Photography: Zhang Jingna – Model: Sveta –


We tend

to strike

in revenge

of broken heart . . .

and never do

we flinch

as we turn

a cheek

to hide

a wound

that never heals . . .

because ‘something’

in us has

to die . . .

for ‘something’

in us 

to live

We thank you . . .

sadly . . .

for this gift

of pain

that keeps

us sensitive

toward purposeful

gain ©


In a Universe created of negative and positive force, one tends to easily [sub-consciously] accept the pains of negativity: A shock of mind and heart to what has happened to us as we fall deeply toward self-embellishment of ache of loss seemingly unending—remaining until all things are reconciled of ‘self’-redemption.

A ‘remedy’ of reason is humility; a ‘voice’¬†of forgiving¬†‘self’-worth. ¬†Give¬†up the mask in trade for design’s beseeching.¬† Surrender to the¬†acceptance¬†of one’s-‘self’ over to questions¬†of ‘whys’ of origin: A finding of answers¬†patiently awaiting¬†of¬†awe. ¬†Take moments freely given to the gathering¬†of thoughts. ¬†Begin you will, arrange them differently to¬†‘reveal’ a¬†truer who of you from the broken pieces. ¬†‘Time’ will tell you what you need to know.¬† ‘Heaven’, is a¬†world created within—imagination’s child; a lighted path out of the nothingness of darkness.


Energy does not fade away, but only transforms.  Eternity is mere repetition of positive and negative force, for sake of harmony.  Balance, depends on how far one is willing to span the wings of the soul.













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