“The cumulative effect of sacred geometry is the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm.”  A Universal collective.






“The synchronicity of the universe is determined by certain mathematical constants which express themselves in the form of ‘patterns’ and ‘cycles’ in nature.  The outcome of this process can be seen throughout the natural world.”

Will modern humanity dare to consider and define ‘a matrix’ concept of intelligent design as did the Ancients?

In 1965, a man named Gordon E. Moore made the statement, “Computer power will double every twenty four months.”  This then did become known as, “Moore’s Law”.

In 1960, an average computer was known to be compiled of 2300 transistors, and within fifty years time, the number jumped to nearly 5.6 billion transistors, as Gordon Moore did previously predict.

A mathematical matrix existence?!  A vibrational que?!  An ancient idea that should and must be logically considered and intellectually pondered!  Within one hundred years from today, computer ‘power’ will be ten to the 15th power, that being, 1.126 quadrillion times more powerful than any of today’s known designs.  A pro foundry of thought indeed!

Today, of information that is available, there are three known class of artificial intelligence [AI]: weak AI, strong AI, and ultimate AI.  The current IBM, so named “Watson”, is considered to be a strong AI; a program that can remember thousands of pieces of data, and is capable of thinking like a sentient being.  For such an ‘entity’ to be capable of such consciousness, it must also be able to ‘experience’ things of existence such as emotions and sensations like feel taste and smell, and may be able to even feel Love.

According to Moore’s Law, as computers do become more intelligent over periods of ‘time’ in years, they themselves, the AI, will eventually create artificial intelligence that believes it conscientiously exists.

Some are now aware, that as of today, mankind has created a formula called “the Lattice QCD”, which consists of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, and are already able to run a technique called “the Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics”, or, “QCD”; a formula that stimulates the smaller particles of a single atom so named gluon s, quarks, and protons. Mankind is capable of simulating a very small portion of the Universe measuring to scale of about 100 trillionth of a meter.  Therefore, relative to truth be told of Moore’s Law, a million years of technological advancement could easily give knowledge on know-how of how to ‘simulate’ a Universe. Questions now are, has this already been achieved by other outer-worldly entity?  Does life on this planet, if by chance be it created by an AI, exists within a matrix experience?

It has already been proven by the scientific communities that there are cosmic rays flying around our known Universe that lose a consistent amount of energy.  These rays act like chess pieces on a board, which, is believed to be, an underlying lattice of a simulator.  These cosmic rays present in our Universe act exactly as if they were trapped inside a massive virtual simulation.

Since mankind has found that it is possible for a computer to hold an unlimited amount of data, it is surmised that there must also exist a ‘boundary’ of limitation, if indeed the known Universe is a simulator.  Turns out, there does exists such a ‘boundary’, and is known to science as the “Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin, or, GZK ‘cut-off’.

Scientists at Bonn University in Munich, Germany, have actually measured the effects of cosmic rays when they collide into this GZK cut off [boundary], and did find that they did vanish into nothingness.  The founder of this cosmic ray research, a man named Silas Beane, states, “The answer, statistically speaking, is that we’re more likely to be living in a simulation.”

Albeit constantly questioned, life insofar as we are able to perceive of the what of the ‘matter’, has indeed been created by some ‘force’ of superiority of intelligence beyond ourselves.  The evidence, however, if it is what it is, seems pointing to fact that humanity as a species is rapidly catching up.  The trick is, we must, through un-merited grace given of choice, take a more serious responsibility of mind to manage not to destroy ourselves in the processes of hopeful intellectual and spiritually progression?

‘God’, is watching, or more appropriately, is feeling our energies.  Life has been gifted upon a ‘power’ to create “Made in ‘God’s’ image”, as is foretold of numerous ancient texts.  Life’s challenges are directly remedied through thoughts in desire of what life wishes to create of what has been gifted upon it.  The obstacles being, and have always been, mankind’s greed and secreted politics and religions; a conformity of the masses of mind made unaware of knowledge concerning true reality—all such ‘secrets’ of universal value and worth kept behind the closed doors of the scientific communities of the egotistical who were bought and paid by said politics and religions.  Humanity does give name to all these in unison . . . ‘evils’.  All are responsible for profoundly depressing imaginations in attempt to squelch humanity’s right to mortal energies of choice and personal intentions of growth—challenges of offered struggles and distractions for those seeking ‘alternate’ truths.

A forced system steeped in numerable unreasoned contention causing internal and external anxieties—the very reason for life sicknesses, diseases, and cancers seeded through mankind’s abuses.  And on and on are the lists of abominable renderings upon all matter along-side gross confusion proposed upon of human spirit held of fallacy concerning death’s ends and being according to the “s i n s” of the individual soul.  All of these belief systems have grossly altered a natural progression, and have blatantly usurped memory’s wisdoms necessary for intelligence to fully engage given synchronicity, and therefore have denied humanity’s capabilities to consciously acknowledge a birthright of ‘self’-worth traded for a numbing of being; a prison of consciousness given toward forgetfulness of due place.

Hence, it is humanity’s must of responsibility of solemn duty to existence to rid the life-force of these proposed ‘evils’.  Indeed, it is the only way life will ever be truly free to experience intended realities of our own creations of intention; a choice made clear in matter designed and desirous of intellect.  A forced conformity toward single ideal of thought is incomprehensible: A stunting of mental growth conjured of ‘systems’ initiated by status-quo powers that do relentlessly strive to deliver to deceive the masses. Mankind’s ignorance is essential for offered continuance of such mania steeped in selfish egotistical greedy endeavor of the few born of bad blood!

Love is the ultimate energy of answer for healing the ills of life.  Life itself was so created of this, the greatest of all desires of all thought.  It is of love from whence all life comes, and it will be to love’s eternal energies that all life is so destined to return full circle awareness of the what, whom, and why of all things.  A ‘voice’ within is constant in this relentless breeching of remembrance.  The ‘voice’ of humanity’s soul of part to play in battles of now of given moments against the enemies of life; they of intentionally contrived ‘evils’ proposed of mankind hand who do continually attempt to hide the face of the first creator; an architect of fingerprint design.  They do accomplish this with the greatest of lies seemingly unending!

Humanity must constantly strive to ‘see’ the fractal fingerprints of ‘God’ in everything, presented everywhere—an unfathomable awe of all magnificence.  ‘God’ is literally coded within life’s DNA of intellect constantly speaking a language of a finely tuned creativity.

Life is an emotionally charged human ride of right; an amazing experience of ‘self’-discovery steeped in adventure where direction constantly changes and moves within cyclical synchronism.  Love’s ‘missions’ are given through wisdom’s changes: A personal resolve to revolutions of inspiration; An awareness of the many worlds of reality available and changeable based upon one’s own principles of thought, passion, survival, sense of unity, compassion, faith, understanding, and an ultimate availability of joy so strongly felt, that the disillusion of pains of wrenching negativity become null and void to the nothingness from whence they came!  An ultimate platform of stage is given to all form of matter who dance the dance of ‘just be’; a chance to ‘show-off’ a true potential based in passion and reason for changes necessary to make against the stagnations forced upon the human spirit.

‘God’ . . . thou truly are the artist: A love existing of life in Universal language of connective mathematics frequency and light. Indeed! Everything is energy . . . “ made in the image of ‘God’ ”. How egocentric is man to say anything of backward thought otherwise!  ©




“Love is not just a thing to understand.

Love is not just a thing to feel.

Love is not just a thing given or received.

Love is a thing we are . . .

and to eternally be.”  —Sri Chinmoy



Mystical-Surrealism:  Of the ‘unseen’ greater than ourselves revealed within a heart’s sincere desire for truths: A promise of word made clear from the beginning of thought.

Open your mind and your heart to the simplistic-complexity of Nature’s logic.  —Love





“Astonishing! Everything is intelligent!” —Pythagoras  “ॐ”

Truth is far greater than the fiction deceitfully feed us.





(Some data herein was derived from researched information through books and the Internet, and is open and available to individual interpretation.  Question everything!)

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