Weeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

“Weeping Woman” 1937  Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T05010



Be it beginning
or be it end . . .
Love . . .
is my true friend
if nothing else be
A reverse
of ‘things’

being first . . .
the very reasons
you un-feel
and un-deserve
my presence
of insignificant

I hope you
will miss me 
if I go . . .
I will miss you
and wish
I won’t . . .
but I know
I will . . .

I will miss you
I will miss
the music
of us . . .

of private ‘muse’ . . .
a dance
of light and dark

I’ll miss
a togetherness
you so coldly
took from me . . .
and now
I can’t breathe
for holding back
a heaviness
of tears
to drown me
you’re around me
I would
give anything
to continue
this dance
of shadows . . .
but only
if my useless

hold meaning
in your heart 
Maybe then
you wouldn’t
be so mean . . .
so indifferent
to my just being
I’ll miss your lips 
while wishing
I won’t . . .
but I will . . .
I will miss you . . .
and if our shadows
never dance again
. . .
then I’ll dance alone
to what I do
you see 
I will still
love you
and will always
that was
good enough . . .
I will wish
I won’t miss you
but I will . . .
I’ll miss you
So please . . .
do . . .

go if you must . . .
find yourself . . .
maybe then
you’ll ‘see’
the deeper
parts of me
I’ve tried to be
within you . . .
and if you don’t . . .
then my bad
for not ‘seeing’
your undeserving
to profess
a love for me 
Please . . .
do show me so
if you truly do
. . .
and don’t
let me go . . .

but if you can’t . . .
I’ll try my
best not
to rant . . .
and just
as coldly
let you go . . .
to relent to
the pretense 
of something-ness
that was everything-ness
to me . . .
and now seemingly
nothing-ness to you



True Love’s nobility is grown from courage; an earned lesson felt of unwarranted scorn of profound indifference.  Choose solitude, and let true Love love you, for what is not of true Love is utter poison to being.  ‘Self’ Love is discovered through an endurance of indifference. One cannot know true Love, unless one has love for ‘self’ first: A lesson necessary to recognize true Love’s face.



ANAGAPESIS:  No longer having ‘feelings’ for someone you claim to have once loved. Truth be told, it is a state of mind in unawareness to the relevance of deeper meaning of true Love.  That which, is a learning to re-learn what happiness is; a desire and joy in the giving to another, rather than a constant selfish lust for temporal gratification.



An ode to the irony of Love . . . to one is given second chance to grasp—to ‘see’ a meaning of true love.  To another,a repeated lesson in what true love is not, through a gain of heartache’s pain.




Emiliana Torrini & Thievery Corporation, “Until the Morning”













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