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Have faith in the feelings of the heart. Tears are prayers too. Tears travel through the breath of life when we can’t speak.

These moments … of feeling helpless and alone, when there is no one to hold you, no one to tell you, ‘It’ll be OK’, when someone you love is no longer in you life, and the memories of being together haunt you, day and night; the love you keep becomes the Music in the end . . . becomes your salvation . . . your redemption. Music, will hold you deep within your core, unconditionally. Music, will whisper, hold on, just another day. Music, will always bring you back to life. Because everything moves, everything dances, everything … is Music … everything of every ‘something’, every somebody, is the Universe. Everything … is part of the soul of ‘the one’. Love yourself … you are everything! You … are the true love you seek . . . you
. . . are the soulmate of life. ©


Pink Floyd – “Coming Back to Life”

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The greatest challenge to, thusly a goal of accomplishment of rational mind, is to just be of the self-revealed will. One is truly and justly the humble sum of worth toward the creation of all worth—the somebody of the ‘something’ of greater whole—born to be the ‘something’ of connection to everything. Born to ‘see’ that without all parts of all one, the continued mutual ‘feelings’ of nothingness suggested to an un-belonging of non-conforming cannot and will not change to the awe of all encompassing will of the ‘something’ meant to be of eternity’s harmony. All parts are ones marked of fingerprints’ design—all life are ‘change-links’ of force to influence will and thought
—the necessary “chips” in the “matrix” so to say: programs of choice energy; be it positive or negative polarity. It is the human ones of all one who are responsible in these ‘games’ of intentions’ gain and blame toward life’s barings: An instinctual knowing that superficial and temporary negative forces have no value, no power, unless ones of one part give it ‘power’ [energy]. This is a great understanding between the instinctive heart and the rational, sometimes irrational mind—the very energies of stabbings and pleasures felt of heart have been forced numbed into mass masked ignorance. “To thine own self be true” is the discerning truth, because human intuition will never lie! UN-learned must be the lies and ties of demented mind to enable a re-learning to listening to the ways of the marked heart that cannot be masked as it endeavors to reveal the ‘something’ that is real!




Nothing . . .

nothing is

the emptiness


of human fodder

of sorted status


to non-viseral



roaming nonsensically

A one way

trained mind

of ego

to tempered


wants desirous

to roam


And so it is sown . . .

all remains

the same

in this

fenced-in ‘game’

of rotted same

of sheep

of shame

seldom self-attended

never meant

for intended . . .

now left

to baring

an uncaring swearing

still daring

to gaze

an Aether

of heathen’s heather

in bad weather ©



FODDER (verb): to give feed to domesticated cattle or other livestock.

In human terms: An economic “branded” permission given to endless mindless consumerism: An indulging apathetic fodder of mind’s suggestion that there are no moral codes written upon the human virtue. [ūüźĎ]



To be human, IS to be of positive empathetic polarity against combattant negativity of apathy. Humanity IS the light in dark spaces.


HUMAN: Mortal form of spiritual essence ‘programmed’ by others of like condition to choose ‘vs’ while discerning personal life choices made between heart [emotions] and irrational mind [ego]. Well … time to change the man-made “rules” [tune] … to your own! Because emotions = intuition = humanity = ‘soul-intensity’ = virtue = you = life and love eternal = happiness = joy = passionate rational mortal moral thought = heaven = continuance.

“Holy books” and other books intended toward human psychological interference, are mere lies and ties contrived of mortal minds: rejections and interjections of deceit conjured through ‘secreted’ ancient theologies: histories of human behaviors altered inconclusively and non-conclusively: content suited to ego-sided human will: A psycho-illogical satisfaction of man’s uncontrolled insatiable need for power and control. This truth must be told!

Faith: An in-born right to the ‘something’ felt of personal intuition and imagination in concerns of self-experience w/i the physical world: A right to an at-will way of life: An aspect of DNA built of deeply spiritual countenance inspiring continuance of kind in kind: A necessary coding enabling the deciphering of truths and meaning for human responsibility within reasoned ability toward individual creations of worth to achievements of wealth of wisdoms for the whole.

Really . . .there is no rocket science needed for experience. Life is made simple and simply made! Stay devoted and loyal to whatever you heart desires, forsaking all negative force against the love that awaits a reaping!

Stay humble … gaze and graze [rise] quietly … ūüé≠¬†… the mind and the heart become one in beauty personified through synchronicity ‘s dance to exquisite music played within Love’s harmonies. You … are the dancer chosen to dance to Heaven’s passionate heart. And in so doing, tamed will be the will of the indentured hellish mind! It is we who are the “Higher Love” we seek in our desires unfulfilled by another, and is meant for the sharing with all others.

‘Think’ about it. Let Love in, completely, for the win!




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She breathes the air
of hope’s despair
whilst despair
bleeds hope’s seeds
What must be . . .
must be . . .
for there’d be
no rain . . .
no tears
of strain . . .
no season’s gain . . .
if there is no pain
Awe of her . . .
is as it should be ¬©ÔłŹ

– epc

She is the lock and key to all ‘we’.

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Music is . . .

a constant . . .

the magic

of everything

Music is accidental

Music is searched

Music is revealed

Touched toned

are voices

between melody

calling . . .

calling . . .

a life bargained

for chance

after chance 

to dance

with eternity ©




You were born the wanderer’s soul. ¬†This is how you began to be whole. ¬†The stars keep dancing, and the world keeps turning. ¬†Why would you think yourself to be any different?




“Tragedy is imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; i.e., through pity [eleos] and fear [phobos] effecting the proper purgation [catharsis] of such emotions.” ¬†









There’s a message in the music, and . . .

The Universe is the master DJ …


Awesome melodies for the musiclectual: ūüéľ










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A Thread-bearer speaks

beyond the ordinary

Sown is an impart © -epc



Love is quantum entanglement





MUSE: A ‘holy’ spirit: ¬†A sanctioned observer of all things of unvarnished linked whispers bearing existence as old as the Universe. ¬†A ‘reflection’ of sort; a phantom of silhouette of glimpse and shadows of outlined patterns of ¬†reproductive Phi well detailed; a beckoning of awe toward all part of the original.




Spirutal intelligence conquers AWE.¬†ŠÉ¶


Conscious confusion ensues when forced is interjection of egotistical fears of imposed deterent of will of infinity negated¬†out of the ‘self’: An indivisible quantum inner facing. ¬†The divisible ego must be constricted and restricted, so can part an impart of re-‘vision’ come through conversation of frequency of ‘voice’ void of pretense.¬†


“We are all connected.
To each other biologically.
To the earth chemically.
To the Universe atomically.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Neil deGrasse Tyson










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Arc of dark-nesses . . .

surrender to rod and staff

Mortal hope ordained ©









She was a child and a wretch—fighting in the¬†spaces between. Embraced were her scars taken without fear while molded was the darkness to the light where¬†her dreams¬†appeared out of¬†pain and aloneness. ¬†¬†




“Today you are you, and that is truer than true! ¬†There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”
—Dr. Seuss









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“War” -Wilhelm KotarbiŇĄski – (30 November 1849 –¬†04 September 1921)



Fathomed Halo Horned   

Gifted Beautifulness Borne

Choices of Change Torn ©




Hungry are the hearts of¬†dynamics’ charge. ¬†If killed off is the ‘demon’ of detriment, then so too will die the¬†‘Angel’ of¬†will and chance.



“The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—of cabbages—and kings—and why the sea is boiling hot—and whether pigs have wings.”¬†~Lewis Carroll, ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ (Alice in Wonderland)













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Love’s only expectation, is the expectation to change.

love trees dancing

Love doesn’t hurt, personal expectations do. Love is a woman: A¬†physical form of experience in pure love. She, is the “Garden of Eden”, for love is her prime reason to be. A man¬†is worthy of her love¬†if he¬†recognizes his responsibility: A responsibility to appreciate love,¬†protect Love, respect love, hold Love¬†in highest esteem, so to be willing to battle fearlessly at all costs¬†for love. Love¬†is¬†the greatest of all things, without which there is¬†no existence. Dammed be she¬†who¬†dares betray the temple of love. Dammed be he who dare enters the temple of love with an empty soul of conditionality.

Love can be frustrating to anyone who has no understanding that love has expectations that differ in requirement for men and women. There first must be an understanding that the “how to”¬†love one another can only be understood in the learning to balance understanding; that being knowing one another as the human being.

This requires the ultimate cares of self-love, respect, compassion, empathy, trust, honesty, and promise of unconditionality.

We can analyze to¬†say what we think we know. He wants to play with love while she likes to “window-shop”¬†for the life-time partner in the equal sharing of love. These are most times obvious first expectations. Attraction, as we all know, is vital. How is¬†he attracted to she? A¬†wide-ranged subject at best, and for¬†she, this might not be¬†so¬†easily¬†expressed. There is the agreement of thought between he and she that no one can deny however, that being the importance of biological interaction of chemistry and¬†hormonal responsiveness. ¬† Then comes¬†mental attitudes.¬† Details of importance for he may be the things which might spike his interest in¬†she. This could be even the¬†smallest of¬†details, to the mainframe details of appearance. Seems most of the time for he is the whole of she—the details of expectation of his own conjured image of imagination. He perhaps will want to become intimate with¬†she. Is this lust, or¬†is it love? Hard to know at first encounter.

She is flattered when he¬†shows interest in her, but if she¬†does not react to his¬†solicitations, gestures, smiles, looks, compliments, etc.—then there will be no chance to be had by he at “score”. A¬†little hard-to-get display¬†on her part is often the tactic she uses to attract him¬†just a bit more, and even if only to pursue the depth of his desires for her.¬†Let‚Äôs says that she is attracted to he and begins to work her¬†array of seductions on him: A seduction that must work for she and he.¬†As she works her feminine ways on¬†him, and at the same time she¬†talks with¬†him, she watches him to gauge his potential as a long-term mate, and even if she has no real intention to be with him¬†for a long period of time, she will question—is he genuine? Is he affectionate? Is he patient? Is he kind?¬†Does he have a mature and prosperous¬†survival¬†ethic? Is he child-like or child-ish in his masculinity? Is he selfish? Does¬†she feel safe when she is¬†with him? As things move along and escalate sexually, she may stop¬†thinking of her critiques of him, she‚Äôll stop talking, and at a certain point, it becomes clear to he and she as to whether or not personal expectations of sexual excitement¬†is mutually satisfactory.

Blooming relationships differ in dynamics one from another, and it¬†is the blossoming relationship that will move forward. The excitement of new love is very strong, and both lovers just can‚Äôt wait to get their hands on one another. He and she may seemed¬†rushed to this point as emotions and physical expectations take over. And then, what of after? Lovers will tend to think about the what of next expectation. Questions such as, do we bother to try to be together for a while? Do we just get together on occasion to satisfy a¬†physical need or comfort? Do we allow ourselves to just relent to and relish in the drunkenness of sex and excitement of a new relationship? And sure we may, or may not? If¬†lovers come to a decision to stay together for a long period of time, then will comes the addiction—the somewhat obsessive pull one toward the other. A natural dopamine effect of desire¬†to be in company¬†of one another. A missing now comes of the significant other. And then it happens—the inevitability of first glimpse of frustration in the event that such¬†desire caused of missing is not satisfied.¬†So, frustration then¬†does¬†becomes part of the lovers “package”. If lovers¬†were not addicted to one another, stands to reason they¬†would not experience frustration.¬†Isn’t it a kind of addiction what keeps lovers¬†together?¬†Basically, frustration¬†is¬†a big part of a relationship as much as¬†is¬†the addiction. A pause in¬†thought should be that in every relationship there¬†must¬†should be healthy¬†balance between feelings, frustration, and addiction with regard to changing expectations, if, he and she desires to further the relationship. So how do couples¬†handle addiction, frustration, and expectation—whether it be within a strong and emotional¬†attraction, a long-term relationship attraction,¬†or a passionately physical romp now and then attraction? Because either or all, feelings will change, as we are so predisposed. The frustration, as well as the addiction will¬†either decline or will advance¬†to another “level”. In¬†most cases, and so it is we¬†hope as we become older, to a calmer mutual acceptance to change and¬†growth that will become evident and is inevitable for both personalities.

Some couples thoughts eventually will come to the¬†wisdoms of understanding that their closeness is closeness is evolving. A becoming of a more centered affection of balance between frustration and expectation. A desire¬†to just be with one¬†another now exists within¬†the foundations of trust, confidence, respect, and mutual bond¬†that took place between he and she¬†over the periods of of a¬†life-time: A special feeling that only the two share intimately. The first addiction will tend to¬†fade:¬†A lessoning of sexual attraction survived by the new addiction for need of love and affection. A change of physical dynamic¬† to a more sentimental addiction; one of¬†personality and¬†spirit—the persons the partners have become through¬†time. A¬†frustration may or may not arise of this change, and if so does, can¬†be tempered [mellowed] to an acceptance toward new exceptions being applied to the¬†new situation: A period of yet another “stage” of existence, closeness, and mutual affection—one¬†that may come to even touch the¬†sensitivities of one another‚Äôs soul. After the drama of opening of physical intimacy, the relationship is now challenged to be willing to embrace an openness of¬†wisdoms moving in direction toward affective intimacy. Affective intimacy is a much more difficult challenge¬†for he and she¬†to aspire to, because what is ultimately challenged is the ability to “perform” within a greater love, a higher love that can only be created of willingness to selflessness, which is the desire for the survival of the love he and she has created, because it¬†is unconditional love that desires the will to bring¬†he and she¬†to this enlightenment of thought.

In all relationships, there must be¬†equal compromise—the main compromise¬†being just how much compromise is he and she¬†willing to give a relationship? And how many frustrations can he and she¬†withstand out of this mutual compromise? For some, it may be that one¬†may¬†seem to be unable to thrive¬†without frustration and drama, or outright non-compliance toward compromise within the relationship, and thus will tend to create problems and unwarranted frustrations;¬†a way to continued displays of nonsensical drama. ¬†Would we think that the more calmer and most willing¬†one of the two will¬†be happy with the compulsively¬†frustrated significant other? ¬†Absolutely no!¬†¬†If only one carries, or believes themselves to carry all of the frustrations expressed of the other, then they will always be¬†a prisoner to unbalanced¬†frustration, and so will suffer the¬†accumulated¬† frustrations which does slowly destroy the intimacy that was¬†so lovingly created between he and she. ¬†Yes, we do get frustrated in our¬†relationships, and mostly according to desires of personal expectations, and therefore, will¬†hold the pains of heart,¬†mind, and spirit . . . alone . . . because the other has now become silent with regard to a caring of heart—numbed to the relationship simply to avoid any sort of confrontation. A suffered partner of cold-heartedness¬†will¬†feel a¬†wrath of indifference, and albeit-it, even within a constant forgiveness. Unfortunately, the more¬†silence reigns over¬†communication between he and she,¬†the more frustrations accumulate. ¬†The relationship¬†becomes like a¬†cancer,¬†because one refuses to acknowledge the pain given to the other, and thus refuses to acknowledge the possibility of deeper¬†love; an emotional abuse where the one who is emotionally abused¬†becomes lonely in the darkness of loneliness where missed is the other.¬†¬†Relationships do so often overlook this most importance aspect of understanding. The one who is frustrated for lack of understanding, is simply just not willing to come to terms with their own frustrations, and thus makes no effort no¬†effort to fight¬†for the deeper love of experience. They will callously, out of selfishness, relent to the loss of someone whose long-standing true love¬†cannot and will not be replaced. Frustrations, expectations, addictions, and compromise are all linked in a strange way¬†to an exceptional, true and real¬†love, and is worth the¬†battle to partake in order to¬†keep what was built between he and she.

It must be, that¬†logic dictates “no pain,¬†no gain”. A meaningful¬†relationship cannot¬†be without the frustrations necessary for growth and change.¬†Would he or she be in love at all in the first place if it¬†were not first for want of experience for¬†feelings of ‘something’ missing in their lives? The missing is love. Frustration is what makes love¬†move to a seeking of change: An anxiety rising out of the human¬†spirit of desire¬†for the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô to change. It is frustration which creates the¬†need and want to be with someone to give love and receive love. Missing someone is a frustration, and¬†is¬†in fact, the first frustration one feels. It’s not a question of complicated relationships really, nor is it about all the terrible frustrations and sentiments of sadness caused of an¬†unfair world.¬†Simply put, if couples¬†are not experiencing frustration in a given relationship, then they¬†are not in love at all. Feeling the frustration gives he and she the ability to recognize and acknowledge the connection¬†and attraction. There is no way one¬†can become addicted to another¬†without feelings¬†of love on some level: A subjection expected of human emotion. If all that is¬†desired of another¬†is an easy boring (boredom, yet another kind of frustration) life-style, then it becomes an abuse of love if one does¬†knowingly allow another¬†to¬†“fall in love” without merit of reciprocation! Do spare one who is¬†not afraid to¬†give love wholly, for it is¬†love that will be expected wholly in return. No one is deserving of empty exchange to emotional misery! Be not ungrateful¬†when true love is given! Understand, that love¬†is truly only for the worthy who are willing to give it!

Does he and she desire¬†love? Does he and¬†she want a meaningful relationship? If this be so, then both¬†must first be accepting to embrace the accompanying frustrations, addictions, and expectations required of love, because these are the conundrums of determinate; be it calm or chaos of¬†change and¬†growth and learning and accepting of differences. And so we ask, what are my motives for¬†the giving and not just the taking that will make or break love?¬† It is the things learned¬†of¬†appreciation! The ‘something’ wonderful to have in patience of moment to moment experience!¬†In this thought, he and she learn to lower their expectations as time moves them.¬† Be not selfish while wandering and wondering together through the “stages” of love and life. Passionate physical relationships will either grow into¬†new beginnings as passionate¬†mature affectionate friendships, or, if there be¬†a lack of wisdom of understanding on part of one or the other, or both, will most assuredly come face-to-ugly-face confrontation with overwhelming heartache. And what a shame it is that many relationships do¬†end in the latter simply because of stubborn selfishness of heart!

Human feelings evolve unending, and even if we try and force a relief from of pains within by attempt at self-numbing against the darkness of heartache. This can only led to stifling the light of elation to the very joys of living. The hardest thing to do in relationships then, is to learn to simply give up expectations. Accept a place of heart to just be, because nothing can remain the same. He and she can only move past the negative “karmas” placed on¬†the¬†relationship by the energies he and she allow into it. Discern¬†all¬†things through the love for one another—heart, mind, and spirit.¬†Only¬†good and positive things come of the will’s¬†effort. The¬†reward will be¬†the joys of¬†companionship where¬†frustrations are balanced through¬†healthy loving intimate communication. Without this anchor attached¬†to¬†love’s security,¬†frustrations will become¬†numerous and toxic: A sad misery for¬†one who is made to suffer the pains of the other unfairly. This results in time for one or the other to¬†move on¬†and¬†away from from¬†emotional damages caused of selfishness that devastates another’s self-worth.

And so it is so
. . . if he and she are both desirous of true love, than stands to reason that both¬†must¬†be willing to compromise¬†toward the earning. Love¬†is¬†happiness—found through the frustrations associated with changes balanced in patience of mutual understanding of love’s expectations. The Universe is patient as it creates— embracing beauty through darks and lights of order in calm and¬†chaos: A constant moment to moment experience of desire for perfection. Why would he or she¬†think themselves¬†any different? The Universe¬†is¬†love, and love is peace realized in the challenges to meet at the center of mind, heart, and spirit. True love does not allow unworthy things to enter
—dark things that blind us from the light of one another. ¬©



Love seeks only to be satisfied of fullness of experience. The price for love is gratitude in the living and giving, before the partaking of ecstasy of sudden sweatiness and drowsiness in flash of purpose: A wish for the sleeping and the dreaming in grasses of contentment. Love should be lived to the point of tears of joys and sorrows of lessons begotten of both.

Woman is a¬†mystery meant for glory. She is a gift to a¬†man who¬†knows in his heart that she is here because the world needs love to survive: A deeper love meant for a man who is aware¬†that love is her true soul-mate—a place of understanding hidden in folds of purity seeking a protectorate who ‘sees’ her virtue at first encounter: A love beyond the world made blind by cold hearts. Be surely humbled, to be worthy of her fire!


“Seven Steps to Finding True Love”: A helpful opinion:











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As faithful as the sea, always come back to me.’¬†–Eternity



Artist: Destiny Blue


A projection

of shadow

are we

onto ourselves


of life’s due affair

unfairly given

so easily to anxiety’s


of false

dark primitive lustre

And yet . . .

for every finger

pointed inward . . .

goes out

three more

to abhor



in ‘self-wrenching


of ‘self’-denial¬† . . .

’til is thusly

freely given

to humility

And perhaps

even so . . .

to circumstance

of pending just

of misconstrued ‘karma’

so transparent

as to become

the many

of life’s¬†passing


of first stubborn

unchangeable conjugation


Still . . .

no matter

how hard

is a pain

of smite

of self-indignation . . .

be ruthless anyway!

Be courageous anyway!

Call . . . it . . . out!

Fear not

shadow’s judgement

lurking about!

Meet it

face-to-face . . .

 or suffer

a vacuity

of purloined will

of place

of grace! ©


‚ÄúThe human¬†psyche is set up in accord with structures of the Universe. ¬†What happens in the macrocosm, likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.”¬†‚ÄĒCarl G. Jung

Pass no ‘blame’ upon youself, only Introspection, in¬†attempt to¬†still ‘self’-loathing: A ‘God’-given purpose of move! ¬†The world is changed with and without you! Everyone is given¬†chance¬†at¬†changing the world by just having the courage to be the change from within.

Getting your halo dirty¬†is a¬†must—if only to earn¬†grace;¬†an unmerited favor of Divine¬†manifest waiting where released are vulnerabilities [demons] of indoctrinate confrontation between the mind and the heart.¬† Stand naked together they must of will—the Atom and Eve of contradiction—put before the eye of the Soul—no matter nay sayers of other will’s intent. ‘See’, transform, wear the¬†scars earned of Earthly perdition as the singef wings given to be! ¬†

I swear I heard the ocean whisper, ‘I love you’. ūüíô

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The threads are tightly woven.


We are all the same, and yet unique in our sameness. There are no Jones’ to compete with.




History doesn’t repeat itself, it is mankind’s endeavors of interjection and interference that stagnates the progression of time. And so, continued are the lessons of repeated consequence, and so too, for as long as mankind pursues a battle against his own soul for ‘power’ over the source of ‘force’ he does not acknowledge, nor no longer understands as once did, in his arrogance and¬†disobedience to the will of natural conscience. Mankind continually seeks to control the ‘force’ of Nature, rather than to be humbled by place within it, and thusly lives non-consistent with offered and existing synchrony of miracles in plain sight! Mankind seemingly chooses to weave a web of ill-will of destruction, rather than embrace humility¬†of place within the will of the life-‘force’. Consequently, loss is great, as he will, without conscience, destroy precious life-forms to eventual and non-consensual extinction! Fortunate are the¬†humble in wisdom who come to recognize the Great Awe of themselves and ‘see’ the obvious¬†cyclic rhythms of Nature that¬†cannot be¬†stopped by mankind’s foolishness! A¬†greatness of woes comes to those whose minds choose residence behind masked states of¬†ignorance to moment’s call: A persistent pursuance of gravity the human heart is called to. A face-to-face encounter of ‘force’ connection of beseeching acceptance of almighty¬† reason and logic and discipline of eternal silent morality of highest stewardship: An instinctual desire of mortality. A fervent necessity to listen to the ‘voice’ of the soul of wanton curiosity. Pitied¬†are the foul of heart who deny their own greatness in name of selfish inner beast of abused ego made pompous: A turning away from the ‘God’ of human thought of will for eternity’s preservation! Be¬†it firstly understood, humanity is the assigned ‘force’ of intuition’s reach of commune. ¬†All others are imposers of¬†abuse and misuse drenched¬†in lies and ties of untrue progression and purpose. The mind is the open door to all intellectual experience of awe,¬†and not given meant for hypnotic proposals of inhumane fallactic pursuance! It is the heart that¬†reigns of¬†deciphers¬†reasoning made just¬†or unjust¬†while the body dwells in matter’s realm.


Mankind¬†must¬†consistently put to question his mental integrity. Why in name of the¬†‘God’ of ourselves would ones of ignorant demented mind be allowed to stifle all others with deceptive intentions to destroy what the individual imagination strives to co-create in Love’s favor of marvel and¬†discovery: A world without wordy dogma of secrets, and given wholeheartedly as¬†gift beneficial to the whole. To live and let live is first¬†law of duty, discipline, and order!


Wake up! ¬†Be aware of man’s words contrived in ‘evil’ intention of purposeful thoughts seeking control and¬†‘power’ over all¬†things through all form of¬†deception! ¬†Allow it no longer! ¬†Individual privacy of thoughts and emotions¬†of¬†desire for¬†survival are the ‘glue’ necessary for Love’s claim to being: A miracle come¬†of ‘powers’ greater than ourselves—light-giving energies shaping all things through all humanity and all life! Wisdom is gifted in moments of humility: An awareness of place of reality made clear in the now of all moment. Uniqueness is the must of¬†choice¬†set upon thrones of Universal logic! Awe, is what will be given to the changing¬† world made fit for sustainability within harmony. Life can no longer allow fear to reign of humanity’s mind: A ‘force’ of wicked and devastating intention of immoral will!


Beware then, that fear, be¬†the¬†mortal enemy! ¬†Joy, is life’s intention of¬†place within the “I AM”¬†of Divinity! Wisdom, is¬†the light of all truth . . . the only “common-core” conformity worthy of obedience! ¬©


Indeed, great pains of mourning continue to come to all who do not face the fears set deep in humanity’s unawareness to his own made hidden intuitive nature and connection to the laws of all order!¬† Face the darkness, the ugliness made of the human soul by our own hand!¬† So to change, so to be able to recognize our wrong-doings! So to heal the great wounds encumbered upon¬† us by ‘the beast’ within ourselves!




The worse thing a society is ‘taught’ to do, ¬†is to judge one another! And to judge we do, by societal standards of ‘success’ mandated by false ego. ¬†This . . . is clearly unrealistic, abominable, and unattractive! ¬†What of moral standards given to mortality¬† —sacred human will, dedication, kindness,¬†humility, empathy, compassion, virtue, grace, and simplicity of begotten place? ¬†Are we not simply human—born to intuition’s governing? ¬†It is for us to live and let live .¬†. . to observe and never to interfere!¬† This, is the first law of honored place, and these are the energies of comings and goings left to guidance of¬†Earth’s children that are felt powerful in these generations, and everything that is not of these is literally, physically,¬†mentally, and spiritually,¬†not of humanity, and are illnesses that need be brought to surface in re-birth to awareness to be healed, as¬†to be ridden of by the life-force for survival’s sake! Can’t you feel it . . . this ‘something’ that is real?! And what is to be done to¬†heal? To just be of thoughts as one in Love’s preservation . . .¬†it is necessary! The Universe constantly dances in beautiful grace of calm, so to change the moving tides and scale of chaos! Why would we think ourselves any different? As above, so too below!



Be humble. Be Love. Be brave. Be alive. Be you. Be human! ~~~*ūüíĖ



“Let no man put asunder”

. . . a destiny of worth made clear from all beginnings.



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