Should I    white-rabbit-time

be sorry . . .

and remain

in denial

of trial 

meant to be  

of you

and me 

you just 

don’t ‘see’

of destiny? 


no longer waits

to take thee


from sway

you see . . .

and all for


to be free 

A frequency 

of fate


to be? 

We’ll ‘see’


will be . . .

 as for now

we don’t agree . . .

to just be we 


The Universe moves in fractals of synchronism of spiraling cyclic rhythms in attempt to achieve continence.  Why should or would we think ourselves any different?   Around, and around, and around life does go: A frequency of thought captured. A chance of change for ‘something’ of desire to come full and fiery fruition.  Used are the colors of souls to the canvas.



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