of silent weeping,
a weary
psyche floats . . .
a weightless sway



Deeply scensed 
is crystal clarity
given unto bond
of understanding
of secreted
silent story



A nobility succors
of intimate essence
not of place
where my body be . . .
but of moment
and space
where ‘spirits’
seated upon
eyeful towers
of aloof
speak idioms heard
in quiet quiescence
of muse



A wordless breath
sings melodies
of many
upon moment’s



Mortality’s reign
is again exulted . . .
given unto
day’s grace
to place
of walls
lacking ends
where divested
is a never-ending
story ©




Man-made distractions of intent toward an ‘evil’ thievery of souls merely gives way to balance life with millions of reasons to dream.



The Aether: A spiritual place: A mystical ‘state’ of meditative mind where conflicts of heart are called to stand before the Great Soul of air and light.


Listen, discern w/ open mind.















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