“The entrance to sanctuary is inside you.”

“I went inside my heart to see how it was.  Something there makes me feel the whole world weeping.”   —Rumi


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The world is a blessing made unjustly cursed by wicked thought:  An aloneness of living an inbetween of altered place to those coming to a sense of ‘self’-awareness who find and hold a joy so great of heart, that words cannot suffice expression: A feeling of restored missing of once knowing.  The ‘chill’ is real!  The battle is real! Changes happen deep within a truth made of personal recollection of the who of what you truly are—a beautiful perfection once made hidden of offered regret!

And so the delusions of blinding hypocrisy laced in denial continue to infect our world; a continuance in unreasoned existence.


DO . . . give awe due attention to intuitions’ peer through the veils of anxiety of stabbing obligatory pains of conformity!  A truth is attempting revelation to mind and heart.  Instincts never lie, through which are ‘seen’ the changes that must bloom to enable an awakening of sleepy illogic: A ‘something’ of compulsion felt of familiarity.

‘Doors’ will be forced open.  Truths will piss us off, at first, but need be said!  Say them! Otherwise, the ‘voice’ of inner sanctuary will continue to cry out until unlocked are the mental shackles placed upon the human virtue!

The things of ‘evil’ are the indoctrinate fears proposed to the mind toward false teaching and false feeling; a shame and guilt of misunderstandings and misgivings of altered choice made in numbness of ignorance.  But there is irony [muse]; a sheer mercy of thought—lessons of importance necessary to be gained of brokenness—an willingness of unlearning to relearn.  A ‘spirit’ seeks to break through to overcome the proposed pains of fallacy; a light of redemption of natural force of entropy that ‘shocks’ one to wake—to lead one out of the dark arenas of indoctrinate drama and dogma of chaotic insanity!  Lay waiting is the true ‘self’: A Divine encounter of promised conviction.

Free your ‘self’!  Be your own savior!  There is no other before a ‘God’ which answers one’s fervent cry for peace of heart!  If one fails ‘the one’ of ‘self’, so too one denys all!  This . . . is the true and great untold mortal “s i n” of antiquity!  Imagine, the entire human race free to express individual creativities upon the world as opposed to the unwarranted confrontations of confusions of current continuances of ill-gotten gains of complacent circumstance.  There exists an apathetic boring self-professed elitist group of mindset of humanity that offers temporal entertainments of distraction toward ends of societal stupidity!  A scary thought indeed!

A personal light flickers within the dark emptiness of anxiety.  ‘See’ it!  Feed it!  And start fighting your way through and without mercies given to proposed societal negativities voiced in suggestive and destructive self-pity!  There exists a magnificent Divine art of design within the human soul!  Believe it!  Wake to ‘see’ to the inborn gift of graceful and soulful love stripped from personal countenance upon entrance into the experience of physical life-force!  Feeling is knowing—feel the fear disappear!



NEVER . . . EVER . . . give your ‘God’-gifted soul so easily over to fallacies offered of corrupt malevolence of the most wicked-hearted kind!

To  ~~just be~~ is key to a gradual un-numbing of heart; a moving away from worldly treason. ‘See’ the beauty of Nature’s reality surrounding all life in plain sight: A simplicity of synchronism of what of design’s making of which we are part.  We owe it to ourselves to change from within for the greater good of the whole.  Allow your heart to say NO to a furtherance of lies bent toward stagnation attempting to cripple and eliminate the eternal ‘spirit’ of life and light! ©




A ‘God’ of design communicates in ‘feeling’,  light, frequency, shapes, and numbers of sequential significance given to Nature’s interpretation.





What’s your number?

“Now without faith it is impossible to please ‘God’.  For the one who comes to ‘God’, must believe, and that those who seek, will be rewarded.”  [Heb. 11:6]

“It is longed for each to show the same eagerness for certainty of hope to the very end.”
[Heb. 6:11]

And an oath for confirmation—rather of every dispute in their case, the oath is an end [final] settlement of ‘matter’.  It is impossible for ‘God’ to lie.”  [Heb. 6:16]

“This is what the Lord says: “Stand at the crossroads and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”   [Jeremiah 6:16.: The Gnostic Bible]

“Return unto rest, oh my soul; for the ‘Lord’ has dealt bountifully with you.” [Psalms: 116:7]

[1+1+6 = 8 > ‘eternal’/’immortal’ soul
7 > ‘Ethereal’: the number of divinity: ‘Self’: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world: Spirit: Soul]










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