The greatest challenge to human emotional endeavor, and so to, of intellectual use of the rational mind, is to achieve, in one’s seemingly many life-times, to just be self-revelation of will, in that one, is the humble sum of worth toward the creation of all worth—the somebody of the ‘something’ of greater whole—born to be the ‘something’ of part connection to everything. Born to ‘see’, that without all parts of all one, the continued mutual ‘feeling’ of nothingness of un-belonging cannot, and will not change to the all-encompassing will of ‘something’ meant to be of eternity. All parts are one’s marked of fingerprint design—‘change-links’ of force to influence will and thought in connection—the necessary “chip” in the “matrix” so to say: A program of choice energy; be it positive or negative polarity. It is all of the human ones of all one what are responsible in gain toward humanely positive baring of heart: An instinctual knowing that negative force has no value, no power, unless ones of the one give it ‘power’ [energy] to be so. This … is the great understanding between instinctive hearts and rational minds of connective knowledge of temperate mind—the very physical [energy], and purely instinctual stabbings or pleasures of heart that we feel but forced to mind-mask of ignorance in our discernment of truths, will never lie! Un-learned must be the lies of mind, to enable the re-learning of listening to the true unmasked heart endeavoring to reveal the ‘something’ felt that is real!



Nothing . . .

nothing is

the emptiness


of human fodder

of heart given

of issue

to roam

one way . . .


of mind trained

to ego

of temperate

wants  desirous

to roam another

All remains

the same

in this

fenced-in ‘game’

of rotted will

of sheep

of shame

seldom self-attended

as meant intended . . .

left to baring

of uncaring swearing

still daring

to gaze

the Aether

of heathen’s heather

in bad weather ©



FODDER (verb): to give feed to domesticated cattle or other livestock.

In human terms: An economic “branding”: permissions given to mindlessness: an indulging in apathetic fodder of purposely numbed virtue. [🐑]



To be human, IS to be of positive passionate polarity!


HUMAN: Mortal form of spiritual essence ‘programmed’ by others of like “condition” to choose ‘vs’ in discernment of personal life choice between heart [emotions] and rational mind. Well … time to change the man-made “rules” [tune] … to your own! Because emotions = intuition = humanity = ‘soul-intensity’ = virtue = you = life and love eternal = happiness = joy = passionate and rational mortal moral thought = heaven.


Stay humble … gaze and graze [rise] quietly … 🎭 … the mind and the heart are beauty personified; born to dance the exquisite music of Love’s harmonies. You … are the dancer chosen to dance with Heaven’s passionate heart! In so doing, tamed will be the will of hellish minds! It is we, what are the “Higher Love” we seek to feel not found in another, but to be shared with all others in the finding within ourselves.

‘Think’ about it. Let Love in … completely … for the win!




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