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Love is personal. Embrace the madness!


For the longest of life’s-times, seems we battle and bottle our emotions of truth, and beliefs, and disbelief “systems” of others. Until a moment in time of listening comes a knowing, and not mere ‘belief’; an intuition speaking of love’s conundrums—true and personal, created for ‘self’, alone: A love so deeply felt, as to finally we feel the bottoms reach of the “rabbit hole” to rest . . . to contemplate, and to reap the peace of mind so adamately fought for: A message of guidance toward what we seek—the simplicity of joy showing life laying in wait.¬©


“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be of saving grace; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.”
—Yann Martel

Whatever the color of ‘the rabbit’ [intuition], follow it …

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of silent weeping,
a weary
psyche floats . . .
a weightless sway



Deeply scensed 
is crystal clarity
given unto bond
of understanding
of secreted
silent story



A nobility succors
of intimate essence
not of place
where my body be . . .
but of moment
and space
where ‚Äėspirits‚Äô
seated upon
eyeful towers
of aloof
speak idioms heard
in quiet quiescence
of muse



A wordless breath
sings melodies
of many
upon moment’s



Mortality’s reign
is again exulted . . .
given unto
day’s grace
to place
of walls
lacking ends
where divested
is a never-ending
story ©




Man-made distractions of intent toward an ‚Äėevil‚Äô thievery of souls merely gives way to balance life with millions of reasons to dream.



The Ether: A spiritual place: A mystical ‘state’ of meditative mind where conflicts of heart are called to stand before¬†the Great Soul of air and light.












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#truthofLove . . . Do not ignore what beckons from the core!



“Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strenghtened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ¬†—Helen Keller

Life and Death¬†¬†It is not the suggestive heart that should be ‘followed’, as is suggested, as the heart is the bearer of anguish¬†at best, becoming¬†easily¬†broken by the insignificient, mundane and meaningless¬†guilts and regrets it feeds upon¬†in opposition¬†to¬†the soul simultaneously begging intuitions logic which so easily succumbs¬†to mankind’s spiteful¬†ignorance! ¬†Love, is the intimate forgiver, and therefore, is ‘stored’ at¬†the core of being because Love is the perpetual and purposeful energy that transforms and does not fade away, as such is the nature of the human heart—so easily filled with negative charge offered of¬†proposition of mind. It is reasonable to say that the mind¬†must first be ’emptied’ of the things of angst’s imprisionment, thusly so the soul can offer the ways of intuitions positive solution to counter¬†‘the darkness of unreason given to human thoughts. ¬†This, is the¬†battle; a¬†must of fight in order to re-gain and maintain a¬†knowledge of the light once know, allowed to just be.¬†This, is the what of meaning of “born again”—to rid, to ‘un-program the mind¬†of¬†society’s stagnation of imposed ills of will.



The¬†mind must remain vigilant to ‘see’ the things of the soul’s craving; an¬†allowance of¬†heart to¬†purpose. ¬†The heart is the¬†organ created to¬†carry the genes of blood-reign who speak from¬†the soul. ¬†The heart is the doorway of entrance meant to feed the soul’s worth, but is used and¬†abused¬†by malevolent force as an exit for external damnation if one does not listen to the cries of internal endearment. ¬†The heart beats fast for anxiety’s ways of doom; a ‘cheering on’ for a death of personage. ¬†In an awareness of truths, the heart¬†remains at peace [rest] when comforted by the ‘voice’ of internal influence.



A cyclic Universe¬†is eternal beauty and chaos. ¬†Life¬†is no different, and¬†cannot exist one without the other. ¬†Internal Love carries the soul¬†moment to moment within¬†the light¬†perpetually speaking;¬†an eternity of¬†souls of Love’s energy battling a¬† blinded heart’s despair for repair. Love is the ‘Temple’¬†binding¬†the Earth to the Universe.¬† And if¬†it is Love [light] we must fight for¬†as we¬†roam¬†the rhelms of physical¬†[dark] experience, then stands to reason that “success” is¬†the re-absorption of Love’s energies once given over to deceitful illusions residing in the festering darkness of mind.



‚ÄėHome‚Äô, is the name of the internal light that is; an energy beckoning humanity to ~~just be~~.¬†¬©




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“In contrast to the monotheistic religions with their linear view of sacred time and the progressive nature of history leading to a final eschcatological event, many Neo-Pagans view sacred moments¬†as cyclical, rotating between life and death in an eternal cycle of periodic renewal, which Mircea Eliade called ‘the eternal return’. In contrast to the Dharmic religions, which seek escape from this cycle, many Neo-Pagans embrace it. Far from being a source of pessimism or despair, for these Neo-Pagans, the ineluctability of death gives deeper meaning to existence.”







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“We’re just two lost souls
swimming in a fish bowl . . .
year after year . . . “
—Pink Floyd






It has become imperative to review a forgotten point-of-view. It’s a¬†good thing we are the generations who remember a¬†truer reality. ¬†We are the keepers of wisdom within. ¬†We only need to allow it to speak.¬†The more clearly we focus our thoughts¬†on the wonders of the Universe surrounding¬†us,¬†the less damage is sustained of distortion.



People of these moments no longer¬†consider the individual¬†perspective, because indifference has become the norm of altered thinking societies. ¬†It is hard to¬†comprehend¬†that employees of corporate entity are actually ‚Äėtrained‚Äô in ‚Äúpolicy and procedure‚ÄĚ of expectation to ‚Äėdeal‚Äô with the bullshite¬†they are subjected to from arrogant consumers, and yet are compensated¬†very little to be ‚Äėstaged‚Äô in attitude adjustment to handle¬†inwardly destroyed-outwardly¬†ugly people; a pretense of ‚Äėacting‚Äô as though they are not¬†emotionally, physically, and even economically and financially, affected: An expectation¬†of personhood¬†numbness.



Empathy and consideration can and does¬†go a long way. ¬†¬†Petty people could be ‚Äėre-trained‚Äô to be human simply by taking away the social ‚Äėdevices‚Äô that promote selfishness, separation, and apathy. Guaranteed to bring people back to remembrance¬†of instinctual knowledge of ‘how to’ be considerate and more in tune to the ‚Äėfeelings‚Äô of others rather than be an¬†impenetrable bubble of ignorance that some¬†currently have become.

#ditchthenotsosmartphone once in awhile! #communicationisnotacrime.



#Indifference is #inhumane: A new conscious feeling. ¬† We all have been at one time or another¬†in a room full of people‚ÄĒall glued to their ‚Äėdevices‚Äô. ¬† This presents a feeling of aloneness; an epidemic of sadness, and hence, the very reason for uncomfortable human¬†stirrings; an up rise in numbers going to a psychologist or psychiatrist for misunderstood ‚Äėconditions‚Äô of mental and emotional breakdown, when all people¬†really want and have need for is natural human connectivity. ¬†But of course, and par for societal recourse, drugs are easily dispensed¬†to curb an anxiety of intolerance, since empathetic ones who seek human interaction are the ones seen by all others to be the very ones less tolerated.



Humanity IS NOT moving forward! Humanity is stagnated in as far as evolution of thought. This, is exactly how the status quo would have it as is obvious and continuous is the conjuring of new ways to control the things of already given natural laws of order persistently striving to progress!



#WakeupNOW! ¬†Now of moments is the right of birthright! ¬†There is no future without now! Exchange fear of ‚Äėvoice‚Äô with¬†courage of heart to live to just be! ¬†Give no precious mind‚Äôs moments to immoral and complicated illusions offered of the insane few who seek to reap with greed aforethought! Freedom is not the delusions given to gains of want, freedom is being who you are without indoctrinate false sense of need for things to falsely¬†profess it!



‘Karma’: An egocentric frame of thought not unlike drama and dogma of most ‚Äúreligions‚Ä̬†whose sole over souls purpose is to divide and conquer; an obstacle of personal conscious¬†undermining¬†placed of¬†one’s thoughts as one pursues a journey toward #introspection of personal truths vested in happiness. “Karma” is a mere conjured word intended to incite¬†spiritual¬†flaw‚ÄĒa¬†voo-doo doll-like judgment placed upon the head of¬†another in¬†hate-filled desire¬†for revenge of broken heart: A perpetuated not forgotten¬†unforgiving. ¬†“Karma” therefore, is nothing more than false [narcissistic] notion absent a¬†righteous intention of heart toward another. ¬†

No one ever says, ‘I wish you good karma’. What is said is, ‘karma will get you!’



‘Humility’: A learned character adjustment necessary to acheive the¬†ability to set all things of meaningless debris free. ¬©




“The moment you stop racing, is when you will realize that you have won the race.”¬†¬†—Bob Marley












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Every woman’s heart is deserving of¬†a ‘fairytale’ Love. ¬†Imagine that! A belief of heart¬†worth bringing¬†forth to be meant¬†to just be where broken is its own kind of beautiful.


Happiness is to love and to be loved.¬†¬†And yet, how many souls do truly¬†feel loved—the ‘something’ to have without reason of¬†logic aforethought: A ‘something’ of faith:¬†A faith of knowing. A ‘go with the flow’ mentality necessary to evolve to allow the¬†‘self’ to¬†feel the ‘something’ that¬†is real!


She feared a listening to her own ‚Äėvoice‚Äô—feared that the pains of her soul would bleed out tears of many lives hidden of words waiting to be spoken through the silence. She summoned a courage to¬†‚Äėunderstand‚Äô a¬†question of ‚ÄėWhat has been the most important thing you have done in moments of life-times?‚Äô She already summized an answer, as she is a survivor of Love‚Äôs ‘tests’ of endurance, because after the scars, she stilled angst for love.


A woman’s intuition¬†is¬†sincere, and even when made ignorant¬†for a time of Love’s blinding. She¬†chooses¬†to love Love always, and even in an eternal tiring of trying, as she cannot easily give up on love so wantonly desired. ¬†She will attempt discovery of means of acquire¬†as she¬†wills¬†a world of her own desire‚ÄĒ‚Äägiving¬†wholeheartedly to Love’s¬†rhythms as it tares¬†down the walls of distrust in unending attempt at rebuilding her¬†pieces continually falling at her feet. She waits for¬†the melting; a smile that tells her he needs her. ¬†A trust in his eyes that says he will never leave her. The touch of his hand in hers that says he’ll catch her when she falls. ¬† A lust for repetitive kiss of¬†‘because I love you’. Until the moment of betrayal comes‚ÄĒ‚Äähe lets go of her hand, he pushes he away with indifference, and kisses her no more. ¬†He hears nothing at all¬†through her¬†tears lost in a seeking of Love’s seeming unreason. ¬†All this, she endures¬†for lust¬†of Love to make love to her like the storm ravages the ocean!


Is¬†‘the devil’ of mind delusional?¬†Is¬†the ‘God’ of hearts an illusion? ¬†Faith, is choice made clear of¬†reflections of choosing direction‚ÄĒ‚Ääbe it negative thoughts of impending loss of worth by idiocy of hearsay, or be it positive thought for the keeping of heart¬†of¬†understanding Love’s way for growth and preservation? ¬†Is not Love a do or die challenge of worthy battle¬†for soul’s sake?


Perhaps . . .  Love designed her for contentment for a time in aloneness, to re-learn to breathe.


Perhaps . . . ‘something’ of the Universe desires her for a¬†purpose as it whispers in her ear,¬†‘I am sorry for your rain of pain, but it must be this way for sway’.




Dearest Duke: ‘Move’ your Princess wisely, or¬†lose her entirely.


Dutiful¬†Princess: ¬†Let not mankind give you unreason to think¬†you are not of ‘substance’. ¬†You . . . are given in loan for Love’s greater sake!¬† If many are un-worthy, have no doubt in your faith that many others pray you walk in love their way.


Perhaps . . . for many, love comes of the pieces left of a noisy world.  One must be willing to lose connections to people, places, and things that create all the noise, in order for the peace of Love to flow freely from the broken pieces.



A private conversation in Love’s sway, is¬†a soul quenched of a wound.



He asks: “Does Love truly exist?”

She answers: “Love is an adjective and a verb moving all matter of noun. ¬†Love, is the what of who¬†you are¬†of¬†what you do, and of what you say or don’t say; a word of meaningful connection to just being. Thus, it is meaning what you seek. ¬†Love, just is‚ÄĒ‚Ääthe same as always been.”


He asks: Well, if we marry, will we ‘find’ a meaning to love?


She answers: It depends¬†on your life perspective. ¬†You won’t ‘find’ what was never lost. ¬†If you ‘find’ that there is beauty in life, then Love’s meaning is self-evident. If you keep ‘looking’ for Love as a thing to grasp, you will never ‘find’ it, because Love just is and was never lost. ¬†What you must ‘find’, is yourself . . . Love is there first; a¬†way of being. Again, to just be. ¬†To love yourself first, you must dare take off the mask given you at birth by ‘systematic society’. ¬†You will ‘see’ and feel Love everywhere and in everything if you do this first! ¬†Once you rid yourself of the mask, you’ll want no more to hide behind it! ¬†All ¬†truth will be revealed immediately:¬†A joy of all that is Love, released from imprisonment of mindlessness!


A simplicity of heart, is where Love resides.¬†No need to seek it! ¬†And even through the fatalities of a proposed mask of broken-heartedness, Love remains always faithful to YOU! ¬†The one thing of life all life can be sure of is a meaning of faith; a simple faith in the knowing that Love’s presence resides of all things believing in YOU. . . despite all else of telling to the contrary!


Q:  What is mortal sin?

A: ¬†Mortal “sin” is what it is, the sins of mortals’ lies and ties created by the wicked ruse-ful who do knowingly and¬†willingly¬†betray their fellow mortals: A convincing blindness assured given of mask to uncertainty and unreasonable illegitimacy of perplexing complexities¬†of¬†intentional stagnation of individual imagination’s creation of perfected evolution . . . over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over of each new berth unending, until each can deny no more the ‘voice’ of thought within of whisper to ‘take off the un-‘god’-ly [ugly] mask of unknowing shame’! ¬†“Sin”, is a thing of mere mortals sole un-soulful doing of choice! Nothing more than human drama and dogma¬†having nothing to do with a ‘God’ of all¬†things created of love!


She—one of continuous counting of the many sorrows, is¬†overdone with lies and contrived controls of masked mania vested in mankind’s religions and politics—words of nonsensical [hidden] meaning professed through delusion! ¬†She, comes over and over, holding a divine Love close to being, and in spite of mankind’s ‘evil’ inventions bent toward spiritual reckage!


Give her¬†simplicity and she’ll¬†be fine.¬†The Earth the beach the beach house and wine! ¬†Please take note of the sign over the entry-way door embellished with pink¬†cockle shells and clay purple turtle bells:¬†“WELCOME: NO mask of TV governed-mentality to ruffle your hair! ¬†Please do leave un-smart phones on the veranda chair!”


A reachable DREAM come true . . . IF . . . she frees her will to know an experience has no mask!


Love is given to hearts for the serving, yet sadly abused by the undeserving. ©









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“War” -Wilhelm KotarbiŇĄski – (30 November 1849 –¬†04 September 1921)



Fathomed Halo Horned   

Gifted Beautifulness Borne

Choices of Change Torn ©




Hungry are the hearts of¬†dynamics’ charge. ¬†If killed off is the ‘demon’ of detriment, then so too will die the¬†‘Angel’ of¬†will and chance.



“The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—of cabbages—and kings—and why the sea is boiling hot—and whether pigs have wings.”¬†~Lewis Carroll, ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ (Alice in Wonderland)













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Weeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

“Weeping Woman” 1937 ¬†Pablo Picasso 1881-1973



Be it beginning
or be it end . . .
Love . . .
is my true friend
if nothing else be
A reverse

being first . . .
the very reasons
you un-feel
and un-deserve
my presence
of insignificant

I hope you
will miss me 
if I go . . .
I will miss you
and wish
I won’t¬†. . .
but I know
I will . . .

I will miss you
I will miss
the music
of us . . .

of¬†private ‘muse’ . . .
a dance
of light and dark

I’ll miss
a togetherness
you so coldly
took from me . . .
and now
I can’t breathe
for holding back
a heaviness
of tears
to drown me
you’re¬†around me
I would
give anything
to continue
this dance
of shadows . . .
but only
if my useless

hold meaning
in your heart 
Maybe then
you wouldn’t
be so mean . . .
so indifferent
to my just being
I’ll miss your lips¬†
while wishing
I¬†won’t¬†. . .
but I will . . .
I will miss you . . .
and if our shadows
never dance again
. . .
then I’ll¬†dance alone
to what I do
you see 
I will still
love you
and will always
that was
good enough . . .
I will wish
I won’t¬†miss you
but I will . . .
I’ll miss you
So please . . .
do . . .

go if you must . . .
find yourself . . .
maybe then
you‚Äôll ‘see’
the deeper
parts of me
I’ve tried to¬†be
within you . . .
and if you don’t . . .
then my bad
for not ‘seeing’
your undeserving
to profess
a love for me 
Please . . .
do show me so
if you truly do
. . .
and don’t
let me go . . .

but if you can’t . . .
I’ll try my
best not
to rant . . .
and just
as coldly
let you go . . .
to relent to
the pretense 
of something-ness
that was everything-ness
to me . . .
and now seemingly
nothing-ness to you



True Love‚Äôs nobility is grown from courage; an earned lesson felt of unwarranted scorn of profound indifference. ¬†Choose solitude, and let true Love love you, for what is not of true Love is utter poison¬†to being. ¬†‘Self’ Love is discovered¬†through an¬†endurance of¬†indifference. One cannot know true Love, unless one has love for ‚Äėself‚Äô first: A lesson necessary to recognize true Love‚Äôs face.



ANAGAPESIS:¬† No longer having ‘feelings’ for someone you claim to have once¬†loved. Truth be told, it is¬†a¬†state of¬†mind in¬†unawareness to the relevance¬†of deeper meaning of true Love. ¬†That¬†which, is a¬†learning to re-learn what happiness is;¬†a desire and joy in the giving to¬†another, rather than a constant selfish lust for¬†temporal gratification.



An ode to the irony of Love . . . to one is given second chance to grasp—to ‘see’ a meaning of true love. ¬†To another,a repeated lesson in what true love is not, through a gain of heartache’s pain.




Emiliana Torrini & Thievery Corporation, “Until the Morning”







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Love doesn’t hurt, expectations do. ¬†Love is a women: A¬†physical form of experience. ¬†She is the Garden of Eden, love, ‘holy’ and fully is her prime reason to be. ¬†A man¬†is only¬†worthy of Love¬†if he¬†recognizes his part to partake of it; a responsibility to appreciate Love,¬†protect Love, respect Love, hold Love¬†in highest esteem, so to be willing to battle fearlessly at all costs¬†for Love. ¬†Love¬†is¬†the greatest of all things, without which, there is¬†no existence. ¬†Dammed be she¬†who¬†dares betray her temple of Love. ¬†Dammed be he who dare enters the temple of Love with empty soul.




Love, can be of frustration to anyone who has no understanding. ¬†Love has expectations—requirements different for men and women; an understanding of part and place of how to¬†love one another through a balance of understanding.




We can analyze to¬†say what we¬†think¬†we know. ¬†He, wants to play with Love.¬† She window-shops¬†for a life-time partner in the equal sharing of Love—these,¬† are obvious first expectations¬†for most¬†relationships. Attraction, as we all know,¬†is¬†vital. ¬†How is¬†he attracted to she? A¬†wide-ranged subject at best, and for¬†she, this might not be¬†so¬†easily¬†expressed. ¬†There is the agreement of thought between he and she that no one can deny; an importance of biological interactions¬†of¬†chemistry¬†and¬†hormones. ¬† Then comes¬†the ‘mental attitudes’ of he and she.¬† Details of importance for he may be . . . well . . . the things which might spike his interest in¬†she. ¬†This could be even the¬†smallest of¬†details, to the mainframe details of ‘looks’. ¬†Seems that most of the time for he, is the whole of she—details that sort of ‘build-up’ expectations of an¬†‘image’ he¬†may have of imagination of a she he most desires. Imagination of expectations¬†takes over, and¬†he perhaps will want to become intimate with¬†she. ¬†Is this lust, or¬†is it Love? ¬†Hard to say at first encounter, for he.




She,¬†is very much flattered when he¬†shows interest in her, but if she¬†does not react to his¬†‘solicitations’; gestures . . . smiles . . . looks . . . compliments, etc.—then there will be no chance to be had by he, at ‘the score’. ¬†A¬†little hard-to-get display¬†on her part, is often a tactic she uses to attract him¬†just a bit more, even if only to pursue the depth of his desires for her.¬† Let‚Äôs says that she¬†is¬†attracted to he and begins to work her¬†array of seductions on him: A seduction that¬†must¬†work for she and he.¬† As she works her feminine ‘wiles’ on¬†him, at the same time as she¬†talks with¬†him, she ‘watches’ him to gauge his potential as a long-term mate, ¬†and even if she has no real intention to be with him¬†for a long period of ‚Äėtime‚Äô. ¬†She will question—is he genuine? ¬†Is he affectionate? ¬†Is he patient? ¬†Does he have a mature and prosperous¬†survival¬†ethic? ¬†He is child-like and not¬†child-ish in his masculinity? ¬†Is he selfish? ¬†Does¬†she feel safe when she is¬†with him? ¬†As things move along and escalate sexually, she may stop¬†thinking of her critiques of him, she‚Äôll stop talking, and at a certain point, it becomes clear to he and she, whether or not, if personal expectations of sexual excitement¬†is mutual and satisfactory.




Blooming relationships differ in dynamics one from another, but, it¬†is¬†the blossoming relationship that will move forward. The excitement of new love is very strong, and both lovers just can‚Äôt wait to get their hands on one another. He and she may seemed¬†rushed to this point as emotions and physical expectations take over. ¬†And then, what after? Lovers will tend to think about the ‘what’ of next expectation.¬†¬†Questions such as,¬†do we bother to try to be together for a while?¬†¬†Do we just get together on occasion to satisfy a¬†sexual need or comfort?¬†¬†Do we allow ourselves to just relent to and relish in the being drunk with sex and excitement of a new relationship?¬† And sure we may, and why not?! ¬†If¬†lovers come to a ¬†decision to stay together for a long period of ‚Äėtime‚Äô, then surely comes ‘the addiction’—somewhat of obsessive pull one toward the other; a quite natural dopamine effect of desire¬†to be in company¬†of one another. A missing comes of the now¬†significant other. ¬†And then it happens . . . the inevitability of first glimpse of frustration in the event that such¬†desire is not satisfied. ¬†So, frustration then¬†does¬†become part of the lovers package? ¬†If lovers¬†were not addicted to one another, stands to reason, they¬†would not experience frustration. ¬†Isn’t it a kind of addiction what keeps lovers¬†together? ¬†Basically, frustration¬†is¬†a big part of a relationship as much as¬†is¬†addiction. ¬†A pause in¬†thought should be,¬†that in every relationship, there¬†must¬†be a¬†balance between feelings of¬†frustration and addiction with regard to changing expectations, if, he and she desires to further the relationship. ¬†So how do couples¬†‘handle’ addiction, frustration, and expectation, whether it be within a strong and emotional¬†attraction, a long-term relationship attraction,¬†or a passionately sexual romp now and then attraction? ¬†Because either or all, feelings¬†will¬†change, as so we are predisposed. ¬†The frustration, as well as the addiction, will¬†either decline, or will advance¬†to another ‘level’. ¬†In¬†most cases, and so it is we¬†hope as we become older, to a more ‘calmer’ level; a mutual acceptance of change and¬†growth that will be inevitable within one and the other.




Some couples thoughts eventually will come to the¬†wisdoms of understanding that their closeness¬†is¬†evolving—a becoming of a more ‘centered’ affection; a balance of frustrations and expectations. A desire¬†to be with one¬†another now exists within¬†trust, confidence, respect, and a¬†mutual bond¬†that took place between he and she¬†over a period of part of a¬†life-time: A ‘special’ feeling that only the two can know intimately. ¬†The first addiction will tend to¬†fade:¬†A lessoning of sexual attraction survived by the new addiction for need of love and affection; a change in physical dynamic¬† to a more deeply¬†sentimental addiction, one of¬†personality and¬†spirit—the ‘person’ your partner has become through¬†‚Äėtime‚Äô. ¬†A¬†frustration may or may not arise of this change, but if so, can¬†be tempered [mellowed] to an acceptance of new exceptions being applied to the¬†new situation; a period of yet another ‘stage’ of existence, closeness, and mutual affection—one¬†that may come to even touch¬†the¬†sensitivities of one another‚Äôs soul. After the drama of opening—the physical intimacy, the relationship is now challenged to be willing to embrace an openness of¬†wisdoms moving in direction toward an affective intimacy. Affective intimacy is a much more difficult challenge¬†for he and she¬†to aspire to, because what is ultimately challenged is the ability to ‚Äėperform‚Äô within a greater love that can only be created of a willingness of selflessness—a¬†desire for the survival of the love he and she have created, because it¬†is only Love’s desire that can and will bring¬†he and she¬†to this ‚Äėhigher‚Äô plain¬†of thought.




In all relationships, there¬†will¬†be¬†compromise. The main compromise¬†being just how much compromise is he and she¬†willing to make? And how many frustrations can he and she¬†withstand out of this mutual compromise? For some, it may be that one¬†may¬†seem to be unable to thrive¬†without frustration and drama, or outright non-compliance toward compromise within the relationship, and thus will tend to create problems and unwarranted frustrations;¬†a way to continued displays of nonsensical drama. ¬†Would we think that the more calmer and most willing¬†one of the two will¬†be happy with the compulsively¬†frustrated significant other? ¬†Absolutely no!¬†¬†If only one carries, or believes themselves to carry all of the frustrations expressed of the other, then they will always be¬†a prisoner to unbalanced¬†frustration, and so will suffer the¬†accumulated¬† frustrations which does slowly destroy the intimacy that was¬†so lovingly created between he and she. ¬†Yes, we do get frustrated in our¬†relationships, and mostly according to desires of personal expectations, and therefore, will¬†hold the pains of heart,¬†mind, and spirit . . . alone . . . because the other has now become silent with regard to a caring of heart—numbed to the relationship simply to avoid any sort of confrontation. ¬†A suffered partner of cold-heartedness¬†will¬†feel a¬†wrath of indifference, and albeit-it, even within a constant forgiveness. Unfortunately, the more¬†silence reigns over¬†communication between he and she,¬†the more frustrations accumulate. ¬†The relationship¬†becomes like a¬†cancer,¬†because one refuses to acknowledge the pain given to the other, and thus refuses to acknowledge the possibility of deeper¬†love; an emotional abuse where the one who is emotionally abused¬†becomes lonely in the darkness of loneliness where missed is the other.¬†¬†Relationships do so often overlook this most importance aspect of understanding. ¬†The one who is frustrated for lack of understanding, is simply just not willing to come to terms with their own frustrations, and thus makes no¬†effort¬†necessary to fight¬†for the deeper love of experience. ¬†They will callously, out of selfishness, relent to the loss of someone whose long-standing love¬†cannot, and¬†will not¬†ever¬†be replaced. Frustrations, expectations, addictions, and compromise are all linked in a strange way¬†to an exceptional, true and real¬†love, and is worth a¬†battle of partaking in, in order to¬†keep what was ‚Äėbuilt up‚Äô between he and she.




Is it¬†logic that dictates, “no pain,¬†no gain”? ¬†Indeed yes! ¬†A meaningful¬†relationship cannot¬†be without the frustrations necessary for growth and change.¬† Would he or she be in love at all in the first place if it¬†were not first for want of experience of¬†feelings for¬†‘something’ missing in their lives? Frustration is what makes love¬†move to a seeking for change; an anxiety rising out of a¬†spirit’s desire¬†for the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô of change. ¬†It is¬†frustration which creates the¬†need and want to be with someone to give love and receive love. ¬†Missing someone is a frustration, and¬†is¬†in fact, the first frustration one feels.¬†¬†It’s not a question of¬†complicated relationships really, nor is it about all the terrible frustrations and sentiments of sadness caused of an¬†unfair world. ¬†Simply put, if couples¬†are not experiencing frustration in a given relationship, then they¬†are not in love at all. ¬†Feeling the frustration gives he and she the ability to recognize and acknowledge the connection¬†and attraction. There is no way one¬†can become addicted to another¬†without feelings¬†of love on some level; a subjection expected of human¬†emotions. ¬†If all that is¬†desired of another¬†is an easy boring (boredom . . . yet another kind of frustration) life-style, then it becomes an abuse of love if one does¬†knowingly allow another¬†to¬†‘fall in love’ without merit of reciprocation! ¬†Do spare one who is¬†not afraid to¬†give love wholly, for it is¬†love that will be expected wholly in return. No one is deserving of empty exchange of emotional misery! ¬†Be not ungrateful¬†when true love is given! ¬†Understand, that love¬†is¬†truly only for the worthy who are willing to give it!




Does he and she desire¬†Love? Does he and¬†she want for a meaningful relationship? If this be so, then both¬†must¬† be expected to accept and embrace the accompanying frustrations, addictions, and expectations required of love, because these are the conundrums of determinate, be it calm, and/or chaos of¬†change and¬†growth and learning and accepting of differences. ¬†And so we ask, what are my motives for¬†the giving and not just the taking that will make or break love?¬† It is the things learned¬†of¬†appreciation! ¬†The ‘something’ wonderful to have in patience of moment to moment experience! ¬†In this thought, he and she learn to lower their expectations as time moves them.¬† Be not selfish while wandering and wondering together through the ‘stages’ of life. ¬†Passionate physical relationships will either grow into¬†new beginnings as passionate¬†‘mature’ affectionate friendships, or, if there be¬†a lack of wisdom of understanding on part of one or the other, or both, will most assuredly come face-to-ugly-face confrontation with overwhelming heartache. And what a shame it is that many relationships do¬†end in the latter, and simply because of a stubborn selfishness of heart.




Feelings evolve unending. And even if we try and force a relief from within by attempting a self-numbing against the darkness of heartache.¬† This can only led to a stifling of a light of elation to the very joys of living. ¬†The hardest thing to do in relationships then, is to learn to simply give up expectations. ¬†Accept a place of heart to just be, because nothing can remain the same. ¬†He and she can only move past the negative ‚Äėkarma‚Äô placed on¬†the¬†relationship by the energies they allow into it. Discern¬†all¬†things through the love for one another—heart, mind, and spirit.¬† Only¬†good and positive things come of a will’s¬†effort. The¬†reward will be¬†the joys of¬†companionship where¬†frustrations are balanced through¬†healthy loving intimate communication. ¬†Without this anchor attached¬†to¬†love’s security,¬†frustrations will become¬†numerous and toxic: A sad misery for¬†one who is made to suffer the pains of the other unfairly: A time for one or the other to¬†move on¬†and¬†away from¬†the¬†damage caused of selfishness that will surely devastate self-worth.




And so it is so . . . if he and she are both desirous of true love, than stands to reason that both¬†must¬†be willing to compromise¬†toward the earning. ¬†Love¬†is¬†happiness—found through the frustrations associated with changes balanced in patience of mutual understanding of Love’s expectation. ¬† The Universe is patient—embracing beauty through the darks and the lights of order¬†of calm and¬†chaos: A constant moment to moment experience of desire toward¬†perfection. ¬†Why would he or she¬†think themselves¬†any different? ¬†The Universe¬†is¬†Love, and Love is peace realized at the center of mind, heart, and spirit. ¬†True Love does not allow unworthy things to enter—dark things that blind us from the light of one another.¬†¬©




Love seeks only to be satisfied of fullness of experience.  The price for Love is gratitude in the living and giving, before the partaking of ecstasy of sudden sweatiness and drowsiness in flash of purpose: A wish for the sleeping and the dreaming in grasses of contentment. Love should be lived to the point of tears of joys and sorrows, because lessons are to be had of both.



A woman is a¬†mystery meant for glory, and should be gifted ¬†only to a¬†man who¬†knows in his heart that she is here because the world needs Love to survive: A deeper love meant only for a man who is aware¬†that Love is her true ‘soul’s-mate—a place of understanding hidden in folds of purity seeking a protectorate who ‘sees’ her virtue; a first encounter of¬†Love [‘God’]¬†: A Love beyond a world made blind by cold hearts. ¬†



“Seven Steps to Finding True Love”: A helpful opinion:











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The reality of success in life¬†isn’t¬†an accumulation of un-necessary things¬†purchased of¬†money. ¬†It is absolutely the amount of joy-based gratitude¬†that you allow yourself to feel.

MEOSOPHY: ¬†A personal language of whisperings hear from within: A soul’s expression of wishes¬†without expectations of understanding from others.


Whether aware or not, life travels a spiritual ‘path’. ¬†Along this path, and like it or not, humans tend to become data collectors; a living journal. ¬† And those who fervently seek information, will join just about every spiritual group stumbled¬†upon, and in so¬†doing, becomes a kind of librarian of accumulated¬†wisdoms. Quite often however, and for a time, missed is the fundamental ‘purpose’ of the life path—that which is, a¬†personal ‘enlightenment’ once lost: A somewhat mystical journey¬†in search for truths¬†designed¬†in the¬†sacred places of the heart. But what does this acquiring of information make us exactly?¬†Does it mean we now know everything? This surely would be¬†an egotistical mindset¬†without purpose at best. ¬† Memorizing information only makes one a¬†memorizer great at regurgitation without understanding. ¬†If we truly desire to become knowledgeable, this knowledge must be coupled with a virtue of infinite gratefulness—an¬†‘experience’ of which one professes to know. It is in the practicing what one has re-learned what was once forgotten that one¬†can proclaim an¬†achievement of measure toward some plateau of spirituality;¬†a silent intimacy¬†felt from what is a connection to all things: An innermost ‘God’ that will indeed, make one prove a claim¬†only to one’s ‘self’.



All are capable of¬†memorizing, but just how many live what is professed. And¬†who will face challenges necessary to defeat the outer ‘demons’ made to reside within, to earn¬†the return of an always deserved¬†position of heart? And, how does having a new found knowledge empower one¬†to make the world a better place? If this cannot be achieved through ‘God’-given grace, which is, courage, then what good is it? ¬†A¬†beginning ultimately is with the acceptance of one’s¬†true ‘self’—to just be the who of you¬†made hidden. ¬†To find the ‘self’, one must ask the question, everyday,¬†“What am I going to do today to make tomorrow a better place to be?”:¬†A passion to¬†match knowledge acquired and used; an ocean of acts of kindness towards all others who too, live to serve and share in Universal energies. ¬†If our actions of true intention are performed on a daily basis—that which we say and do, then becomes the who of who we truly are: A¬†who of ourselves¬†born meant to be.



Practice kindness, and even toward complacent ones of¬†unkind heart. ¬†In so doing, one¬†begins to ‘see’, to realize a purposeful¬†joy meant to be shared. Surely,¬†intimate relationships are based from within: A ‘God’ of giving, and not of taking. ¬†Be grateful at how great is Love:An intimacy with the Universe;¬†a value necessary for intention and¬†growth as ‘God’s’ intended greatest perfection. This, is full recovery toward achievement.



No ‘branding’ necessary, as true-Love¬†is ‘self’-Love. ¬†Home is not found¬†hiding behind masks. Intimacy requires a certain level of vulnerability. ¬†It requires a certain level of exposing your fragmented and contradictory ‘self’ to others. Love requires a risk: An exposure of ‘core’ being to rejection, hurt, and misunderstanding to ones who stand along-side us, and who Love us, completely, and even with our flaws¬†and¬†scars of imperfection. ¬†Intimacy therefore, requires transparency, truthfulness, faithfulness, forgiveness, respect, and a constant striving to reach the higher realms¬†of¬†Love. ¬†For with¬†all of these, nothing can¬†penetrate¬†to do harm. The ultimate “death sentence” given to all ignorance. ¬©




The most disappointing and painful thing that a human heart will¬†experience, is to fall completely in love with another human heart that can‚Äôt or won’t return love, and simply because his/her heart hasn‚Äôt ¬†yet learned the ways of Love’s meanings.



‚ÄúA star falls from the sky and into your hands. Then it seeps through your veins and swims inside your blood and becomes every part of you. And then you have to put it back into the sky. And it‚Äôs the most painful thing you‚Äôll ever have to do and that you‚Äôve ever done. But what‚Äôs yours is yours. Whether it‚Äôs up in the sky or here in your hands. And one day, it‚Äôll fall from the sky and hit you in the head real hard and that time, you won‚Äôt have to put it back in the sky again.‚ÄĚ ~ ODESZA/Published on Oct 10, 2016

“An¬†extraordinary thing is¬†Love . . .¬†the depth, the delight, the ecstasy, the world transformed.”
—Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Excellence of Love . . . 

Corinthians 13:1-13

1  If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have Love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.  2  If I have the gift of prophecy, and know the mysteries of knowledge, and if I have all faith so as to move mountains, but do not have Love, I am nothing. 3  And if I give all my possessions to the needy, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have Love, then it profits me nothing.  4  Love is patient, Love is kind and is not jealous; Love does not brag and is not arrogant.  5  does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, and is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered,

6  does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth.  7  A bearing of all things, believes all things, hopes in all things, and endures all things.  8  Love never fails, but if there be gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there be tongues, they will cease; if there be knowledge, it will be done away.  9  For we know in part and we prophesy in part.  10  But when the perfect awareness comes, the partial ignorance will be done away.

11  When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child.  When I became a man, I did away with childish things.  12  For now I see in a mirror dimly face to face.  What I know I know only in part, until I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.  13  Faith, hope, and Love abide these three in me, but know is that the greatest of these is Love.

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A ‘Spirit’¬†understands desire¬†for the what of ‘something’—the¬†epitome¬†of¬†heart’s language speaking a life-times journey of¬†will’s forgotten wake: A wonton¬†of¬†meet of ‘the one’ of so named, “soul-mate”. ¬†Do we somehow miss a¬†soul-mate’s whispers due in cause to¬†worldly distraction? ¬†Do¬†we most times fail to¬†recognize¬†the ‘something’ we seek is the ‘muse’ within;¬†a silence made clouded of noise between anger and sorrow?

Grateful are we for kisses given to¬†Love’s trampled hearts as a pain of thorns pierces the garden of Eden. ¬†Tainted of strain is the¬†sensitive ‘spirit’ what for moment¬†and again remained in perpetuity’s punishments of imprisoned mind:¬†A¬†grief of¬†loneliness masked as consequence tending toward favor of contrived¬†fatalistic fallacy—nothing more than disillusions professing a lie of false protectorate—distractions of invocation¬†given just enough to dare to seem to fairly care, and this . . .¬†to hide the¬†reality of a heart’s hidden smother.

(Prague Cameraman
Cinematographer Michal Krejci –

Mortal is born of benevolent soft-handedness¬†of¬†sweet human gullibility—intentions of joy’s prayer of¬†color while all the while are too, the dark-dull ‘forces’ of¬†shadow offering¬†pains-in-waiting to cause unreasonable scorn profoundly riddled of strife of¬†unjustness: A silent ‘beast’ of intent toward¬†divide and misunderstanding. ¬†A pain made of¬†awareness¬†of¬†thorns ripening and piercing¬†the soul to cause one rendered¬†speechless¬†from a choking of¬†forever tears of unreason, undeserving, unforgiving untruths; an embittered battle for peace of¬†reality no one does ‘see’ meant to be. ¬†Rather be is an endurance spent of¬†‘self’-punishment of unknowing choice not made clear of time’s moment’s of born enlightenmen taken of un-foretelling:¬†A profound confusion . . . a¬†usurped purpose in trade for¬†utterance of seeming perpetual questions of why(?).

A¬†weapon of shadows constantly seeks to extinguish a¬†light.¬† Left are trophies—scars of un-bearing upon a sickened heart: An ‘evil’ of man’s doing that did seek to¬†suck the very life from the soul of a life¬†’til an assumed humbled position¬†of¬†driven vision of ‘something’ tangent and begotten before the time of fear-inspired¬†forgetfulness. ¬†Fire versus¬†fire can¬†no¬†longer perpetually burn of attire of embattled personal insurrection. ¬†Silence . . . is the¬†quiet nectar of ‘voice’ of solidarity; a¬†message¬†appearing through the looking glass¬†as it¬†cuts through a¬†meaningless¬†desperate breathe of ¬†begotten rotten air.

Forgiveness . . . key of original virtue and rescue; a path¬†to cleansing truths of soul to¬† end cumbersome pains¬†of¬†innocences’ raping. ¬†Forgiveness . . . ‘power’ to return once more down a crumbled purposeful path¬†of¬†progression of once hidden heart’s awe of all things¬†of¬†Love’s infinite¬†mercy; an¬†unbinding of imprisoned¬†mind of indoctrinate indifference. ¬†A gift of heart cannot remain bound in state of remorse; an inhumane¬†position of endeavor. ¬†Time spent in the past is the same as unawareness of un-rectified forgiveness; a¬†‘self’ stagnation.¬†¬†Freed must be the¬†purpose-bound¬†‘spirit’. Lament¬†out! ¬†So to heal . . . so to¬†set free a¬†child-like Love secured neatly¬†furled in a¬†corner within.

Choose to regret nothing . . .¬†choose to appreciate¬†everything, or be bound to¬†dark shadows of a mind’s illusions forever.

E=M.C2=YOU! ¬†There is no other who will save you! ¬†YOU . . . are the ‘the one’ who answers from within! ¬†YOU . . . carry Love¬†within; a¬†soul-mate of¬†your¬†passions!

Believe in yourself! ¬†Through silence comes¬†the ‘voice’ saying, ‘Choice¬†is¬†shear will¬†of human thought; a will of chance at change for¬†unjust things to just be! ¬†Pay no mind to the f.alse e.vidence a.ppearing r.eal! ¬†There are NO limits to what the imagination can accomplish, including escape!’ ¬†YOU . . . are an individual Universe unto your’self’:¬†An energy¬†of must to¬†‘self’ transform.¬†¬†To know thy’self’, is “To thine own ‘self’ be true”.¬†¬©


From Earth to the Heavens, an eternal philosophy of natural laws reigns 24/7 to those who dare to knock in question of every shape and every form where wisdom is born of quiet storm of first dawn of silent sovereignty; a birth given to enlightenment for all eternity.

‚ÄúPOEM OF THE ATOMS‚ÄĚ‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚ÄäRUMI‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚ÄäArmand Armand (with subs):¬†¬†~~~*beautiful!:

. . . only the ‘Spirit’ understands the silent stillness.

Moody Blues – “The Voice”:

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