“We’re just two lost souls
swimming in a fish bowl . . .
year after year . . . “
—Pink Floyd






It has become imperative to review a forgotten point-of-view. It’s a good thing we are the generations who remember a truer reality.  We are the keepers of wisdom within.  We only need to allow it to speak. The more clearly we focus our thoughts on the wonders of the Universe surrounding us, the less damage is sustained of distortion.



People of these moments no longer consider the individual perspective, because indifference has become the norm of altered thinking societies.  It is hard to comprehend that employees of corporate entity are actually ‘trained’ in “policy and procedure” of expectation to ‘deal’ with the bullshite they are subjected to from arrogant consumers, and yet are compensated very little to be ‘staged’ in attitude adjustment to handle inwardly destroyed-outwardly ugly people; a pretense of ‘acting’ as though they are not emotionally, physically, and even economically and financially, affected: An expectation of personhood numbness.



Empathy and consideration can and does go a long way.   Petty people could be ‘re-trained’ to be human simply by taking away the social ‘devices’ that promote selfishness, separation, and apathy. Guaranteed to bring people back to remembrance of instinctual knowledge of ‘how to’ be considerate and more in tune to the ‘feelings’ of others rather than be an impenetrable bubble of ignorance that some currently have become.

#ditchthenotsosmartphone once in awhile! #communicationisnotacrime.



#Indifference is #inhumane: A new conscious feeling.   We all have been at one time or another in a room full of people—all glued to their ‘devices’.   This presents a feeling of aloneness; an epidemic of sadness, and hence, the very reason for uncomfortable human stirrings; an up rise in numbers going to a psychologist or psychiatrist for misunderstood ‘conditions’ of mental and emotional breakdown, when all people really want and have need for is natural human connectivity.  But of course, and par for societal recourse, drugs are easily dispensed to curb an anxiety of intolerance, since empathetic ones who seek human interaction are the ones seen by all others to be the very ones less tolerated.



Humanity IS NOT moving forward! Humanity is stagnated in as far as evolution of thought. This, is exactly how the status quo would have it as is obvious and continuous is the conjuring of new ways to control the things of already given natural laws of order persistently striving to progress!



#WakeupNOW!  Now of moments is the right of birthright!  There is no future without now! Exchange fear of ‘voice’ with courage of heart to live to just be!  Give no precious mind’s moments to immoral and complicated illusions offered of the insane few who seek to reap with greed aforethought! Freedom is not the delusions given to gains of want, freedom is being who you are without indoctrinate false sense of need for things to falsely profess it!



‘Karma’: An egocentric frame of thought not unlike drama and dogma of most “religions” whose sole over souls purpose is to divide and conquer; an obstacle of personal conscious undermining placed of one’s thoughts as one pursues a journey toward #introspection of personal truths vested in happiness. “Karma” is a mere conjured word intended to incite spiritual flaw—a voo-doo doll-like judgment placed upon the head of another in hate-filled desire for revenge of broken heart: A perpetuated not forgotten unforgiving.  “Karma” therefore, is nothing more than false [narcissistic] notion absent a righteous intention of heart toward another.  

No one ever says, ‘I wish you good karma’. What is said is, ‘karma will get you!’



‘Humility’: A learned character adjustment necessary to acheive the ability to set all things of meaningless debris free. ©




“The moment you stop racing, is when you will realize that you have won the race.”  —Bob Marley













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