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FACT: All life on this Earth is from the same mother—all are loved equally by the same father. We are especially loved by these, our progenitors, as we are the beauty of diversity they had made.


Due honor and reverance is overdue to the first and true peace sign of unity of all first Ancestry.

It is time for the children of man to pay no mind to the “evils” given to false histories presented to us by the false self-professed “Nazi race” (there is no such thing as race, only diversity of changing cultures) and their subsequent “demons” born of pretensive ideals of “white-supremacy”—the self-professed true-blood Aryan people. According to must evidence, All Aryan bloodlines are of Middle-Eastern and Indonesian decent, and not all were caucasian come out of the cradle of “Eden” of humanity—areas according to Genesis 2:10,¬† located at the “head waters” of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers, to the glorious rivers that once were of our beloved ancestry of Mother Africa, the Pison and the Gihon, referred to by Archeologists as “fossil rivers”. The current self-named “rulers” of this planet—the falsely claimed of Jewish heritage who are not Jewish; ones who usurped all things of dignity, honor, and heritage from the true-blood Jewish people, and therefore, have intentionally usurped humanity’s heritage, cleaving it unto themselves in mania of lust, greed, and power, have systematically created a false world dis-order through division, corruption and chaos, which, subsequently, has distorted the true order of all Nature! ‘They’, the false ones, have stripped humanity and all life from rightfully humbled and honored responsibility of charge. We, the once called Stewards of magnificent waters of paradise! And now, what is humanity to do with this restored [re-birthed] knowledge and wisdom of proper places before it is too late, and life no longer has place at all?! ūüíě

Before you assume to know … before you judge … before you humble to your own ignorance … before you believe what you have been indoctrinated to believe … LISTEN!

Rise together within this now of solution revolution. Rise above¬†division … rise above hate … rise¬†above survival and live!

The ‘Holy’-ist of all knowledge—the very “Tree of Knowledge”, was purposefully called “forbidden” by wicked ruse.¬†Human intuition was made corrupt to meaningless fear by “evil”-minded mankind, and certainly not by any “g.o.d” or “g.o.d’s” of supposed goodly intent. This “tree” symbolizes the oneness of all life; A connective geneology: A knowledge given to all forms of life on this planet! Humanity was blindly made to stray from this connection, and was not “driven out”; forced away from precious wisdoms of¬† “the garden”. Eden, has for all eternity, been calling us back from within our very DNA! THIS surely is why the current rulers that shouldn’t be—the destroyers of blood knowledge, seek desperately and criminally to divide all manner of life: An intention to keep ill humanity’s seed.

It is time for the children of man to listen to the grand masters of ancient blood who truly have left us messages of love, sacrifice, glory, wisdom, and warnings of the ages, in stone!

EVERYTHING … IS … written in … stone … or gold … or clay, but made corrupt to the imbellishment of the human ego.
Stories of long ago were recorded in ideals based in mythologies—the same fasinating story told from perspectives of all diversity of human infancy and understanding. Nonetheless, these stories hold truths of historical fact; each culture placing their own belief “system” on high pedestal as being the one true greatest story of creation. We know now, that are all the same greatest story ever told as one true greatness deserving of equal respect. The same, yet unique characters of honor with different names. The Same story of us told again and again. I personally love them all!

*These blog posts are based in my own research findings through an accumulation of information gathered through eight years of research, study, and self-contemplation. Please do, I encourage it, question answers, question questions! It is our right and duty to experience, and to be curious of all things of our world! Truth, should be our “religion”, if such a word is given to profound meaning in our lives!

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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, know then, it is time to reform, pause, and reflect.
—Mark Twain


Of all the “conspiracy” malarkey proposed to our subconscious minds by ‘powers’ that shouldn’t be, the worst of all kind of crimes committed on the human psyche are the crimes of withholding truths of our human existence and History! We know now that there have been numerous magnificent human civilizations before us on this planet—all greater than ourselves … we the falsely indoctrinated arrogant ones of supposed intelligence! We of these moments, are not worthy! ¬©


Question: What profound message of love will we leave to our progeny?

Answer: The TRUTH

Let us accept that there is no “missing link” yet to be discovered, as there is no missing link. All life is ‘born’ of the same beginning, and different forms of life did mutate to suit a particular environment to survive. All life did in fact, evolve from the same “tree of life”, and therefore, all life is connected through the same evolving DNA. Humankind has never resembled the ape, chip, nor any form of mammal of its kind. Our very DNA holds within it all folds of adaptation of beginning earthly forms. Humanity had it’s unique place on a branch of the “tree of life” come from *a species* that was neither ape, chip, nor human, and yet from this same species did both chip and the like of its kind, and humanity ‘branch off’ separately; the same genetic coding made different. Astoundingly, the evolutionary fingerprints of earthly progression can be seen within the human embryo as it grows to maturity. We are, uniquely “human”, and yet carry all the traits of life’s evolutionary beginnings within our DNA. Let us agree to call this miracle of magnificence, our “creators” evolutionary ‘design’. We are indeed, evolving. ‘Something’ interfered with natural evolution’s intention [DNA],to ‘create’ what we have become: A genetic manipulation of a species that did already exist on the planet. I, a human of sane and sound mind, do now believe, to the best and extent of my own significant research on these matters, that a ‘creator’, or ‘creators’ of a more advanced civilization than that of the civilization existing on the Earth at the time of genetic manipulative undertaking, did in fact interfere with the natural progression of evolution. And this thought alone boggles the mind, and does conjure within me many many many more unanswered questions that will perhaps never be answered, nor questioned, as the powers that shouldn’t be keep their manipulations of our minds par on their discourse of untrue history.

We, are no longer ignorant children easily swayed by a corrupt secular society! We must demand the truths of ourselves, and even if we also must find these truths on our own! We must, question answers, and question questions! Truth, is the only “religion” we should reverence: A resolution to quell the aching human soul of unreasoned chaos. We are, in these times, physically, mentally, and spiritually evolving, as this IS the way of all things of Nature. The ‘something’ that we feel IS real, and we must be determined towards it if we are to survive!

Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is acceptance of place in life’s true connections. To know thyself, is to thine own self be true: A place of gratitude within life’s holy circle. Humanity is created, and is also evolving to suit an ever-changing environment. The Earth itself is evolving, as it has been constantly since the beginning of time. Seems evident that every 5,000 to 10,000 years, these changes affect all life on this planet, in that an extinction of life may be inevitable. And this, together with the horrors presented of extinction offered by our own malevolent brothers and sisters! We must plan our survival, as is referred to by the messages written of warnings set in stone by our ancient ancestors, who were in fact, better than we in their humanity. We, are so not worthy!

Everything is connected, and everything changes according to Nature’s laws.

The ‘messages’ are becoming clear, and should not be ignored …

“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”
11 Corinthians 11:14

Beware the lawless one(s).

‘Something’ strange indeed did happen in the days of Noah, pure blood grandson of Enoch, that we do not fully understand. However, we, all being of pure blood of Noah, should listen before we so quickly dismiss the ancient writings of warning . . .

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DNA The threads are tightly woven in two. But where we must ask, are the missing?


We are all the same, and yet unique in our diversity. There are no Jones’ to compete with.


History doesn’t repeat itself, it is mankind’s endeavors of interjection and interference which stagnates the intentions of progression of the human condition. And so, continued will be lessons of repeated consequence, and so too, for as long as mankind pursues a battle against his own soul for power over the source of force he does not acknowledge to complete understanding as once did. Humanity has digressed to arrogance and disobedience to the will of his natural state as he continually seeks to control the ‘force’ of Nature’s laws rather than to be humbled by his place within it. And thusly so it will be, he will live non-consistent with the synchronicities in plain sight! Mankind seemingly chooses to weave webs of ill-will bent toward his own destruction as he takes all other forms with him, rather than to embrace humility¬†of place within the will of the life-force. Consequently, losses will be great as mankind wills without conscience in destroying all things precious to the Earth to an eventual and non-consensual extinction!

Fortunate are the¬†humbled hearts of wisdom who come to the recognition of the Great Awe within themselves: A what of will seen of cyclic rhythms of Nature. Seen is the very will of a Nature that will not be¬†stopped by mankind’s folly! Nature will create replacements, and cares not for the egos of men. A greatness of woes comes to those whose minds choose residence behind masked states of¬†ignorance when moments call: A persistent pursuance of pull of gravity the human heart is called to. A face-to-face encounter of ‘force’ connection to beseeching acceptance of almighty reason and logic and discipline and devotion to discernment’s silent morality to highest stewardship: An instinctual desire to love all things. A fervent necessity to listen to the ‘voice’ of the soul of wanton curiosity. Pitied¬†are the fooled of heart who deny their own greatness in name of selfish inner ‘beast’ of abused pompus ego: A turning away from the ‘G.o.d’ of human thought and will!

Be¬†it firstly understood, humanity is the assigned ‘force’ of intuition’s reach of commune. ¬†All others are imposers of¬†abuse and misuse drenched¬†in lies and ties of untrue progression to purpose. The mind is the open door to all intellectual experience of awe,¬†and not given meant for hypnotic proposals of fallactic pursuance! It is the heart that¬†reigns of decipher to reasoning made just¬†or unjust¬†while the body dwells in matter’s realm.


Mankind¬†must¬†consistently put to question his mental integrity. Why in the name of the¬†‘G.o.d’ of ourselves, would we give permission to ones who are unworthy, to stifle with deceptive intentions to destroy what the individual imagination strives to co-create in Love’s favor to marvel and¬†perpetuity. A world without wordy dogmas of secrecy, is given wholeheartedly as¬†gift beneficial to the whole. To live and let live is first¬†law of duty, discipline, and order!


Wake up! Be aware of mankind’s words contrived of diliberate ‘evil’ intention of purpose; thoughts seeking control and¬†‘power’ over all¬†things through all form of¬†deception! Allow it no longer! Individual privacy of thoughts and emotions¬†of¬†desire for¬†survival are the ‘glue’ necessary for Love’s claim to being: A miracle come¬†of ‘powers’ greater than ourselves—light-giving energies shaping all things through all humanity and all life! Wisdom is gifted in moments of humility: An awareness of place of reality made clear in the now of all moment. Uniqueness is the must of¬†choice¬†set upon thrones of Universal logic! Awe, is what will be given to the changing¬† world made fit for sustainability within harmony. Life can no longer allow fear to reign of humanity’s mind: A ‘force’ of wicked and devastating immoral will!


Beware then, that fear be¬†the¬†mortal enemy! ¬†Joy, is life’s intention of¬†place within the “I AM”¬†of Divinity! Wisdom, is¬†the light of all truth . . . the only “common-core” conformity worthy of obedience! ¬©


Indeed, great pains of mourning continue to come to all who do not face the fears set deep in humanity’s unawareness to his own made hidden intuitive nature and connection to the laws of all order!¬† Face the darkness, the ugliness made of the human soul by our own hand!¬† So to change, so to be able to recognize our wrong-doings! So to heal the great wounds encumbered upon¬† us by ‘the beast’ within ourselves!




The worse thing a society is ‘taught’ to do, ¬†is to judge one another! And to judge we do, by societal standards of ‘success’ mandated by false ego. ¬†This . . . is clearly unrealistic, abominable, and unattractive! ¬†What of moral standards given to mortality¬† —sacred human will, dedication, kindness,¬†humility, empathy, compassion, virtue, grace, and simplicity of begotten place? ¬†Are we not simply human—born to intuition’s governing? ¬†It is for us to live and let live .¬†. . to observe and never to interfere!¬† This, is the first law of honored place, and these are the energies of comings and goings left to guidance of¬†Earth’s children that are felt powerful in these generations, and everything that is not of these is literally, physically,¬†mentally, and spiritually,¬†not of humanity, and are illnesses that need be brought to surface in re-birth to awareness to be healed, as¬†to be ridden of by the life-force for survival’s sake! Can’t you feel it . . . this ‘something’ that is real?! And what is to be done to¬†heal? To just be of thoughts as one in Love’s preservation . . .¬†it is necessary! The Universe constantly dances in beautiful grace of calm, so to change the moving tides and scale of chaos! Why would we think ourselves any different? As above, so too below!



Be humble. Be Love. Be brave. Be alive. Be you. Be human! ~~~*ūüíĖ



“Let no man put asunder”

. . . a destiny of worth made clear from all beginnings.



Enigma – “Return To Innocence”

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Of Cherished Blood



Red tears

of past times speak

a persistent angst

of ennobled


of unforgotten



spiritual treasures


Protective revenant 

of wordless gesture

of shadow


to relate revelation

to innately 

innocent heart


A ‘voice’



of linage

whose blood

flows as a river

of imaginings

once destroyed

by wicked ruse ©



The white rose represents loss.¬† Stories of blood ancestry denied remembrance will be¬† forgotten through eternity’s endlessness.¬† Surely without, mournful will be the suffered lost of place.


‘Voice’ of blood locus brings all things numbed, to renewed feeling. ¬†Go deep . . . then dare go deeper to touch¬† the thousands of years of memory’s awethe ‘something’ of¬†love’s persistence.¬†



ūüíě Message in the music.








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(unknown photographer)


This ‚Äėsomething‚Äô

that we feel

must be real . . .

be amidst this

veiled mind

be hale

We need believe . . .

for without

we fear

our worth

be not achieved

through tears

of heartache’s pang

for vision’s meaning

within this

avid will

to live it ©


Miracles, thoughts, signs, and wonders, pain and suffering and heartache are the ‘something’ of spiriling force giving way to sight. Pay all mind to fore-plays of egotistical emotional deceit, for these reveal truths of masked hearts.



Enlightenment is born at birthing pains mourn into seasons of moments’ claim to grand¬†consequence of corrupt distractions causing false discontentment of failure’s wake in our strive for achievement: A way to meanings’ need for change: A ‘something’ of message for reasons’ sake. A ‘something’ never forgotten¬†of the maker’s mark.



It is our very nature by way of birth to be gifted; a permission of thoughts [choice] to be moved, to be changed by the ‘something’ within ourselves toward betterment of the whole. Follow no one! Let life ‘see’ your beautiful soul despite all else! Allow none possession to dismiss your worth! We are¬†love. Love IS¬†the soul’s mate! There is¬†nothing before love. Love is all there is in everything,¬†everywhere, and within the soul of everyone, and even within the veiled heart. You are me, I am you, and all life is of¬†eternity’s essence¬†of¬†breathe and glory’s light and chaos through changes in the dark! So do be careful in your self-talks in the dark, for surely they conversations with the soul’s mate, that which, is love, for we are not alone in our ‘discomforts’ for need of change toward becoming the greatest version of ourselves. When you find yourself in a place not found on any map, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the ‘source’ inside where you have always been.

“The old appeals to racial, sexual, and religious chauvinism, and rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work. A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism, and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed.

We are one planet.”

— Carl Sagan


The human spirit, love, our very being, is the ‘something’ that we feel, and it’s real!

To love yourself, is to love all, is to love “G.O.D”!

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“Genetic Memory”: “copy trait” genes: [metaphorical] Phrases used to refer to reason for inherited abilities and obvious characters and mannerisms sited in¬†ourselves given of our Ancestry. We the living are the continuous wonderment of moment’s histories. By now of moment, we all of us ate fully knowledgeable of the existing genome projects in their who knows how many first infancy stage of understanding complex commonalities of transparency within the genetic codings of all species. Present scientists are learning very quickly how it is possible for complex human traits to emerge from a simple genetic code, and, are still even further away from gaining wisdom’s perspective and understanding of how individual strands of DNA sequence may even affect human behaviors, and therefore, thinking. We are coming nearer to discovery of the complete¬†repository of inherited knowledge present within the genomes of life. Current scientific abstraction theory holds that if “genetic memory” traits do have identifiable markings, or, components, then they must be dispersed about and throughout a number of other genes whose traits are likely to show or arise more from design of those genes and their interactions with each other.


Image source:

How are we to begin to know where we are going, without first knowing from whence we have come? What is history after all, but a study in life’s behaviors? The past is the present. The present is the future.¬†Therefore, it would make complete sense to say that human beings have held subconscious testimony of life essence through posterity [love] as we carry blood Ancestry speaking to us through voice of the once forsaken dormant “G.o.d” within, what
is, the ‘something’pure and true of thought and reason. Our Ancestors forever pushing through continuance of plan: A higher purpose, of which is, happiness through joy. Through much compulsion and persistence of will in our search for purpose, we come to feel, thusly know that they are present to touch us when we fall away from the very nature of grace as they lend courage [determination] to face challenges presented against our nature. They walk alongside us in every endeavor, through intuitions’ decipher. Discovering who they are and were, is to hence discover who they are¬†of¬†soul-entity‚ÄĒones who listen from within and beseech our spirits on behalf of¬†survival. Blood forever reminds us of who we are and what we were created to become and achieve in furtherance of life. The answers are within us‚ÄĒtruths [seeds] realized and sown through our¬†choices and desires and intentions aforethought.



Blood memory is naturally persistent‚ÄĒborn of DNA of us. We exist for soul’s continuance,¬†from¬†the very energy of their loins . . . one essence . . . one light . . . one of earthly existence. Our Ancestry are¬†indeed, without question, the flowing rivers of precious of wisdoms. We need only ask of them in reverent quietude . . .¬†‘tell me a story. Listen, in silence to all else, to the story of us unfolding upon the human heart.

Hope was never lost. It is humanity who has strayed.  Humanity, is hope! Are we willing to sacrifice; to place love above all else? And even in the understanding that this would mean to sacrifice our very physical beings in order to save all other life?


‚ÄúIt makes more sense to think of the entire genome as perhaps a repository of inherited information.”
‚ÄĒC. Perkins


Sacrifice is enevitable for positive change to enable re-alignment to manifest plan.

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‚ÄúThere are two kinds of light, the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures‚ÄĚ.
-James Thurber

Unsettled . . .

all here . . .

all reason

and none

to keep stirring

as we stir

to keep stirring

so not be

swallowed up

by soul beggars

of human time

to the left

and to

the right

Pause us not

in search

of center

as we stir . . .

or demise shall

surely take us ©


A Spirit rises within us through DNA: A geneology of connection to all things.


Listen . . . to the calls of the Great Souls of all of us!









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