environment to survive. All life did in fact, evolve from the same “tree of life”, and therefore, all life is connected through the same evolving DNA. Humankind has never resembled the ape, chip, nor any form of mammal of its kind. Our very DNA holds within it all folds of adaptation of beginning earthly forms. Humanity had it’s unique place on a branch of the “tree of life” come from *a species* that was neither ape, chip, nor human, and yet from this same species did both chip and the like of its kind, and humanity ‘branch off’ separately; the same genetic coding made different. Astoundingly, the evolutionary fingerprints of earthly progression can be seen within the human embryo as it grows to maturity. We are, uniquely “human”, and yet carry all the traits of life’s evolutionary beginnings within our DNA. Let us agree to call this miracle of magnificence, our “creators” evolutionary ‘design’. We are indeed, evolving. ‘Something’ interfered with natural evolution’s intention [DNA],to ‘create’ what we have become: A genetic manipulation of a species that did already exist on the planet. I, a human of sane and sound mind, do now believe, to the best and extent of my own significant research on these matters, that a ‘creator’, or ‘creators’ of a more advanced civilization than that of the civilization existing on the Earth at the time of genetic manipulative undertaking, did in fact interfere with the natural progression of evolution. And this thought alone boggles the mind, and does conjure within me many many many more unanswered questions that will perhaps never be answered, nor questioned, as the powers that shouldn’t be keep their manipulations of our minds par on their discourse of untrue history.

We, are no longer ignorant children easily swayed by a corrupt secular society! We must demand the truths of ourselves, and even if we also must find these truths on our own! We must, question answers, and question questions! Truth, is the only “religion” we should reverence: A resolution to quell the aching human soul of unreasoned chaos. We are, in these times, physically, mentally, and spiritually evolving, as this IS the way of all things of Nature. The ‘something’ that we feel IS real, and we must be determined towards it if we are to survive!

Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is acceptance of place in life’s true connections. To know thyself, is to thine own self be true: A place of gratitude within life’s holy circle. Humanity is created, and is also evolving to suit an ever-changing environment. The Earth itself is evolving, as it has been constantly since the beginning of time. Seems evident that every 5,000 to 10,000 years, these changes affect all life on this planet, in that an extinction of life may be inevitable. And this, together with the horrors presented of extinction offered by our own malevolent brothers and sisters! We must plan our survival, as is referred to by the messages written of warnings set in stone by our ancient ancestors, who were in fact, better than we in their humanity. We, are so not worthy!

Everything is connected, and everything changes according to Nature’s laws.

The ‘messages’ are becoming clear, and should not be ignored …

“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”
11 Corinthians 11:14

Beware the lawless one(s).

‘Something’ strange indeed did happen in the days of Noah, pure blood grandson of Enoch, that we do not fully understand. However, we, all being of pure blood of Noah, should listen before we so quickly dismiss the ancient writings of warning . . .



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( photo credit: CCO free range-no attribute given: http://www.Pinterst.com )

A repeated decision is not always a mistake.

All life presents itself in spark of seed: A masterpiece of contineous algorithms of move —to every seed is chance given to existence of eternal perpetuity.

Some, only care of the thoughts of what others may think—the some too proud to humble before greater reasoning for life’s being. The same some who do feel but refuse a responsibility to acknowledge and not accept the un-reasoned current ‘sufferings’ imposed upon the life-force—the some, who fail to ‘see’ that they are born to light of courage and inspiration for the lost of collective ‘feelings’ of darkness created of man’s illusions of choice; a fallacy of blindness to an acceptance of emptiness waiting to be filled. Some, fail to ‘see’ that fear must be seen and faced and not ignored! The only ‘monsters’ need be destroyed of this world are made in the image of man, as so are created by man! How unfortunate that some choose a “status quo” position of ‘coward’; a choice homage paid to ignorance of mortal place of fear fearing itself of truer instinctual beckoning for chance to change amiss to just!

“Hope conspires with the wind. It blows away the ‘demons’ of despair.” —Maya Angelou

“Messiah”: One who understands a meaning to his/her existence.

“You are the ‘Angel’ you’ve been waiting for! You’re here!”
—Alan Watts

We, and all sentient beings, are born to our own Universe, and therefore, we and only we are responsible for just being a truth of life by just being a truth we bring. To be a meaning is our meaning. Choices made must be our own. This is the law of all things. Forsaken must be the ‘opinions’ of fallactic entity endeavoring to change inner worlds, thusly are doing so against the laws of nature. This, being nothing more than audacity of arrogant proposal to control the outer world to their will! This, we can prevent by simply understanding humility; a human ability [power] of knowing honored place of innate nature.

Dare to peer into the abyss … ūüíę



As faithful as the sea, always come back to me.’¬†–Eternity



Artist: Destiny Blue



A projection

of shadow

are we

onto ourselves


of life’s due affair

unfairly given

so easily to anxiety’s


of false

dark primitive lustre

And yet . . .

for every finger

pointed inward . . .

goes out

three more

to abhor



in ‘self-wrenching


of ‘self’-denial¬† . . .

’til is thusly

freely given

to humility

And perhaps

even so . . .

to circumstance

of pending just

of misconstrued ‘karma’

so transparent

as to become

the many

of life’s¬†passing


of first stubborn

unchangeable conjugation


Still . . .

no matter

how hard

is a pain

of smite

of self-indignation . . .

be ruthless anyway!

Be courageous anyway!

Call . . . it . . . out!

Fear not

shadow’s judgement

lurking about!

Meet it

face-to-face . . .

 or suffer

a vacuity

of purloined will

of place

of grace! ©


‚ÄúThe human¬†psyche is set up in accord with structures of the Universe. ¬†What happens in the macrocosm, likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.”¬†‚ÄĒCarl G. Jung

Pass no ‘blame’ upon youself, only Introspection, in¬†attempt to¬†still ‘self’-loathing: A ‘God’-given purpose of move! ¬†The world is changed with and without you! Everyone is given¬†chance¬†at¬†changing the world by just having the courage to be the change from within.

Getting your halo dirty¬†is a¬†must—if only to earn¬†grace;¬†an unmerited favor of Divine¬†manifest waiting where released are vulnerabilities [demons] of indoctrinate confrontation between the mind and the heart.¬† Stand naked together they must of will—the Atom and Eve of contradiction—put before the eye of the Soul—no matter nay sayers of other will’s intent. ‘See’, transform, wear the¬†scars earned of Earthly perdition as the singef wings given to be! ¬†

I swear I heard the ocean whisper, ‘I love you’. ūüíô



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If you dare¬†.¬†.¬†. and you must of anxieties of instinctual wonton burden, delve deeply into a proverbial ‚Äúrabbit hole‚ÄĚ; an inner sense of way where one comes to ‚Äėsee‚Äô paths of truths once lost. ¬†Seems legend, myth, fairy tale, art, and Music, are more truthful in lyrical meaning than any of mankind‚Äôs watered-down versions of interference of ego: An interpretation of¬† knowledge offered of¬† twisted histories. The supposed ‚Äúholy books‚ÄĚ‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääbooks versed and re-versed according to the whims of culture and religion are sorely missing truths of value and realities of untold record.



The histories of organized religions have been grossly bloody ungodly, and frankly, have very little or nothing to do with ‘faith’¬†nor ‘words’ of means of biblical sense—words concerned with matters of Love and hate—namely,¬†specific accounts of witness of historical story of relentless and numerous battles between the Love and hate of mankind’s hearts. ¬†Faith then, becomes¬†profoundly personal; a choice come of¬†ourselves of inner ‘voice’—thoughts given by way of personal whisper: An unrelenting loyalty, devotion and surrender to a magnificence of faith given unto one or the other. ¬†It is impossible that faith¬†would come from elsewhere other¬†than from within. ¬†No¬†other one can reach unreachable souls except for the ‘one’ who is the first divine Soul-Mate shared amongst the whole of all other ‘ones’;¬†an expression of connection of one-ness . . . ‘God’ . . . the Universe . . . the Omnipotent . . . Phi of¬†fingerprint . . . Mathematics . . . the Matrix . . . the Alpha, the Omega¬†. . . Allah . . . ¬†YAH ¬†. . . Yahweh . . . Nature¬†. . . [etc. etc. etc. of all cultures]. ¬†



Life is created of free will. There¬†is¬†no mistaking a ‘calling’—‘the something’¬†that is felt and¬†does exist. ¬†It is the Soul-Mate what we seek, and¬†so too,¬†is¬†the¬†‘what’ that is also seeking. ¬†It is best to choose to believe in your-‘self’, rather than ‘powers’ that be who mock your¬†thoughts if they be outside the ways of drama and dogma. ¬†Let it be known, let it be said freely, curiosity¬†satisfies the imagination.¬† Indeed . . . surly it is unthinkable to give up on a possibility of chance to achieve the impossible when is given such divine role model as a perfect Love; a Soul-Mate ¬†of expressive thoughts of unfathomable beauty of light in plain sight—an¬†intense drive of passion, where lay blood chilling joy!



Do mind your thoughts . . . always, they¬†are¬†intimate conversations with a Universal Soul-Mate. ¬†A will¬†either¬†chooses¬†to¬†listen¬†to a¬†divinity of ‘voice’, or, will choose to conform to the forces of worldly voice of misery and unreason; a deafened defeated right of¬†progression. ¬†To wherever thoughts lead, such is what will come¬†through the door left¬†opened.¬†¬©




‘G.O.D’: G.aining O.nes D.efinition.¬†—Common




It becomes¬†important to know the histories of “sacred texts” before reading them.

ie; The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia—all versions before the “Authorized”¬†K J V version:



A history of John Wycliff: http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/john-wycliffe.html



Other studies [books] of message (+):




“If some years were added to my life, I would dedicate fifty years to the study of the Book of I, and then I might come to be without great fault.” ~Confucius


The Complete “I Ching” – 10th Anniversary Edition:



A¬∑poc¬∑ry¬∑pha:¬†biblical or related writings not forming part of the ‘accepted’ canon of Scripture:¬†https://carm.org/reasons-why-apocrypha-does-not-belong-bible (writings,¬† [questionable] ‘reports’ not considered genuine).



‘The ¬†word’ of ‘holy’ books, together with all books removed thereof, ¬†are¬†given¬†to personal interpretation. Never were they intended¬†for¬†organizational¬†use by¬†religious groups endeavored to¬†usurp a control of the masses, as this would most assuredly¬†deny and defy a¬†fulfillment of requirement given of ‘God’ to¬†personal¬†freedoms of¬†choice and will.



Q: ¬†‘Who am I really? ¬†What is my message [gift] for¬†change?

A: ¬† Have a conversation with the Soul’s mate, you, to find out.




To agree and to¬†disagree, should always be matters of personal discernment. Question everything to contemplate the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô vying for your attention from the center of your being. Do research with an¬†‚Äėeye‚Äô outside the realms of religionists and political drama and dogma. Seek, and never stop seeking. Be awed by the things you will come to know. ¬† The things of a¬†true ‘God’.










There are healing messages on an ‘awakened’ side of Music:













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moon_moonlight_pale_219754(unknown photographer: free range image: Google Search: Moon)

Many times I did enter the realm of midnight fair of air of Zana‚Äės garden.¬† A place of billowing peace painted of enchantment; an unending diversity of plumage: A menagerie of flora and fauna releasing Nature’s drug, euphoria, upon me at first deep hypnotic breath.



I am at once rendered calm—moved away from¬†life’s dark-sighted anxieties¬† of due affairs of tormented spirit while swayed of tire as Zana’s garden welcomes my secret¬†tears to cleanse and cure: A peace is given to open heart’s door¬†to rest.



I sit in moment upon nestled¬†caress—senses lulled in awe of flaming hibiscus and out stretched arms of comforting bended palm. ¬†My nostrils fill with¬†intoxication of warmed summer breezes of sweet earthly delight of flowering blooms singing whisperings¬†of strength to vanquish¬†silent mournful illusion.



On this night, a full moon gently gleans the night sky reaching to touch¬†my soul in quiet quiescent delight. ¬†Zana’s garden does somehow know it is¬†peace and comfort I seek: A peace graciously given in unselfish Love’s language of lush and ‘Godly’ bonding. ‚ďí




Embrace the intimacy of cosmic rapture to feel Love’s native tongue.



A message is spoken¬†of Love‚Äôs tongue,¬†‘Your¬†deepest fear is not the¬†sense of confined false inadequacy, but of how powerful beyond measure is your power.¬† It is the light of heart within¬†that most frightens you, and not the darkness of tormented mind.’



NATURE: The inborn forces of light and dark: A realization of awakened being: A place of transitional euphoric-agony of joy and pain calling: A recognition of connection of truth in just taste of ‘godliness’: A mind ensensed of Universal mastery and self-love’s place within the moving canvas: A constant dance toward infinite change.


The ‘something’ that we feel, is real. ūüíę

¬†*NOTE: The original name given to this song is “Goodbye Forever”.







African (Pock) Ironwood

African (Pock) Ironwood

A menagerie of aroma rose from the garden called Eden, where overwhelmed was the young and spirited, beautiful girl, so named, ‘Eve’. Eve could feel the strength of the full-grown great white ironwood citrus tree against her soft flesh. ¬†In her Divine nakedness, Eve closed her eyes to receive and relish in intoxication of invisible¬† sweet balmy breezes of mid-May air move through her long thick shimmering black hair. ¬†The scent of bitter-sweet citrus moved her senses—taking her to realms she had not until this moment experienced. ¬†As ‘Eve’ allowed the massage of air brush her deep-dark skin, she became entranced to unawareness of sounds made of an entity making its way down from out of the canopy of the Ironwood where she stood. ¬†Eve closed her eyes as she stretched upward, taking in a long deep breath of enchanting citrus. ¬†Upon opening her eyes, ‘Eve’ then did see the large looming figure of color; yellows and greens, and blacks and reds: A creature of menacing glean of purposeful intent that did paralyze Eve as she became incensed of fear as she made the grave mistake of gazing into the creature’s eyes; an insured hypnotic spell had been caste.



The large and formidable figure of the serpent did take great lustful pleasure in its triumph of overcoming Eve‚Äôs innocence as it moved ever slowly toward her. ¬†Even in her trance, Eve did know the serpent’s visit was intentional. She felt the silky-soft yet heavy and cold movements of the serpent’s large head move across her right shoulder as it slithered its way between her breasts—stimulating within her a newfound and yet unknown emotion; a pleasure of the flesh.



The serpent gently moved its body of cold matter further toward Eve‚Äôs warmed abdomen, meeting the softness of her feminine frame. ¬†In her trance of mortal spell, Eve felt enumerable waves of pleasure in conscious abandonment of self-control as she succumbed to passions of the flesh. ¬†In preying upon Eve’s vulnerable young feminine inclinations, the serpent took great satisfaction in presumption of belief that it had beguiled Eve‚Äôs divine nature‚ÄĒthoughts given to presumed ‘sin’-ful and insatiable mortal feeling intent on defaming an eternal promise of intellect, truth, and evolution: A supposed ‘s i n’ of physical, mental, and spiritual legacy did the figure of a serpent mean¬†to make placement upon Eve‚Äôs Holy virtue—one of malevolent untruth of “mortal sin” of flesh and blood of¬†physical experience. ¬†The serpent did so name such ‘sin’ . . . guilt. The serpent had assumed a corruption now lay waste Love‚Äôs essence. ¬†This, the serpent did to accomplish purposeful self-justification; an envious coward’s move¬†to disgrace humanity’s intellectual mentality; a beauty of intuition come of entropy’s¬†force of true intent. Indeed, unbeknown-st to the wicked ruse of a serpent was woman’s privileged beginnings; a private¬†intention of higher purpose which did dispelled a deceit of unjust affair. ¬†Love, being Eve‚Äôs begotten nature, can be tormented of vulnerability, but¬†a woman’s will of heart will never betray a loyalty of responsibility to Love through a disparity of¬†self-disrespect in purpose.



The genius of beauty—that which is of the feminine, remains as intended for preservation of Love to reign eternal, mortal, and immortal; a bearing of spiritual essence of expression and Universal form of intent. ¬†The serpent of malicious favor¬†was the one who was tempted, and thus rendered riled and unable to resist Eve‚Äôs ‘powers’ of innocence, beauty, and seduction¬†of a¬†nature imagined and achieved of a ‚ÄėGod‚Äô of perfective Love. ¬†The serpent, by way of ignorant arrogance and self-assured willful self-professed godliness, was the one who was unaware of its own imperfection, and thusly become perpetually angered and tempered toward the ‚ÄėGod‚Äô of Love and all manner of creation made of Love, and so did chose to be unreflective of the things of equality in¬†all things created of devotion to Love. ¬†The serpent did so vow to curse and make all malevolence in attempt to usurp life and light for all moment, and for as long as humanity remained in boundary of given place, because malevolence refused to acknowledge a humility of benevolence; a power greater than itself. ¬†An¬†idea of dis-harmony did reign in the minds of men thereafter: A continuance of a darkness of false unworthiness of heart, mind, and spirit. ¬†Until a moment mankind did gather back all their pieces and arranged them differently¬†aside of¬†what the serpent of chaos had so wickedly proposed. ¬©



A liar can never have last word over Love’s will, for in the end, the insinuators¬†of doubt cannot change what¬†has already been¬†clarified. ¬†It was ‘She’ who was the first woman, and from ‘She’, all human life did come, as was her ‚ÄėHoly‚Äô wholeness of purpose.














( Credit image: article and photo by posted Abu Shawka
Image: free license – The African Pock Ironwood –




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Is it really any wonder that when the entire world is faced with surmountable challenges of intentional ill-gotten gains of ill-willed willful-minded men and women, that a¬†philosophy of truth should become humanity’s armor of choosing? ¬†



I hear these words so often said these days that do touch me deeply, “You simply cannot bear the weight of the world on your shoulders.”¬† And yet, how¬†can¬†I, a human being, consciously¬†not feel such burdens of heart in full awareness of the ensuing and impending environmental catastrophes?¬† And so too, cause and affects.¬† It is not my fate, as a human being, to be knowledgeable of my passions and instinctual¬†purpose? ¬†My passions are my gifts; a birthright of intended cosmic balance of¬†order—destiny of seduction and beauty of just ‘being’ in kind, and thus naturally suited to cause of¬†insuring my own¬†survival:¬†A given¬†reason for being of meaning and consideration, and to an innate responsibility of promise to uphold these rights and the rights of all life as I¬†choose not to¬†ignore¬†a¬†cumbersome weight of worry as humanity stands as witness to countless and unreasoned disappearances of many. What more is needed to beg the question of chance for humanity’s survival? Fortunate or unfortunate, it shall be, for as far as humanity can ‘see’, and even within the confounded and ‘non-permissive’ levels of hidden knowledge.¬† I need no more than instinct to know that humanity is the only species whose thoughts, throughout life, will¬†turn toward¬†passionate vulnerabilities given in of¬†individual divergent belief principles to endeavor to bring about balance to the whole.¬† To be sure, I am aware¬†of the many¬†considerations given also to the belief principles of others.¬† Furthermore, I am also aware of the demise and impending demise of a variety of species what are ‘indifferent’ toward any of humanity’s ‘belief’ principles, as¬†they do only¬†simply exist in a given place of connective balance and order of truths. Stands to reason then, that it is the human factor within the whole of connection of cycles of life who are given unto a responsibility of recognition of ‘place’ of life, as was revealed from mankind’s beginning in full state. ¬†It has hence, been historys’ hegemony aforethought that has erroneously erased the promise of joy from blood memory.



Humanity is the only species on the planet¬†who are currently¬†aware of the state of being as part of the life-force, even though most have forgotten their place within in, and¬†who does obsessively reflect upon our fate in the life and death processes of¬†natural order occurring in infinite measure of the cycles of balance and order. Our concepts of death are outwardly unequaled by any other life form, and therefore,¬†death does bring an emotional scaring of loss that some never recover from, and even in the knowing death’s altruistic affair. Human assumptions and belief systems with¬†regard to death, are exclusive, and most times personal in our ways of coping, as compared to our lack of understanding toward death’s meaning in the minds of¬†all other biological forms. We do observe self-expression. Our perceptions are mere abstraction, most times indifference, towards the feelings of other kingdoms with regard to death. Perhaps our attitudes are mere psychological justification for our egotistical sense of superiority: A lack of understanding only leaves way for our lack of compassion for Nature’s mysteries surrounding the Divine cycles of life and death. ¬†Humans have become ignorant in their insatiable desire for holding tightly to conjured belief ‘systems’: A mere pacification of mind against indoctrinate misleading misunderstandings of the things of natural order and balance. Humans tend to cling to the proposed religious and supernatural disorder, while truth is, humans have become un-knowledge, disconnected, and distant wisdoms¬†of such instinctually ‘mystical’ and magestic things, and therefore, humanity is no longer precise in the predictability of cyclic order of Nature: A lack of common sense mentality. And this is tragic, simply because humanity no longer uses their core guideline of intuition as once did–the means and ways of connection, language, and logic necessary to mind respect for all diversity of all species. Humanity, is no longer in-touch, no longer is used our ‘G.o.d’-given¬†connectivity of ideals¬†and thought and reason. To this inevitability, death’s purpose of meaning has been lost to heart. ¬†Humans have only just begun to fathom a¬†return to an awareness¬†of the secrets of Nature’s intricacies, and more importantly and most urgent, an awareness for¬†need to grasp understanding of our part to play in matters of common-sense connection. Humanity questions still, in selfish unreason, a¬†meaning to¬†just ‘being’: A humility of love and great respect for¬†the incredible array of magistry on our planet. Humanity must come to question the¬†obvious imbalance of order of multitudes. Humanity, aside from the few who aim to usurp awe from all, are exclusively capable of ‘seeing’ all¬†as one from whence awe has come to be to all its glory, intricacies, complexities, and capabilities, and thus so too, humanity is capable intuitively and instinctively wise to the rendering all to be of progressive and purposeful intention: A universal goal toward perfected betterment for the whole of life.


Human beings are genetically inclined toward an understanding the organically ‘programmed’ balance of the species. Our instincts tell us that life learns from life in repetitious order. Humans are capable of instinctual insatiable desire for gain of full understanding of life processes. This fact therefore, means that humans should also be accepting of what is our responsibility of hierarchy of place within such complex synchronicity of order, and of our own expectations of part to play within the established set of natural¬†principles and¬†laws of nature. Our human instincts—our very [coding] of DNA has been created to evolved to be enlightened of instinctual survival knowledge. It is our nature to feel responsible for the survival needs of diversity of life. This … is the blood-deep beautiful ‘something’ that we feel to be real, and therefore, we also feel¬†the ‘something’ that is terribly wrong! What are we to do with our instincts of heart’s decernment of wrenching feeling of helplessness in the impending knowing of earthly loss? What are we to do to restore the balance of our natural world before all balance and order are forever made forgotten?¬†I, a human, not only instinctively know wrong from right, and therefore do ‘see’ and feel, in these moments, the horrendous¬†chaos caused of human disorder affecting all things to be sick in negative influence. What are our prospects for a positive future least we acknowledge humanity’s¬†shameful wrong doings and take back full responsibility for the unspeakable¬†crimes¬†committed against our precious¬†Earth and all its life-forms? Where are humanity’s inbreed benevolent virtues of¬†love, empathy, kindness and understanding? Why doesn’t humanity act¬†on the instinctive energies of urgency¬†of must to¬†reverse the centuries of¬†abusive wrongdoings? How can I, an individual of the whole, not feel infected of mankind’s disease if I do indeed deeply¬†‘feel’ that my own survival, and the survival of my very¬†genes¬†has been compromised? How can humanity¬†not be absolutely terrified of the in-our-face reality of possibility of having no¬†future? How is humanity¬†as a species—the entrusted Steward of plant Earth, going to regain a lost faith to¬†soul¬†necessary for healing and recovery toward recognition of place of¬†importance¬†and¬†favor and value of honor? We must all answer to these questions!


Humanity must recognize the¬†intellectual intuitiveness and effectiveness of power given of will to choice as compared to other life forms. I¬†‘see’ the many who still question humanity’s instinctive ability; a¬†forgotten and most necessary component for survival. ¬†Human instinct has been pushed aside and put out of the way for those of our kind who have no care¬†for the enrichment of the¬†planet. However, try as they may destroy in name of shame and greed, human instinct cannot and will¬†not¬†be simply ‘weeded out’! ¬†Humans are the only species who are capable of using recognition and instinct as means for gaining knowledge, and therefore, are responsible for reconciling the damages done. ¬†It is imperative that humans ‘see’ how perverted self-appointed ‘leaderships’ have become, and have thus chosen to no longer recognize compassion for human favor. ¬† They have replaced their instincts with greed, selfishness, and abominable abuses of power. They have openly beguiled natural laws. ¬†Have we ever in history witnessed any other species other than humanity,¬†who have purposely¬†in mindset¬†of self endeavor¬†destroyed life? Humans are the only species who have abused the vital virtual role within a given ‘system’ of order. Survival is¬†imperative! ¬†Humility is given a magestic power of human heart and will to challenge any enemy that seeks the destruction of life. World ‘leaderships’ have taken life from life for far too long, and have complacently demeaned natural and moral obligations of respect, love, equality, and understanding of the importance of all¬†things of given place of order.¬† Supposed ‘leaderships’ have failed and have shamed humanity, and yet still are given unrighteous permissions to sit on thrones of distrust of their own making as they continue to¬†yank the¬†moral chains of reaction of a blinded majority in purposeless hegemony of¬†mania!



Humans have seemingly given up without consideration of power and place as¬†appointed caretakers, and have given in to the ‘evils’ of a status que of our own kind: An assured¬†reverted conformity toward dementia. Humanity has simply given away the natural and instinctive capacity for¬†give and take relationships concerning¬†equality for all. This squandering of power is unfortunate to the detriment of entire planetary systems of connection. ¬†There are indeed complacent humans amongst us who take and do not replenish that which was taken, nor do they share in the spirit of equality of resources. This we may as well¬†recognize as the¬†great human “mortal sin” of indoctrinated antiquity bearing upon us. ¬†In an accurate reality, no greater ‘sin’ exists than the inhumane in-considerations of ‘evils’ which now strive to overcome chance and change at continued progressive existence. ¬†All species of earth continue to struggle through this man-made fallacy. ¬†We live out our lives through thoughts, dreams, wishes, beliefs in hopes of betterment, and lies of¬†choice acceptance on¬†various levels of knowledge and truths that are¬†befitting to individual and whole comfort. ¬†Humans will either accept death as a new beginning and not an end, not accept death and live out life in perpetual sorrows of thought, or death will be the means to an end out of control—thereby making our very existence mere ends to no means of purpose.¬† Humanity does give name to reference¬†such end —“hopelessness”. ¬†The givers of lies still roam our precious planet, and have so named her “playground of the ‘gods’.” If this be a truth to follow, then our species has failed miserably in a¬†responsibility of connective worth. Humanity then, has¬†become nothing more than generations of childish ‘gods’ at play toward an inevitability of nothingness; a stagnation of numbness.



If a parent suffers the pains of indignation caused by a child, then all children suffer the consequence. ¬†The human race, in these man’s-time seasons, pray to a ‘god’ of desperation,¬†a ‘god’ what¬†gives stingily, a¬†‘god’ of no joy. Humans will remain tolerant¬†of accompanying pains as an expectant ‘experience’ when forced into a¬†unified humiliation of suffrage of UN-bearing.¬† Humans are expected to a giving; a joy reaped only by way of choice of true human spirit of responsibility to do so. Human minds are held in¬†perpetual states of ‘want’; a profound self-satisfaction¬†and¬†gratification of the things of ‘want’ freely offered¬†and therefore taken in¬† complacency toward false-debt: A solely and sorely human loss of virtue. Humans perceive understanding that virtuous displays of affection are apparent in many species, thus rendering compassion non-exclusive to the human¬†species. Sad it is that there are humans who are, and even in this knowledge, still uncaring in their stance of motive concerning¬†other life forms who do experience¬†joy, pain, virtuousness, nobility, and ‘feelings’ of loss, who are indeed also experiencing the awe of beauty. ¬†Humans have brought shame of a worst kind upon the planet with meaningless acceptable mental allowances: A death sentence brought upon the supposed ‘weak’ and benevolent the likes that has not been committed by any other species!



Do other species¬†‘feel’ such gross shame? ¬†Perhaps, but unjustly so. ¬†Humans are responsible for recognizing disappointment: An unforgivable disappointment in the eyes of the multitude now existing; a realization¬†of the¬†extinct, and the near extinct, including the human species through all means of genocide. ¬†It is human cause to be responsible for maintaining the ‘up-keep’ of Earth’s environments: A stewardship in knowledge and inventiveness that the earth is of great worth to sustaining life. ¬†Humanity has just cause in sorely scolding the childish in their inflictions of pain upon their fellows. Without exception, all life feels¬†a grave consequence of unnatural illogical suffrage.¬† Our¬†greatest¬†moral achievements¬†rely on the human condition of mind and thought. A universal heartache is felt throughout, and utterly burdens life¬†to a degree beyond bearing. ¬†All life rides upon great blood rivers of biological significance. Humans are witnessing historical events of complacency and inhumane insanity!¬† A¬†raping of the planet ensues for an exclusive ideology of selfishness! A¬†stagnation of slavery raught upon the heads of many! ¬†A curse¬†of numerous agenda of indiscretion!¬† A dishonored¬†humanity is left in a seemingly helpless agony without mercy!


The questions of ‘Whys’ have now become astronomical. Why have humans allowed such casual ignorance? ¬†Why have incensed humans been made ignorant to understanding, who proudly stand firm in opposition to compassion while the rest of life lay sick physically, mentally, and emotionally?¬† Why are humans uncaring in their actions of severing the vital connections of stability? Why do these humans ignore their wrong doing of indiscretions? ¬†Why do these humans accept the heinous repercussions of war¬†and physical death to millions, and so to the inevitable disappearances of future’s loss?¬†¬†Why have these humans chosen to forget the value of life in their madness of greed and self-interest? Why hasn’t the majority of humanity yet stopped the torment? ¬†Why does the populace continue to allow abuses against¬†the balance and order of life? ¬†Do humans no longer ‘feel’ the pains of nourishing earth as she¬†trembles of¬†humanity’s abnormal lack of conscience and love? ¬†A grand majority of life forms are having unprecedented difficulty coping with losses of a natural environment—loses preventable by humanity’s power of will. ¬†Everyone and every species of all moment suffers in vain for the errors of humanity’s stupidity! Populations are left heartbroken as the earthly ‘demons’ continue their mockery! ¬†So many are¬†left to¬†pains of anguish and hopelessness by humanity’s wake of disparagement of endless¬†disappointment!


Who are ‘they’ to dare say than that ‘they’ are the righteous in a blinded sense of ‘superiority’? Who are ‘they’—so self-deserving of everything as the rest of the world¬†continues an existence in unnecessary, unreasonable and purposed ‘inferior’ states of powerlessness¬†as slowly lost is ground in battle for survival! Must we be humble¬†in our forgiving of wrong choices made of Earth’s children as we are¬†shamed by their selfish digressions and common stance to do nothing more than shuffle meaningless paperwork around a bureaucracy of controlled movements toward inevitable onslaught? ¬†All generations of all species are striving and struggling unnecessarily; a suffering even the blind know without sight! ¬†What more proof is needed to ‘see’ the devastation? ¬†Humans have been appointed caretakers from the beginning of time. How so¬†can it be that still so many are ignoring the¬†urgent ‘calling’ felt deep within our spirits to come back to a role given of progenitor’s¬†blood. ¬†Can humanity again accept the Forefather’s and For-mother’s given truths of heart which do now speak? Can humanity accept full responsibility toward embellishment and conviction to love and appreciate and care for life? Is humanity prepared to listen to this call upon their hearts with an undeniable conviction of faith summoned through pangs¬†of change . . . through time and time between . . . the very blood of ancestry pleading through guidance of ‘voice’, “Have you forgotten”? ¬†Is humanity deserving of mercy of renewed unmerited favor still yet to come?¬† ‚ďí




Unfathomable battles for¬†life are fought in¬†perpetuity. A¬†spiritual intelligence [conscience] has always been¬†humanity’s purposeful fate in all battles¬†of¬†‘inequity’. Earth’s¬†diversity connects the riches of sustainability and magnificence of order for an assured survival that should never be given over to a questionable self-proposed¬†supremacy of complacency of immorality! Humanity’s ‘calling’ is not in¬†the finding thereof, for it is given at birth’s moment, and is¬†revealed in the pain’s of¬†purpose. ¬†Hence forth and without fear, burning are fires of perpetual love.¬† The ‘spirit’ within mortals is, and must¬†fight the ‘beasts’ that be of the physical plane—until they are no more!¬†



“Organic Systems of Nature operate all systems in¬† organic ways. Somehow, mankind has deemed itself inferior.¬† How can we humans even conceive of the thought that ‘God’ got it wrong?¬† Clearly, it is mankind‚Äôs interference with universal ways that has caused imbalance to the organic systems.”










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  I did finally listenconfetti heart



to hungry heart’s 


of ponder

of words

I did hear

I am encumbered 

of mind 

I am enlightened

of heart

of answers revealed

to remedy

an anguish

of hopelessness

I continue

to question

answers unfolded 

of mind

I humbly accept

simple truths


to heart

I am made affected

of ‚Äėvoice‚Äô

of reason


as my own


of forgiving mercy 

of a greater love

what did enter

to take rightful place

past unending shrouds

of doubt 

where I did relent 

to the silent 


I accept who I am

I am what I am 

I am made complete . . .

given to spirit

of tears

once held

to abeyance

and let free . . . 

to a great awaiting

A light

of courage given


be vanquished 

A weapon

to carry on . . . 

protection from

the darkness

of pains

as I walk

a truer path

of Love’s 

secured promise ©


‘See the truer ‚Äėself‚Äô‚ÄĒborn of human consciousness; an empathetic spirit who cannot allow apathetic advise otherwise—constricted and sustained of stains of socital scaring of expectation of cruel ignorance.¬† Birthed of pure untouched love, so you must remain, no matter hellish sphere of province’. ~~Love

ONUS: An acceptance of responsibility . . .


Angels get their halos dirty to survive . . . ūüíďūüíĒūüíď






Mom Carry

Eileen Mary Carry (May 17, 1937 – March 7, 2015)


Moment’s gifts are the mortal births of eternal nowthe healers of hearts.



Forsaken not
is joy
once unfolded . . .
now perched
an invisibility
of heart’s


Hope’s vibrant threads
suit us best
when faced 

are¬†failure’s wisdoms

of words

of endearing


A bitterness
of ignorance
attempts concealment
of path
of blood’s¬†fulfillment . . .
a vague deceit . . .
a conviction failed
in assumed
blindness assured


Nay say we
of thee . . .
as left behind 

will be
all sorrowful sorry s

of relentless
heartfelt pains 

left bleeding 
in shadow’s reign

Hope’s vibrant threads
suit us best
in¬†moment’s seasons¬†
of must . . .
as all else seems
no longer fitting ©



‚ô• ŠÉ¶¬†A gift of promise¬†is a¬†contract¬†signed¬†in vibrant red threads of unending connections to heal anguished hearts. ¬†Follow the¬†blood of communication between generations, and¬†never be lost of place.¬†¬†

























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Of Cherished Blood




Red tears

of past times speak

a persistent angst

of ennobled


of unforgotten



spiritual treasures


Protective revenant 

of wordless gesture

of shadow


to relate revelation

to innately 

innocent heart


A ‘voice’



of linage

whose blood

flows as a river

of imaginings

once destroyed

by wicked ruse ©



The white rose represents loss.¬† Stories of blood ancestry denied remembrance will be¬† forgotten through eternity’s endlessness.¬† Surely without, mournful will be the suffered lost of place.


‘Voice’ of blood locus brings all things numbed, to renewed feeling. ¬†Go deep . . . then dare go deeper to touch¬† the thousands of years of memory’s awethe ‘something’ of¬†love’s persistence.¬†



ūüíě Message in the music.












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