“I’d rather live questioning answers, than suffer bad answers.” —Aryeh Frimer

READ everything—ancient and modern histories, education, the phycologies of human behaviors, Nature’s laws,¬†societies revealed and hidden, cultures, the sciences … etc … etc … etc … life IS a process of continual self-education. ¬†NO ONE can be taught! ¬†We are¬†only capable of showing¬†one another how to think. ¬†Realize how intrusive to the very nature of life is the educational “system” of this country. ¬† A so named,¬†“common core” structure: the way of ‘altered’ thought. ¬† A stagnated human progression. ¬†An education “system” of regurgitation of supposed facts proposed of¬†traditional-minded [indoctrinate] dogma. ¬†A life-time exposure to¬†left and right sided thought¬†cannot¬†bring an individual¬†to the center of all balance¬†created for the joy of¬†experience. ¬†

A human mind is naturally suited to intellegent mindfulness. ¬†It is curiosity¬†that will¬†naturally lead us to the truer¬†paths [rabbit hole] of questioning answers and questioning motives of a¬†society that has built institutions called “schools” where individuals are trafficed and trained and stripped of individuality! ¬†Intelligence will¬†ultimately question a government responsible for structuring such absured “systems” of governance. ¬†There are indeed fundamentally mentally serious problems within these “systems”¬†of . . . dare I say it . . . experiences in¬†mind control. ¬†There is no mistake in coming to conclusion that it is our¬†own imagination who is¬†the true “master” of the¬†things of inner¬†‘voice’, and so does¬†exposure all¬†findings through¬†experience. ¬†And even within the proposed withins of delusions tempered within of worry¬†and fear of ‘self’-expression. Reason and will¬†¬†give way to awareness; an new uncaring defiance of what others may or may not¬†think of our ‘questionable’ sanity. ¬†There simply will be no way to simply ignore and¬†forget what will be¬†discovered of untruths, because there is no way¬†the human condition can¬†forget about the truths that did present themselves in¬†personal search for¬†‘self’-forgiveness of unjust anguish: A revealed¬†right of passage to save oneself from oneself. ¬†




I was born into the city of brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised in a cozy little¬†brick row home located at 3rd and Indiana Streets in North Philadelphia, alongside parents, Eileen Mary Carry (nee: McKendrick), and Thomas James Carry, the love of our lives,¬†Elizabeth ‘Nanny’ Carry¬†(nee: McLaughlin), my five beautiful sisters, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, Veronica, and Donna, and my two handsome brothers, Thomas and John, and a very large and protective German Sheppard named appropriately, ‘King’. We were considered¬†by society’s standard of ‘status’ as the humbled poor. ¬†As children, we were indoctrinated into Catholicism as the mainstay of worldly knowledge and instruction. All being firstly educated at the enchantingly beautiful Catholic church located at 6th and Tioga Streets in Philadelphia, St. Veronica‚Äôs, and subsequently, the girls onto the infamous and extraordinary Catholic high school for girls at 10th and Lycoming Streets, St. Theresa of the ‘Little Flower’, and my¬†brothers being¬†educated at North Catholic high school for boys. ¬†It was at Little Flower that I first heard the words, “To thine own self be true”. ¬†These words did strike me at heart, and have remained with me through my life¬†as coming straight from the mind, and/or heart, of ‘God’. ¬†These words¬†did lend great strength to me as I ¬†did so desperately need¬†them¬†in coming to a sense of awareness of ‘self’-a worth of place: A¬†revelation to me that there actually was meaning to just¬†‘being’ of individual existence.

I would describe my¬†high school years as an experience of mystery, wherein I did relished in a¬†quiet observation felt of my thoughts concerning human perplexities and complexities. Eventually I came to conclusion, that if there are indeed untruths committed to propagate notions toward communial conformity, that there must also be truths both unstated and understated left to individual imagination [seeking]. My observations turned to fixation, as I became increasingly obsessive in my own doubts and¬†beliefs,¬†in that I could not believe, that there were no truths at all. In due course, I developed a faith in a ‘God’ of great force¬†speaking; a connectivity of¬†living things. ¬†The statement,¬†“To thine own self be true”,¬†grew¬†within my¬†heart¬†to mean that¬†to find one’s true nature [self], was vital to self-preservation: An inborn sense of responsibility. ¬†I believe, in these seemingly senseless and chaotic moments of man’s ‘time’, that the individual is sadly misunderstood‚ÄĒforced onto a ‘life-stage’¬†of false¬†pursuance learned of¬†[indoctrinate] untruths set on course to encouraging an estrangement from Universal laws; an unawareness of ‘self’ steeped¬†in fallacies of illusion—‘tricks’ of¬†unreality suited for¬†expectations of secular society [enslavement] based in¬†deceitful endeavors where sacrificed is the individual ‘something’ felt of ¬†one’s deepest ‘self’-worth. ¬†Consequently, humanity is consciously and subconsciously set against inborn intentions of cause, choice, progression, and message: A chaos of¬†thoughts [anxiety] never to be satisfied;¬†a worth¬†of soul¬†caught in untrue webs of ignorance.

I am here, same as all¬†witness to a blindness of¬†hearts; an enstrangement from the connection¬†to ‘God’: An occurance of manipulation contradictory to humanity’s intuitions and expectations of expression. ¬† What a shame it is that our¬†freely given physical experience is not seen for what is meant to be . . . an individual gift of worth given to chance for betterment of¬†the¬†whole, an intention of change suppressed—so much potential unrealized and unachieved. ¬†The true meaning of the perverbial “mortal sin”. ¬† And thusly, witness we do the asking of questions of ‘why’:¬†A¬†conundrum of unending confusion of¬†thoughts and words, as¬†the ‘why’ can only be contemplated within the¬†individual¬†heart—truths and untruths to un-entangle from the¬†mind. I believe all life is genetically fashioned to live harmoniously; a physical, emotional, and spiritual¬†connection¬†one kind to the other. ¬†And what joy it is felt what is known of this knowing! How absurdly unfortunate it is that the¬†usurping of moments of now breeds selfishness of division¬†within all manner of¬†matter. Worldly ills are controlling life cycles unnaturally and UN-fatefully through man-made ‘evils’—‘evils’ versus ‘evils’ of distraction corrupting the good; a conjuring of lies and ties of perverse thought. Humanity has been made numbed to their own¬†expression, and therefore, have been stagnated of intuitive skills of¬†survival and sustainability; an abominable wrong perpetrated by a¬†demented few who so do encumber the life-force. I believe, that humanity’s natural flow of intention is being denied rightful honor of place of Nature’s order of¬†evolution. The events of our lives¬†are lived through¬†the¬†energies given. ¬†Energies usurped¬†as¬†result of manipulation and¬†disillusionment created of malevolent negative thinking¬†of our brothers and sisters troubled of sick souls who suffer uncontrolled lusts for the¬†things of external power‚ÄĒaddictions of corrupt constructs of mind‚ÄĒpower addictions of inequitable and undemocratic greed.

‘God’ is a great architect of¬†thought and¬†choice. ¬† And so do we¬†choose to embrace an abomidable conformity proposed of man-made “systems” purposly constructed¬†in¬†dillusions of capitalism and materialism—stripped of individual rights of imagination and will, or will humanity fall to its knees in¬†recognition of¬†oneself¬†as was so¬†intended and expected: A acceptance of humbled¬†place of cooperation within¬†the greater natural force .

All matter of life form born to¬†these generations are survived witnesses to the sufferage¬†of the whole;¬†a¬†restlessness of UN-bearing felt¬†of righteousness hearts. ¬†Personal attempts of of remembrance of bonding¬†are made through spirit—an ancient remembrance¬†of¬†humanity’s will speaks of rescue through inclinations of¬†un-learning to re-learn how to heal the wounds of an unintended stagnation. All life should be denied no more of choice and cause. Remembered¬†must¬†be the innate responsibility given to human¬†stewardship, for¬†without which, no doubt comes an inevitable result of¬†ruinous outcome. ¬†If a¬†positive change of mind of Universal mentality does not come about in the now of historic breaking point of human desperation of soul, then¬†doomed from precious existence life will be. ¬†True it is that humanity deserves what humanity chooses … I choose, “To Thine Own ‘self’ be True”! ¬†The most important words I have ever been blessed to hear! ¬†I am only sorry that I did¬†allow the ‘demons’ of a secular society [negativity] deafen my ear¬†from the very words of ‘God’ for¬†a ‘time’. ¬† I am utterly joyous of heart and spirit that they did come back to rescue me.

“You want weapons? ¬†Go to a library! ¬†Books are the best weapons in the world.‚ÄĚ
—Dr. Who(¬Ņ)

To the¬†‘God’ of all things: ¬†Thank you, for forgivness of the things of unbearing misunderstanding.¬†¬†I will move¬†forward of will that¬†seeks that¬†which¬†educates my spirit to the ‘whys’ of misgiving and giving. ¬† Accept my apologies for causing another¬†pains of life come out my own vanity of ignorance. ¬†I accept the pains of indignation’s endurance; a reasoned humility of determinate. ¬†In highest esteem¬†I do hold unto life¬†for finding me worthy of meaningful message—lyrical enunciations and whisperings coming¬†of inner ‘voice’ of beeching; a¬†joy of¬†frequency¬†and¬†sound felt of pure Love which did heal my broken pieces and did¬†free¬†me from the¬†prison of regrets as if to say,¬†“Above all else . . . ‘to thine own ‘self’ be true'”: ¬†A personal revelation.