The greatest challenge to, thusly a goal of accomplishment of rational mind, is to just be of the self-revealed will. One is truly and justly the humble sum of worth toward the creation of all worth—the somebody of the ‘something’ of greater whole—born to be the ‘something’ of connection to everything. Born to ‘see’ that without all parts of all one, the continued mutual ‘feelings’ of nothingness suggested to an un-belonging of non-conforming cannot and will not change to the awe of all encompassing will of the ‘something’ meant to be of eternity’s harmony. All parts are ones marked of fingerprints’ design—all life are ‘change-links’ of force to influence will and thought
—the necessary “chips” in the “matrix” so to say: programs of choice energy; be it positive or negative polarity. It is the human ones of all one who are responsible in these ‘games’ of intentions’ gain and blame toward life’s barings: An instinctual knowing that superficial and temporary negative forces have no value, no power, unless ones of one part give it ‘power’ [energy]. This is a great understanding between the instinctive heart and the rational, sometimes irrational mind—the very energies of stabbings and pleasures felt of heart have been forced numbed into mass masked ignorance. “To thine own self be true” is the discerning truth, because human intuition will never lie! UN-learned must be the lies and ties of demented mind to enable a re-learning to listening to the ways of the marked heart that cannot be masked as it endeavors to reveal the ‘something’ that is real!




Nothing . . .

nothing is

the emptiness


of human fodder

of sorted status


to non-viseral



roaming nonsensically

A one way

trained mind

of ego

to tempered


wants desirous

to roam


And so it is sown . . .

all remains

the same

in this

fenced-in ‘game’

of rotted same

of sheep

of shame

seldom self-attended

never meant

for intended . . .

now left

to baring

an uncaring swearing

still daring

to gaze

an Aether

of heathen’s heather

in bad weather ©



FODDER (verb): to give feed to domesticated cattle or other livestock.

In human terms: An economic “branded” permission given to endless mindless consumerism: An indulging apathetic fodder of mind’s suggestion that there are no moral codes written upon the human virtue. [🐑]



To be human, IS to be of positive empathetic polarity against combattant negativity of apathy. Humanity IS the light in dark spaces.


HUMAN: Mortal form of spiritual essence ‘programmed’ by others of like condition to choose ‘vs’ while discerning personal life choices made between heart [emotions] and irrational mind [ego]. Well … time to change the man-made “rules” [tune] … to your own! Because emotions = intuition = humanity = ‘soul-intensity’ = virtue = you = life and love eternal = happiness = joy = passionate rational mortal moral thought = heaven = continuance.

“Holy books” and other books intended toward human psychological interference, are mere lies and ties contrived of mortal minds: rejections and interjections of deceit conjured through ‘secreted’ ancient theologies: histories of human behaviors altered inconclusively and non-conclusively: content suited to ego-sided human will: A psycho-illogical satisfaction of man’s uncontrolled insatiable need for power and control. This truth must be told!

Faith: An in-born right to the ‘something’ felt of personal intuition and imagination in concerns of self-experience w/i the physical world: A right to an at-will way of life: An aspect of DNA built of deeply spiritual countenance inspiring continuance of kind in kind: A necessary coding enabling the deciphering of truths and meaning for human responsibility within reasoned ability toward individual creations of worth to achievements of wealth of wisdoms for the whole.

Really . . .there is no rocket science needed for experience. Life is made simple and simply made! Stay devoted and loyal to whatever you heart desires, forsaking all negative force against the love that awaits a reaping!

Stay humble … gaze and graze [rise] quietly … 🎭 … the mind and the heart become one in beauty personified through synchronicity ‘s dance to exquisite music played within Love’s harmonies. You … are the dancer chosen to dance to Heaven’s passionate heart. And in so doing, tamed will be the will of the indentured hellish mind! It is we who are the “Higher Love” we seek in our desires unfulfilled by another, and is meant for the sharing with all others.

‘Think’ about it. Let Love in, completely, for the win!




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