We are all the same, and yet unique.  There are no Jones’ to compete with.


History continues to repeat itself so long as mandkind encounters a ‘power’ of ‘force’ he does not understand.  In arrogance and disobedience of conscience, mankind continually seeks to control the ‘force’ rather than to be humbled by it, and thusly live consistent with given miracles. Mankind wills will rather choose to destroy himself, than accept his position of place within the life-‘force’, and consequently, opts to take precious life-forms with him to an eventual un-consensual extinction.  Fortunate are the humble of heart who do come to recognize the greater of themselves, and do ‘see’ the obvious cyclic rhythms of Nature that cannot be stopped by mankind’s foolishness.

A greatness of woes comes to whomever chooses to reside in states of ignorance of moment’s call; a persistent pursuance of heart given to face-to-face encounter of ‘force’ connection becheeshing acceptance of almighty Love’s reasoned logic; a  discipline of eternal silent humility of highest stewardship of instinctual hunger desirous of wisdoms of mortality clear in fervent endeavor necessary of ‘voice’ of soul of wanton curiosity.

Pitied are the fools who deny their own greatness in name of selfish ego; a turning away from the ‘God’ of thought and passions desirous of preservation!

Be it firstly understood, humanity is a ‘force’ of intuition’s reach of commune.  All others are imposers of abuse and misuse drenched in lies and ties of untrue progression of purpose.  The mind is the open door to intellectual experience, and not meant for hypnotic proposals of fallacy.  It is the heart that reigns of decipher’s choice made just or unjust while the body dwells of matter’s realm.

Mankind must constantly put to question his mental integrity. Why in name of the ‘God’ of ourselves would ones of ignorant demented mind be allowed to stifle all others with deceptive intention to destroy what the individual strives to create of Love and favor of imagination’s marvel of discovery?  Wordly secrets given wholeheartedly as gifts beneficial to the whole?!  To live and let live . . . is mortality’s first law of order!

Wake up!  Be aware that ‘evil’ is a mere word created of thought coming of ‘evil’-minded mankind who seek control and ‘power’ over all through all form of deceptions!  Allow it no longer!  Individual privacy of thoughts and emotions of imagination and desires for survival are the ‘glue’ necessary for Love’s claim to being: A miracle come of ‘powers’ greater than ourselves—light-giving energies shaping all things through humanity! Moments of place is the reality made clear in the now of man-made ‘time’. Individuality must choose to humble unto a Universal logic. All awe must be given to the changing; a world made fit in sustainability and harmony of given natural order. Life can no longer allow fear to reign of the minds of humanity; a ‘force’ of wicked intention devastating to all life-forms!

Beware then . . . fear is a mortal enemy!  Joy is life’s intention of place within the “I” of divinity.  This . . . is the only ‘common core’ conformity. ©




The worse thing our society is ‘taught’ to do,  is to judge!  And to judge by societal standards of success alone.  This is certainly unrealistic, and so unattractive!  What of morality’s standards, human standards . . . dedication, kindness, humility, compassion, virtue, and simplicity of begotten place of stewardship.  Are we not simply human, born to intuition’s enlightenmen?  It is for us to live and let live . . . to observe and not to interfere.  This . . . is the first law of honored place!

There are energies coming and going of Earth that are felt so powerful in these moments, that everything that is not of Love is literally, physically, mentally, and spiritually being pushed to the surface as if to be healed; as to be ridden of.  Can’t you feel it?!  There is nothing to be done to stop it—go with the flow . . . just be . . . it is necessary. 



Be humble . . . Be Love . . . Be brave . . . Be alive . . . Be you . . . Be human! ~~~*💖



“Let no man put asunder” a destiny of worth made clear from beginnings.



Enigma – “Return To Innocence”





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