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Have faith in the feelings of the heart. Tears are prayers too. Tears travel through the breath of life when we can’t speak.

These moments … of feeling helpless and alone, when there is no one to hold you, no one to tell you, ‘It’ll be OK’, when someone you love is no longer in you life, and the memories of being together haunt you, day and night; the love you keep becomes the Music in the end . . . becomes your salvation . . . your redemption. Music, will hold you deep within your core, unconditionally. Music, will whisper, hold on, just another day. Music, will always bring you back to life. Because everything moves, everything dances, everything … is Music … everything of every ‘something’, every somebody, is the Universe. Everything … is part of the soul of ‘the one’. Love yourself … you are everything! You … are the true love you seek . . . you
. . . are the soulmate of life. ©


Pink Floyd – “Coming Back to Life”

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“Apathy” by Christopher Roberts

The word ‚Äúover-thinking‚ÄĚ holds all meaning, all truth, all merit, for it is logic in these moments in need of serious attention! The greatest danger encroaching upon our children’s future, is apathy caused through inbred indifference: A neglect of critical thinking!



Could it be so,¬† that once the perfect poem, the perfect painting, the perfect story, the perfect music, a perfect return to knowing the perfections of intuitive Nature of human, animal, plant, flower, fauna, and insect of all land and sea of all kindoms—the seen and unseen, have been created, then so to will be signs and wonders of cyclic end to existence as is written; told through antiquated “myths” of story? And so to, new beginnings wiil be forged from the ruins? Because from my point of view, I see the clash, the intertwining of awe and chaos in relentless dance of uncertainly: A bonding of unknown certainty moving through long-standing veils of visceral 3D vision.


The term “Rising As One” gives truth to meaning of the word, “ascension”.¬†Do call me crazy because I exist to know that I AM existing in the dimension where answers are found in the madness of mind, and therefore, we must catch up to speed in the madness through the questioning of answers, the questioning of questions dwelling within our very nature. All stand in the thickness of this fog!¬†Of the absurdities of uncertainty, I AM certain!


To feel is the desire to re-connect, to commune, with the natural order [laws] of source
of the the life-force—the intuitive spirit. One at a time will come to realize that human intuition has been made paralized from moment of birth by our own species aimed in wicked worldly ruse.¬†We come to find that we must learn to embrace the heartache caused of seeming unreason. A persistence of muse will strike as many blows as necessary to produce¬†the wounds allowing for way of light to self-realization to enter. A Self-realization of will to way to instinctual perception to clear understanding that “redemption”, is souly personal and crusial for self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others for ill-conscious and ill-willed afflictions placed on another. We must learn to let the mind and heart join in balance for all forward aforethought: A physical cognitive sensation of positive energies of I AM who I AM, where the heart ascends to the seeking of rightful joy persistently persists for all moment, in all decision making!¬† Mindful daily practice of moment-to-moment awareness to all now is essential for healing all elements of the human countenance, Surely will come inner-contentment while the world spins in chaotic abandon in mankind’s primitive mind frought with corrupt “religious” and “political” societal whims: A false rule of will seeking control of what is deeply feared of by the shareholder “gods” . . . human intuition—the core power for change versus minds blinded in state of mock delusion.¬†The soul-less-heart-less ones know they cannot have authority otherwise, and so contineously reinvent ways and means to exploit and control the exclusive powers of the individual mind.¬†This is, and has¬†always been the primal mortal”evil” this world has always known!¬†If minds and hearts decide to no longer choose to follow such darkness, stands to reason there would be no “evil”! Peace¬†is and has been the ultimate goal of plan of eternity. The physical experience of existence is for once while in state of physical form of learning and teaching for growths’ sake. The exaulted spirit remains to just be; always consistent in nature for all eternity. We are here to give and to take only feelings of love, because love is all there is to have.


Truth is made perfect through intuition’s perfect discernment.


There is an equasion to universal simplicity in the understanding that knowing truth is greater than living¬†lies of false freedom.¬†It really is that simple!¬†The genius of the child is the Divine knowing the personal truths of life discovered through means of intuition’s prompting—the ‘something’ felt to be real: A blood-oath connection to all things beautiful, but forced to forgotten by way of slowly rotting common-core inequity and inequality!


And still some do not want to know truths of what they see with their own eyes! Is ignorance truly false bliss?¬†Is the want for knowing truth begging to be cursed to self-torment? A conundrum of choice exists; be it dellusional lies of contrived uncertainty, or¬†truths to certainty? “Overthinking” may be necessary, and surely is underrated in the seeking of worth; pushed to frowned upon in these moments of utter lies versus proof of truths!¬† Because hypocritical minds don’t want humanity to care concerning the well-hidden information wars, nor to think vastly beyond the suggested scope of unreality, nor to seek understanding of the whys of importance for individual preference of thought. Mindfulness is everything . . . if . . . humanity desires to fully experience to appreciate existence!


Knowing truth from untruth lay within the human heart. It is the strong of mind—the quiet ones, the spiritually and emotionally intelligent ones, the falsely perceived weak ones, the INwardly ascending ones of infinite eternity who do already see the breathe of
“G.o.d” found at the end of¬†long-standing persistence of faith through redemtive agony! The weak of mind will be revealed. The ignorant ones—the liars, the fools, the greedy, the deceivers, the murderers—these are the ones of self-appeasement and arrogance lacking connective soul-worth! A choice is made clear through devotion to seek the histories altered by greed!


Q: Did ancient civilizations develop on Earth before mankind wrote its own version, and even when such civilizations truly are “written in stone”?!



Let it be understood . . . humanity was never “banished” from “The Garden of Eden” [life].¬†We are still here, to serve as continuous witness to the cyclic beginnings and ends of never ending growing pains of story, and of change—that which is the knowing and the reaping of joys and sorrows through eternity of devotion to truths of life! How great the experience of peace, when peace comes of the wishing for nothing more: A peace appreciated in the silence of sojourn with Nature, where one receives holy utterance of antiquity’s spirit, We must stop chasing shadows and just enjoy the ride if simply being human! ¬©




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She breathes the air
of hope’s despair
whilst despair
bleeds hope’s seeds
What must be . . .
must be . . .
for there’d be
no rain . . .
no tears
of strain . . .
no season’s gain . . .
if there is no pain
Awe of her . . .
is as it should be ¬©ÔłŹ

– epc

She is the lock and key to all ‘we’.

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FACT: All life on this Earth is from the same mother—all are loved equally by the same father. We are especially loved by these, our progenitors, as we are the beauty of diversity they had made.


Due honor and reverance is overdue to the first and true peace sign of unity of all first Ancestry.

It is time for the children of man to pay no mind to the “evils” given to false histories presented to us by the false self-professed “Nazi race” (there is no such thing as race, only diversity of changing cultures) and their subsequent “demons” born of pretensive ideals of “white-supremacy”—the self-professed true-blood Aryan people. According to must evidence, All Aryan bloodlines are of Middle-Eastern and Indonesian decent, and not all were caucasian come out of the cradle of “Eden” of humanity—areas according to Genesis 2:10,¬† located at the “head waters” of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers, to the glorious rivers that once were of our beloved ancestry of Mother Africa, the Pison and the Gihon, referred to by Archeologists as “fossil rivers”. The current self-named “rulers” of this planet—the falsely claimed of Jewish heritage who are not Jewish; ones who usurped all things of dignity, honor, and heritage from the true-blood Jewish people, and therefore, have intentionally usurped humanity’s heritage, cleaving it unto themselves in mania of lust, greed, and power, have systematically created a false world dis-order through division, corruption and chaos, which, subsequently, has distorted the true order of all Nature! ‘They’, the false ones, have stripped humanity and all life from rightfully humbled and honored responsibility of charge. We, the once called Stewards of magnificent waters of paradise! And now, what is humanity to do with this restored [re-birthed] knowledge and wisdom of proper places before it is too late, and life no longer has place at all?! ūüíě

Before you assume to know … before you judge … before you humble to your own ignorance … before you believe what you have been indoctrinated to believe … LISTEN!

Rise together within this now of solution revolution. Rise above¬†division … rise above hate … rise¬†above survival and live!

The ‘Holy’-ist of all knowledge—the very “Tree of Knowledge”, was purposefully called “forbidden” by wicked ruse.¬†Human intuition was made corrupt to meaningless fear by “evil”-minded mankind, and certainly not by any “g.o.d” or “g.o.d’s” of supposed goodly intent. This “tree” symbolizes the oneness of all life; A connective geneology: A knowledge given to all forms of life on this planet! Humanity was blindly made to stray from this connection, and was not “driven out”; forced away from precious wisdoms of¬† “the garden”. Eden, has for all eternity, been calling us back from within our very DNA! THIS surely is why the current rulers that shouldn’t be—the destroyers of blood knowledge, seek desperately and criminally to divide all manner of life: An intention to keep ill humanity’s seed.

It is time for the children of man to listen to the grand masters of ancient blood who truly have left us messages of love, sacrifice, glory, wisdom, and warnings of the ages, in stone!

EVERYTHING … IS … written in … stone … or gold … or clay, but made corrupt to the imbellishment of the human ego.
Stories of long ago were recorded in ideals based in mythologies—the same fasinating story told from perspectives of all diversity of human infancy and understanding. Nonetheless, these stories hold truths of historical fact; each culture placing their own belief “system” on high pedestal as being the one true greatest story of creation. We know now, that are all the same greatest story ever told as one true greatness deserving of equal respect. The same, yet unique characters of honor with different names. The Same story of us told again and again. I personally love them all!

*These blog posts are based in my own research findings through an accumulation of information gathered through eight years of research, study, and self-contemplation. Please do, I encourage it, question answers, question questions! It is our right and duty to experience, and to be curious of all things of our world! Truth, should be our “religion”, if such a word is given to profound meaning in our lives!

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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, know then, it is time to reform, pause, and reflect.
—Mark Twain


Of all the “conspiracy” malarkey proposed to our subconscious minds by ‘powers’ that shouldn’t be, the worst of all kind of crimes committed on the human psyche are the crimes of withholding truths of our human existence and History! We know now that there have been numerous magnificent human civilizations before us on this planet—all greater than ourselves … we the falsely indoctrinated arrogant ones of supposed intelligence! We of these moments, are not worthy! ¬©


Question: What profound message of love will we leave to our progeny?

Answer: The TRUTH

Let us accept that there is no “missing link” yet to be discovered, as there is no missing link. All life is ‘born’ of the same beginning, and different forms of life did mutate to suit a particular environment to survive. All life did in fact, evolve from the same “tree of life”, and therefore, all life is connected through the same evolving DNA. Humankind has never resembled the ape, chip, nor any form of mammal of its kind. Our very DNA holds within it all folds of adaptation of beginning earthly forms. Humanity had it’s unique place on a branch of the “tree of life” come from *a species* that was neither ape, chip, nor human, and yet from this same species did both chip and the like of its kind, and humanity ‘branch off’ separately; the same genetic coding made different. Astoundingly, the evolutionary fingerprints of earthly progression can be seen within the human embryo as it grows to maturity. We are, uniquely “human”, and yet carry all the traits of life’s evolutionary beginnings within our DNA. Let us agree to call this miracle of magnificence, our “creators” evolutionary ‘design’. We are indeed, evolving. ‘Something’ interfered with natural evolution’s intention [DNA],to ‘create’ what we have become: A genetic manipulation of a species that did already exist on the planet. I, a human of sane and sound mind, do now believe, to the best and extent of my own significant research on these matters, that a ‘creator’, or ‘creators’ of a more advanced civilization than that of the civilization existing on the Earth at the time of genetic manipulative undertaking, did in fact interfere with the natural progression of evolution. And this thought alone boggles the mind, and does conjure within me many many many more unanswered questions that will perhaps never be answered, nor questioned, as the powers that shouldn’t be keep their manipulations of our minds par on their discourse of untrue history.

We, are no longer ignorant children easily swayed by a corrupt secular society! We must demand the truths of ourselves, and even if we also must find these truths on our own! We must, question answers, and question questions! Truth, is the only “religion” we should reverence: A resolution to quell the aching human soul of unreasoned chaos. We are, in these times, physically, mentally, and spiritually evolving, as this IS the way of all things of Nature. The ‘something’ that we feel IS real, and we must be determined towards it if we are to survive!

Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is acceptance of place in life’s true connections. To know thyself, is to thine own self be true: A place of gratitude within life’s holy circle. Humanity is created, and is also evolving to suit an ever-changing environment. The Earth itself is evolving, as it has been constantly since the beginning of time. Seems evident that every 5,000 to 10,000 years, these changes affect all life on this planet, in that an extinction of life may be inevitable. And this, together with the horrors presented of extinction offered by our own malevolent brothers and sisters! We must plan our survival, as is referred to by the messages written of warnings set in stone by our ancient ancestors, who were in fact, better than we in their humanity. We, are so not worthy!

Everything is connected, and everything changes according to Nature’s laws.

The ‘messages’ are becoming clear, and should not be ignored …

“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”
11 Corinthians 11:14

Beware the lawless one(s).

‘Something’ strange indeed did happen in the days of Noah, pure blood grandson of Enoch, that we do not fully understand. However, we, all being of pure blood of Noah, should listen before we so quickly dismiss the ancient writings of warning . . .

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A repeated decision is not always a mistake.

All life presents itself in spark of seed: A masterpiece of contineous algorithms of move —to every seed is chance given to existence of eternal perpetuity.

Some, only care of the thoughts of what others may think—the some too proud to humble before greater reasoning for life’s being. The same some who do feel but refuse a responsibility to acknowledge and not accept the un-reasoned current ‘sufferings’ imposed upon the life-force—the some, who fail to ‘see’ that they are born to light of courage and inspiration for the lost of collective ‘feelings’ of darkness created of man’s illusions of choice; a fallacy of blindness to an acceptance of emptiness waiting to be filled. Some, fail to ‘see’ that fear must be seen and faced and not ignored! The only ‘monsters’ need be destroyed of this world are made in the image of man, as so are created by man! How unfortunate that some choose a “status quo” position of ‘coward’; a choice homage paid to ignorance of mortal place of fear fearing itself of truer instinctual beckoning for chance to change amiss to just!

“Hope conspires with the wind. It blows away the ‘demons’ of despair.” —Maya Angelou

“Messiah”: One who understands a meaning to his/her existence.

“You are the ‘Angel’ you’ve been waiting for! You’re here!”
—Alan Watts

We, and all sentient beings, are born to our own Universe, and therefore, we and only we are responsible for just being a truth of life by just being a truth we bring. To be a meaning is our meaning. Choices made must be our own. This is the law of all things. Forsaken must be the ‘opinions’ of fallactic entity endeavoring to change inner worlds, thusly are doing so against the laws of nature. This, being nothing more than audacity of arrogant proposal to control the outer world to their will! This, we can prevent by simply understanding humility; a human ability [power] of knowing honored place of innate nature.

Dare to peer into the abyss … ūüíę


“Her [Love’s] tears are magical. They heal every skin-deep painful wound. She cries to help people in need and then she put her tears into a jar where they drink it as a remedy. Is it a gift or a curse?”

(Quote from

How unfortunate for the whole of worldly imagination, that supposed “leaderships” of the planet are, and have always been the ultimate abomination of liars of meaningless deniers of truths for the sufferings of humanity’s soul. We must, in the now of all moment, reconcile this erroneous usurping of humanity’s thoughts! If only the whole of “the people”—all humanity of the one of spirit of Divine design could convince our “lost” fellow men
and women to return to heart’s intention of character, which is to remedy the eternal cure of “love one another”, we would be remembering that it is we who have all power to heal from the wounds of perdition!¬†If only the whole would summon courage to forsake the corruption and insanity, all would have chance at expression of place of birthright to fully reap the experience of living through heart felt progression to ends of due fuition. And this so to, before hedgemony’s lack of compassion “sets up” all life as we know it to complete coherersion in complancey according to the false clock moving “sacred” energies to constant nothingness; a backward-ness in emptiness . . . AGAIN . . .
. . . and AGAIN . . . and onward to yet another “big-bang” therory scenario of hell on Earth!¬†What horrendous unnatural cycles of existence we are corruptly led to leave as legacy to our children: A consequence of stagnation reaking of dis-compassioned forgetfulness of mind and heart and spirit of worth!

Must we continue to pretend¬†life is supposed to be lived to appease our brothers in mindset of greed who contrive to hid the mysteries and wonders of our forefathers endeavors? What we are living is mere continuance in questions to the whys of the born lost as we know this ‘something’ that we fell of connection is real, but by way of default of birth, we are forced into the non-reasoned suffrage to blindness of memory’s intuitive nature; stripped of rightful place, and subjected to an apathetically complex “brain-washing” to falsely “pursue” the happiness already written in our blood! The questions of never-ending whys of wanderings and wonderings and fallings without end are nothing more than the darkness of fears instilled within us, and are based in apprehensive ignorance, because the ‘something’ of our core being has been “possessed”: A blood knowledge suppressed from the ‘something’ calling, without end, from within our very soul! This, the sacred ‘something’ laying just behind the thin veil of altered mind—the lathe of light to the wisdoms of truth of life—the eternal “self”. Within this mankind’s stagnation to “time”, it is “time” then, to listen to the blood of mercy, our ancestry screaming through our veins to “LET … IT … GO!!”: A communal anxiety of blood-angst for want of love’s continuance: A deep desire for change to right the wrongs of the human condition, to set free all life currently imprisoned in this unhealthy world! We must understand, to¬†restore good health to our “G.o.d”-given consciousness, is to restore the health of our planet to rightful ecology!

Humanity was never given permissions of will to suppress the already given perfection!¬†Life gives humanity “choice”; accept due homage of place with godly humility to honor and grace, or be eliminated worth. Intuition is all of life’s keys to the satisfaction of kingdoms. A virtual battle for existence continues; ensued between the dark greed of materialistic mindset, and the mindset of heart what sees all things through love’s eye!¬†Nothing exists of this many-sided abstractly obtuse reality without humanity’s input of intuitive imagination. The only question left to answer is, ‘What reality does humanity want?’

The mindset of simplicity is what stabilizes all natural “laws”. Mankind is forever fighting a losing battle against themselves—the forces of progressive disoder, when what should be realized by all, is that mania if mankind cannot “win” any battle involving the natural physics if the planet! The wicked thoughts if men have turned the world into a “testing ground” for just how far mania will go! But there is a [school] if thought available for the worthy in these “games” of morality—the “other” secreted reward, and is freely available to the curious of natural inclination to question everything! If one doesn’t want to fall from grace for lack of blood-wisdom, and doesn’t want to repeat the purposely repeated lessons of what love is, and what love is not, then one must rise to the challenge to pick up the lathe if inner light to defend rightful desired reality!¬†To see all is to feel awe for all: A joy uninhibited by indoctrinated fears, anxieties, and regrets! Knowing oneself, is the same as to knowing faith in one’s inborn Divinity. This . . . is the connective light to the grand soul of all consciousness of all dignity existing without unnecessary desires infused to self-expectations of want to prove our worth, because we are already born instinctively worthy!

Indeed, one will be called “mad”, but know this, one must face the madness to see the truths written to one’s soul! And even when the world itself is being strangled, hanging from the proverbial tree of perversion and coersion! Words are just that, “words”! Language is useful in casting “spells” on the minds of humanity for specific purpose of intention toward division and misunderstanding. And what of it?¬†And so what to it! Do we not have birthright of choice to NOT fear it, and have choice to NOT deny the ‘something’ of madness we feel in our dissatisfaction for lack of peace of mind and heart and sense of security of well-being? Are we not sick and tired enough for want of precious moments wasted in sorrowful life’s sorries of devastating loss and beautiful days sick mankind has stolen from the worth of so many souls? Just as the moon displays many passions of mood, nevermore should we hide our madness in opposition to the mania displayed by our brothers of kind!

“The beast”—the primal mind of man, still resides within humanity’s core and must be slaughtered, individually, and before it consumes the very energies of free will! We of these generations of eternal now, achingly wish someone would have advised us sooner of what is continually rooted in misunderstanding of the what and ways of the “G.o.d.” of all source
—the “G.o.d.” of ourselves, what has always been, what is admittedly stressed of meaning through our Ancestors of blood memory—the very spirit of humanity: A spirit constantly calling to choose wisely! To choose faith of light as guiding course!¬†It is for all life to simply live. It is humanity’s love: A consciousness of purposelessness, grandeur, and agenda, and only here to serve in perpetuity of stewardship. We instinctually know to suffer no life to ill-willed hells of wrathful fury, of discontentment, of confusion, illusion or delusion. We are not born to be resident slaves of another’s anxiety caused and secured through indoctrinate indifference and attachment! We are not born to be “taught”; systematic-ly trained and engrained to do what is conformly “expected”. Regrettably, the noise of mankind muffles what calls our attention to the ‘something’ greater of life’s reward—thoughts vested in happiness, which is the born investment to commitment and responsibility for the happiness of the whole!

Every being born is gifted to give. Every life presented to this world should be permitted freely the right to just be of place. Humanity should “expect” nothing less and nothing more of all kind, and despite all else of distractive egotistical measure! This is our right of guarantee to reap the good and deserving things of life naturally. Happiness IS the calling, and ALL life is worthy! Never should humanity’s responsibility to inner common sense of stewardship allow anyone or anything of forced mandate to common-core thinking otherwise!¬† These moments of now are in serious need of humanity’s benevolent hand. We have already lost hundreds of millions of chances for joy—the loss of the many of all Earth’s kingdoms who sacrificed, who did come intended to change the world! Let them not be perished in vain!

Humankind must choose thoughts wisely. We must be mindfulness that everything of life is Divine value. We must’nt allow Beauty’s dying diversity to continue!¬†Ours is to appreciate, admire, and let be to be awed by all generations, rather than be forced to choose thoughts in the promotion of ingrained ill-willed indifference and apathy to ungodly nature! The latter surely will, as history has shown us over . . . and over . . . and over, that the end result is [extinction], and repetition of abuses carried on by wicked ruse: A profound devestation committed against the natural world physically, emotional, and spiritually. We must of all will, transition our energies to come back to life! ¬©

– epc

Perdition: An imposed imprisionment of mind disposed intentionally to sense of “guilt” developed through exposure to pretense of fear, shame, anxiety, and regret: A profound disturbance of mind created by “systematic” societies: A means to control the lives of the masses to evolve toward unnatural ends.

Human wake up!

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Love’s only expectation, is the expectation to change.

love trees dancing

Love doesn’t hurt, personal expectations do. Love is a woman: A¬†physical form of experience in pure love. She, is the “Garden of Eden”, for love is her prime reason to be. A man¬†is worthy of her love¬†if he¬†recognizes his responsibility: A responsibility to appreciate love,¬†protect Love, respect love, hold Love¬†in highest esteem, so to be willing to battle fearlessly at all costs¬†for love. Love¬†is¬†the greatest of all things, without which there is¬†no existence. Dammed be she¬†who¬†dares betray the temple of love. Dammed be he who dare enters the temple of love with an empty soul of conditionality.

Love can be frustrating to anyone who has no understanding that love has expectations that differ in requirement for men and women. There first must be an understanding that the “how to”¬†love one another can only be understood in the learning to balance understanding; that being knowing one another as the human being.

This requires the ultimate cares of self-love, respect, compassion, empathy, trust, honesty, and promise of unconditionality.

We can analyze to¬†say what we think we know. He wants to play with love while she likes to “window-shop”¬†for the life-time partner in the equal sharing of love. These are most times obvious first expectations. Attraction, as we all know, is vital. How is¬†he attracted to she? A¬†wide-ranged subject at best, and for¬†she, this might not be¬†so¬†easily¬†expressed. There is the agreement of thought between he and she that no one can deny however, that being the importance of biological interaction of chemistry and¬†hormonal responsiveness. ¬† Then comes¬†mental attitudes.¬† Details of importance for he may be the things which might spike his interest in¬†she. This could be even the¬†smallest of¬†details, to the mainframe details of appearance. Seems most of the time for he is the whole of she—the details of expectation of his own conjured image of imagination. He perhaps will want to become intimate with¬†she. Is this lust, or¬†is it love? Hard to know at first encounter.

She is flattered when he¬†shows interest in her, but if she¬†does not react to his¬†solicitations, gestures, smiles, looks, compliments, etc.—then there will be no chance to be had by he at “score”. A¬†little hard-to-get display¬†on her part is often the tactic she uses to attract him¬†just a bit more, and even if only to pursue the depth of his desires for her.¬†Let‚Äôs says that she is attracted to he and begins to work her¬†array of seductions on him: A seduction that must work for she and he.¬†As she works her feminine ways on¬†him, and at the same time she¬†talks with¬†him, she watches him to gauge his potential as a long-term mate, and even if she has no real intention to be with him¬†for a long period of time, she will question—is he genuine? Is he affectionate? Is he patient? Is he kind?¬†Does he have a mature and prosperous¬†survival¬†ethic? Is he child-like or child-ish in his masculinity? Is he selfish? Does¬†she feel safe when she is¬†with him? As things move along and escalate sexually, she may stop¬†thinking of her critiques of him, she‚Äôll stop talking, and at a certain point, it becomes clear to he and she as to whether or not personal expectations of sexual excitement¬†is mutually satisfactory.

Blooming relationships differ in dynamics one from another, and it¬†is the blossoming relationship that will move forward. The excitement of new love is very strong, and both lovers just can‚Äôt wait to get their hands on one another. He and she may seemed¬†rushed to this point as emotions and physical expectations take over. And then, what of after? Lovers will tend to think about the what of next expectation. Questions such as, do we bother to try to be together for a while? Do we just get together on occasion to satisfy a¬†physical need or comfort? Do we allow ourselves to just relent to and relish in the drunkenness of sex and excitement of a new relationship? And sure we may, or may not? If¬†lovers come to a decision to stay together for a long period of time, then will comes the addiction—the somewhat obsessive pull one toward the other. A natural dopamine effect of desire¬†to be in company¬†of one another. A missing now comes of the significant other. And then it happens—the inevitability of first glimpse of frustration in the event that such¬†desire caused of missing is not satisfied.¬†So, frustration then¬†does¬†becomes part of the lovers “package”. If lovers¬†were not addicted to one another, stands to reason they¬†would not experience frustration.¬†Isn’t it a kind of addiction what keeps lovers¬†together?¬†Basically, frustration¬†is¬†a big part of a relationship as much as¬†is¬†the addiction. A pause in¬†thought should be that in every relationship there¬†must¬†should be healthy¬†balance between feelings, frustration, and addiction with regard to changing expectations, if, he and she desires to further the relationship. So how do couples¬†handle addiction, frustration, and expectation—whether it be within a strong and emotional¬†attraction, a long-term relationship attraction,¬†or a passionately physical romp now and then attraction? Because either or all, feelings will change, as we are so predisposed. The frustration, as well as the addiction will¬†either decline or will advance¬†to another “level”. In¬†most cases, and so it is we¬†hope as we become older, to a calmer mutual acceptance to change and¬†growth that will become evident and is inevitable for both personalities.

Some couples thoughts eventually will come to the¬†wisdoms of understanding that their closeness is closeness is evolving. A becoming of a more centered affection of balance between frustration and expectation. A desire¬†to just be with one¬†another now exists within¬†the foundations of trust, confidence, respect, and mutual bond¬†that took place between he and she¬†over the periods of of a¬†life-time: A special feeling that only the two share intimately. The first addiction will tend to¬†fade:¬†A lessoning of sexual attraction survived by the new addiction for need of love and affection. A change of physical dynamic¬† to a more sentimental addiction; one of¬†personality and¬†spirit—the persons the partners have become through¬†time. A¬†frustration may or may not arise of this change, and if so does, can¬†be tempered [mellowed] to an acceptance toward new exceptions being applied to the¬†new situation: A period of yet another “stage” of existence, closeness, and mutual affection—one¬†that may come to even touch the¬†sensitivities of one another‚Äôs soul. After the drama of opening of physical intimacy, the relationship is now challenged to be willing to embrace an openness of¬†wisdoms moving in direction toward affective intimacy. Affective intimacy is a much more difficult challenge¬†for he and she¬†to aspire to, because what is ultimately challenged is the ability to “perform” within a greater love, a higher love that can only be created of willingness to selflessness, which is the desire for the survival of the love he and she has created, because it¬†is unconditional love that desires the will to bring¬†he and she¬†to this enlightenment of thought.

In all relationships, there must be¬†equal compromise—the main compromise¬†being just how much compromise is he and she¬†willing to give a relationship? And how many frustrations can he and she¬†withstand out of this mutual compromise? For some, it may be that one¬†may¬†seem to be unable to thrive¬†without frustration and drama, or outright non-compliance toward compromise within the relationship, and thus will tend to create problems and unwarranted frustrations;¬†a way to continued displays of nonsensical drama. ¬†Would we think that the more calmer and most willing¬†one of the two will¬†be happy with the compulsively¬†frustrated significant other? ¬†Absolutely no!¬†¬†If only one carries, or believes themselves to carry all of the frustrations expressed of the other, then they will always be¬†a prisoner to unbalanced¬†frustration, and so will suffer the¬†accumulated¬† frustrations which does slowly destroy the intimacy that was¬†so lovingly created between he and she. ¬†Yes, we do get frustrated in our¬†relationships, and mostly according to desires of personal expectations, and therefore, will¬†hold the pains of heart,¬†mind, and spirit . . . alone . . . because the other has now become silent with regard to a caring of heart—numbed to the relationship simply to avoid any sort of confrontation. A suffered partner of cold-heartedness¬†will¬†feel a¬†wrath of indifference, and albeit-it, even within a constant forgiveness. Unfortunately, the more¬†silence reigns over¬†communication between he and she,¬†the more frustrations accumulate. ¬†The relationship¬†becomes like a¬†cancer,¬†because one refuses to acknowledge the pain given to the other, and thus refuses to acknowledge the possibility of deeper¬†love; an emotional abuse where the one who is emotionally abused¬†becomes lonely in the darkness of loneliness where missed is the other.¬†¬†Relationships do so often overlook this most importance aspect of understanding. The one who is frustrated for lack of understanding, is simply just not willing to come to terms with their own frustrations, and thus makes no effort no¬†effort to fight¬†for the deeper love of experience. They will callously, out of selfishness, relent to the loss of someone whose long-standing true love¬†cannot and will not be replaced. Frustrations, expectations, addictions, and compromise are all linked in a strange way¬†to an exceptional, true and real¬†love, and is worth the¬†battle to partake in order to¬†keep what was built between he and she.

It must be, that¬†logic dictates “no pain,¬†no gain”. A meaningful¬†relationship cannot¬†be without the frustrations necessary for growth and change.¬†Would he or she be in love at all in the first place if it¬†were not first for want of experience for¬†feelings of ‘something’ missing in their lives? The missing is love. Frustration is what makes love¬†move to a seeking of change: An anxiety rising out of the human¬†spirit of desire¬†for the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô to change. It is frustration which creates the¬†need and want to be with someone to give love and receive love. Missing someone is a frustration, and¬†is¬†in fact, the first frustration one feels. It’s not a question of complicated relationships really, nor is it about all the terrible frustrations and sentiments of sadness caused of an¬†unfair world.¬†Simply put, if couples¬†are not experiencing frustration in a given relationship, then they¬†are not in love at all. Feeling the frustration gives he and she the ability to recognize and acknowledge the connection¬†and attraction. There is no way one¬†can become addicted to another¬†without feelings¬†of love on some level: A subjection expected of human emotion. If all that is¬†desired of another¬†is an easy boring (boredom, yet another kind of frustration) life-style, then it becomes an abuse of love if one does¬†knowingly allow another¬†to¬†“fall in love” without merit of reciprocation! Do spare one who is¬†not afraid to¬†give love wholly, for it is¬†love that will be expected wholly in return. No one is deserving of empty exchange to emotional misery! Be not ungrateful¬†when true love is given! Understand, that love¬†is truly only for the worthy who are willing to give it!

Does he and she desire¬†love? Does he and¬†she want a meaningful relationship? If this be so, then both¬†must first be accepting to embrace the accompanying frustrations, addictions, and expectations required of love, because these are the conundrums of determinate; be it calm or chaos of¬†change and¬†growth and learning and accepting of differences. And so we ask, what are my motives for¬†the giving and not just the taking that will make or break love?¬† It is the things learned¬†of¬†appreciation! The ‘something’ wonderful to have in patience of moment to moment experience!¬†In this thought, he and she learn to lower their expectations as time moves them.¬† Be not selfish while wandering and wondering together through the “stages” of love and life. Passionate physical relationships will either grow into¬†new beginnings as passionate¬†mature affectionate friendships, or, if there be¬†a lack of wisdom of understanding on part of one or the other, or both, will most assuredly come face-to-ugly-face confrontation with overwhelming heartache. And what a shame it is that many relationships do¬†end in the latter simply because of stubborn selfishness of heart!

Human feelings evolve unending, and even if we try and force a relief from of pains within by attempt at self-numbing against the darkness of heartache. This can only led to stifling the light of elation to the very joys of living. The hardest thing to do in relationships then, is to learn to simply give up expectations. Accept a place of heart to just be, because nothing can remain the same. He and she can only move past the negative “karmas” placed on¬†the¬†relationship by the energies he and she allow into it. Discern¬†all¬†things through the love for one another—heart, mind, and spirit.¬†Only¬†good and positive things come of the will’s¬†effort. The¬†reward will be¬†the joys of¬†companionship where¬†frustrations are balanced through¬†healthy loving intimate communication. Without this anchor attached¬†to¬†love’s security,¬†frustrations will become¬†numerous and toxic: A sad misery for¬†one who is made to suffer the pains of the other unfairly. This results in time for one or the other to¬†move on¬†and¬†away from from¬†emotional damages caused of selfishness that devastates another’s self-worth.

And so it is so
. . . if he and she are both desirous of true love, than stands to reason that both¬†must¬†be willing to compromise¬†toward the earning. Love¬†is¬†happiness—found through the frustrations associated with changes balanced in patience of mutual understanding of love’s expectations. The Universe is patient as it creates— embracing beauty through darks and lights of order in calm and¬†chaos: A constant moment to moment experience of desire for perfection. Why would he or she¬†think themselves¬†any different? The Universe¬†is¬†love, and love is peace realized in the challenges to meet at the center of mind, heart, and spirit. True love does not allow unworthy things to enter
—dark things that blind us from the light of one another. ¬©



Love seeks only to be satisfied of fullness of experience. The price for love is gratitude in the living and giving, before the partaking of ecstasy of sudden sweatiness and drowsiness in flash of purpose: A wish for the sleeping and the dreaming in grasses of contentment. Love should be lived to the point of tears of joys and sorrows of lessons begotten of both.

Woman is a¬†mystery meant for glory. She is a gift to a¬†man who¬†knows in his heart that she is here because the world needs love to survive: A deeper love meant for a man who is aware¬†that love is her true soul-mate—a place of understanding hidden in folds of purity seeking a protectorate who ‘sees’ her virtue at first encounter: A love beyond the world made blind by cold hearts. Be surely humbled, to be worthy of her fire!


“Seven Steps to Finding True Love”: A helpful opinion:











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DNA The threads are tightly woven in two. But where we must ask, are the missing?


We are all the same, and yet unique in our diversity. There are no Jones’ to compete with.


History doesn’t repeat itself, it is mankind’s endeavors of interjection and interference which stagnates the intentions of progression of the human condition. And so, continued will be lessons of repeated consequence, and so too, for as long as mankind pursues a battle against his own soul for power over the source of force he does not acknowledge to complete understanding as once did. Humanity has digressed to arrogance and disobedience to the will of his natural state as he continually seeks to control the ‘force’ of Nature’s laws rather than to be humbled by his place within it. And thusly so it will be, he will live non-consistent with the synchronicities in plain sight! Mankind seemingly chooses to weave webs of ill-will bent toward his own destruction as he takes all other forms with him, rather than to embrace humility¬†of place within the will of the life-force. Consequently, losses will be great as mankind wills without conscience in destroying all things precious to the Earth to an eventual and non-consensual extinction!

Fortunate are the¬†humbled hearts of wisdom who come to the recognition of the Great Awe within themselves: A what of will seen of cyclic rhythms of Nature. Seen is the very will of a Nature that will not be¬†stopped by mankind’s folly! Nature will create replacements, and cares not for the egos of men. A greatness of woes comes to those whose minds choose residence behind masked states of¬†ignorance when moments call: A persistent pursuance of pull of gravity the human heart is called to. A face-to-face encounter of ‘force’ connection to beseeching acceptance of almighty reason and logic and discipline and devotion to discernment’s silent morality to highest stewardship: An instinctual desire to love all things. A fervent necessity to listen to the ‘voice’ of the soul of wanton curiosity. Pitied¬†are the fooled of heart who deny their own greatness in name of selfish inner ‘beast’ of abused pompus ego: A turning away from the ‘G.o.d’ of human thought and will!

Be¬†it firstly understood, humanity is the assigned ‘force’ of intuition’s reach of commune. ¬†All others are imposers of¬†abuse and misuse drenched¬†in lies and ties of untrue progression to purpose. The mind is the open door to all intellectual experience of awe,¬†and not given meant for hypnotic proposals of fallactic pursuance! It is the heart that¬†reigns of decipher to reasoning made just¬†or unjust¬†while the body dwells in matter’s realm.


Mankind¬†must¬†consistently put to question his mental integrity. Why in the name of the¬†‘G.o.d’ of ourselves, would we give permission to ones who are unworthy, to stifle with deceptive intentions to destroy what the individual imagination strives to co-create in Love’s favor to marvel and¬†perpetuity. A world without wordy dogmas of secrecy, is given wholeheartedly as¬†gift beneficial to the whole. To live and let live is first¬†law of duty, discipline, and order!


Wake up! Be aware of mankind’s words contrived of diliberate ‘evil’ intention of purpose; thoughts seeking control and¬†‘power’ over all¬†things through all form of¬†deception! Allow it no longer! Individual privacy of thoughts and emotions¬†of¬†desire for¬†survival are the ‘glue’ necessary for Love’s claim to being: A miracle come¬†of ‘powers’ greater than ourselves—light-giving energies shaping all things through all humanity and all life! Wisdom is gifted in moments of humility: An awareness of place of reality made clear in the now of all moment. Uniqueness is the must of¬†choice¬†set upon thrones of Universal logic! Awe, is what will be given to the changing¬† world made fit for sustainability within harmony. Life can no longer allow fear to reign of humanity’s mind: A ‘force’ of wicked and devastating immoral will!


Beware then, that fear be¬†the¬†mortal enemy! ¬†Joy, is life’s intention of¬†place within the “I AM”¬†of Divinity! Wisdom, is¬†the light of all truth . . . the only “common-core” conformity worthy of obedience! ¬©


Indeed, great pains of mourning continue to come to all who do not face the fears set deep in humanity’s unawareness to his own made hidden intuitive nature and connection to the laws of all order!¬† Face the darkness, the ugliness made of the human soul by our own hand!¬† So to change, so to be able to recognize our wrong-doings! So to heal the great wounds encumbered upon¬† us by ‘the beast’ within ourselves!




The worse thing a society is ‘taught’ to do, ¬†is to judge one another! And to judge we do, by societal standards of ‘success’ mandated by false ego. ¬†This . . . is clearly unrealistic, abominable, and unattractive! ¬†What of moral standards given to mortality¬† —sacred human will, dedication, kindness,¬†humility, empathy, compassion, virtue, grace, and simplicity of begotten place? ¬†Are we not simply human—born to intuition’s governing? ¬†It is for us to live and let live .¬†. . to observe and never to interfere!¬† This, is the first law of honored place, and these are the energies of comings and goings left to guidance of¬†Earth’s children that are felt powerful in these generations, and everything that is not of these is literally, physically,¬†mentally, and spiritually,¬†not of humanity, and are illnesses that need be brought to surface in re-birth to awareness to be healed, as¬†to be ridden of by the life-force for survival’s sake! Can’t you feel it . . . this ‘something’ that is real?! And what is to be done to¬†heal? To just be of thoughts as one in Love’s preservation . . .¬†it is necessary! The Universe constantly dances in beautiful grace of calm, so to change the moving tides and scale of chaos! Why would we think ourselves any different? As above, so too below!



Be humble. Be Love. Be brave. Be alive. Be you. Be human! ~~~*ūüíĖ



“Let no man put asunder”

. . . a destiny of worth made clear from all beginnings.



Enigma – “Return To Innocence”

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Artist: Kouji Oshiro

If we dare,¬†and we must of anxiety’s instinct of wanting burden, delve deeply into the very personal proverbial ‚Äúrabbit hole‚ÄĚ. An inner sense of way where one comes to accept shown paths to truths once lost. Seems that legend, myth, fairy tale, art, and music, are more truthful in lyrical meaning than any of mankind‚Äôs watered-down versions of interference dictated by the ego: An interpretation of¬† knowledge offered of twisted human history of supposed ‚Äúholy order” of books versed and re-versed according to the whims of man’s cultures and religions sorely and soully missing reverenced truths of value of untold record.



The histories of organized religions have been grossly bloody ungodly, and frankly, have very little or nothing to do with personal meaning to the matter of “faith”, nor do they hold words of meaning concerned with matters of self-love and the destructive nature of self-hate. We must pay full mind to all personal accounts of witness to all historical stories of numerous battle between love and hate of all hearts, with “faith” being profoundly personal: A knowing inner ‘voice’ given to whispers of instinctual muse, as it is impossible for “faith” to come of any external force. It is for interpretation through discipline of introspection. No¬†other one can reach unreachable souls except for ‘the one’ what is of first divine order—the soul’s-mate; shared individually as part amongst the whole of all other ‘ones’;¬†an expression of connection to one-ness through ‘the one'”G.o.d” . . . the Universe . . . the Omnipotent . . . Phi of¬†fingerprint . . . Mathematics . . . the Matrix . . . the Alpha, the Omega¬†. . . Allah . . . ¬†YAH
. . . JAH . . . Yahweh . . . Nature . . . etc. etc. etc. of all names given by all cultures made of great and grand planet Earth.

Life is created through free will and thought. There¬†is¬†no mistaking the ‘something’ of inner “calling”
—the ‘something’¬†of ourselves felt of existence—the very soul-mate of the what which seeks experience through us from within. It is best to believe in one-‘self’, rather than in falsely gained false powers that be of mankind who have no right, and who in reality, have no real power at all—the ones of humankind who mock our¬†thoughts through ways of drama, dogma, and distraction. Let it be known, let it be said willfully, that curiosity is the what that satisfies the human imagination.¬†Indeed, surly it is unthinkable for humanity to give up desire of possibility for chance to achieve the impossible when given such divine soulfull role model as perfected love: A soul-mate of expressive thoughts bound in unfathomable beauty of light in plain sight—the intense drive to all human pursuance . . . passion
. . . the true power, where lay waiting are blood-chilling joys of reward!

We must endeavor to mind our thoughts . . . always, as they are intimate conversations with the Universal soul-mate. A will¬†chooses either to¬†listen¬†to divinity of voice, or chooses to conform blindly to forces of mankind’s making, which is nothing more than worldly voice of confusion, expectation, misery, and unreason, which, in reality, are summations to complete ignorance: A deafened and defeated right of way to¬†human progression. To whereforever one’s thoughts are lead, such is what will be so. ¬©


“G.O.D”: G.aining’s D.efinition — Common



It becomes¬†important to know the histories of all “sacred texts”, and to all, all should be read.

ie; The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia—all versions before the “Authorized”¬†K J V version:

A simple review of “The Book of Enoch”

The Book of Thomas

“The Childhood of Jesus Christ”

The Quran

The Book of Mormon

The Gnostic Scriptures

“The Dead Sea Scrolls”

The Vedas

Eastern and Western Zen

The Book of Troth

The Sumarian Texts

Alan Watts

The Nostic version of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” :

Other books:

etc. … etc. … etc. …

A history of John Wycliff:


Other studies [books] of message (+):


“If some years were added to my life, I would dedicate fifty years to the study of the ‘Book of I’, and then I might come to be without great fault”
— Confusious
Read: “The Complete I Ching”

A¬∑poc¬∑ry¬∑pha: biblical or related writings not forming part of the “accepted” canon of scripture:¬† (writings,¬† [questionable] “reports” not considered genuine).



“The ¬†word” of “holy” books, together with all books removed thereof, are given to personal interpretation. They were never intended for organizational use by¬†religious groups endeavoring to¬†usurp control of the minds of the masses, as this would most assuredly¬†deny and defy the intended¬†fulfillment of requirement given of the “G.O.D.” of equality and will.

Who am I really?

What is my message [gift] for change?

Have a conversation with the soul- mate, you, to find out.


To agree or to disagree, will always be matter of personal discernment. Question everything, contemplate everything to the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô vying for your attention from the center of your being. Do research with an¬†‚Äėeye‚Äô outside the realms of religionists and political drama and dogma. Seek, and never stop seeking. Be awed by the things you will come to remember—the things of the¬†true “G.o.d.” of connective self.

Love yourself first … “To thine ownself be true”.









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