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“Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strenghtened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ¬†—Helen Keller

Life and Death¬†¬†It is not the suggestive heart that should be ‘followed’, as is suggested, as the heart is the bearer of anguish¬†at best, becoming¬†easily¬†broken by the insignificient¬†mundane and meaningless¬†guilts and regrets it feeds upon¬†in opposition¬†to¬†the soul simultaneously begging intuition’s logic, which so easily succumbs¬†to mankind’s spiteful¬†ignorance! ¬†Love, the intimate forgiver, therefore, is ‘stored’ at¬†the core of soul, because Love is the perpetual and purposeful energy that transforms and does not fade away, as such is the fate of heart—a¬†mind filled with negative charge offered of¬†proposition. It is reasonable to say that the mind¬†must first be ’emptied’ of the things of¬†angst’s [anxiety] imprisionment, so¬†thusly the soul can offer the ways of intuitions positive solution of heart to counter¬†‘the darknesses’ of unreason given to human thoughts. ¬†This, is the¬†battle; a¬†must of fight in order to re-gain and maintain a¬†knowledge of the light once know¬†and allowed¬†to just be.¬†This, is the what of meaning “born again”—to rid, to ‘un-program’ the mind¬†of¬†society’s stagnation of imposed ills of ill will.



The¬†mind must remain vigilant, open¬†to ‘see’ the things of the soul’s craving; an¬†allowance of¬†heart to¬†purpose. ¬†The heart is the¬†organ created to¬†carry the genes of blood-reign who speak from¬†the soul. ¬†The heart is the doorway, the¬†entrance meant to feed the soul’s worth, but is used and¬†abused¬†by malevolent force as an exit of external¬†damnation when¬†one¬†does not listen to the cries of internal endearment. ¬†The heart beats fast for anxiety’s ways of doom; a ‘cheering on’ for¬†death of personage. ¬†So too, in awareness, the heart¬†remains at peace [rest] when comforted by the ‘voice’ of eternal influence.



A cyclic¬†[force] Universe¬†is eternal beauty and chaos. ¬†Life¬†is no different, and¬†cannot exist one without the other. ¬†Internal Love carries the soul¬†moment to moment within¬†the light¬†perpetually speaking;¬†an eternity of¬†souls of Love’s energeries battling a¬† blinding heart’s despair for repair. ¬†Love is¬†the¬†‘Temple’¬†binding¬†the Earth to the Universe.¬† And if¬†it is Love [light] we must fight for¬†as we¬†roam¬†the rhelms¬†of physical¬†[dark] experience, then stands to reason that “success” is¬†the re-absorption of Love’s energies once lost, disallowing the illusions residing in the ‘darkness’ to fester.



‚ÄėHome‚Äô, is the name of the internal light that is; an energy of ~~just be~~.¬†¬©




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“In contrast to the monotheistic religions with their linear view of sacred time and the progressive nature of history leading to a final eschcatological event, many Neo-Pagans view sacred moments¬†as cyclical, rotating between life and death in an eternal cycle of periodic renewal, which Mircea Eliade called ‘the eternal return’. In contrast to the Dharmic religions, which seek escape from this cycle, many Neo-Pagans embrace it. Far from being a source of pessimism or despair, for these Neo-Pagans, the ineluctability of death gives deeper meaning to existence.”











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