‘As faithful as the sea, always come back to me.’ 





Image:  CCO from illuminatizeitgeist.tumblr.com (no attribution named)



A projection


of shadow


are we


onto others


of life’s due affair


unfairly given over


so easily to anxiety’s




of false luster


And yet . . .


for every finger


pointed inward . . .


goes out


three more


to abhor






of ‘self’ wrenching




of ‘self’ denial. . .


’til is thusly


freely given


to humility


And perhaps


even so . . .


to circumstance


of pending just

of misconstrued ‘karma’


so transparent


to become


the many


of life’s passing




of first


unchangeable conjugation




Still . . .


no matter


how hard


is a pain


of smite


of indignation . . .


be ruthless anyway!


Be courageous anyway!


Call . . . it . . . out!


Fear not


another’s shadow


of judgement


lurking about!


Meet it


face-to-face . . .


or suffer


a vacuity


of purloined will


of place


of grace! ©






“The human psyche is set up in accord with structures of the Universe.  What happens in the macrocosm, likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.” —Carl G. Jung



Allow no one to pass ‘blame’ upon you in attempt to still ‘self’-worth: A ‘God’-given purpose to move!  The world is changed with and without you!  Everyone is given chance at changing the world by just having the courage to be the change from within.



Getting your halo dirty is a must—if only to earn grace; an  unmerited favor of Divine manifest waiting where released are the vulnerabilities [demons] of indoctrinate confrontation between the mind and the heart.  Stand naked together they must of will—the Atom and Eve of contradiction—before the eye of the soul—no matter nay sayers of other will’s intent. ‘See’, transform, and wear the scars earned of Earthly perdition as the wings they are given to be!  



I swear I heard the ocean whisper, ‘I love you’. 💙
















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