PARADOX:  ‘Something’ completely self-contradictory revealing deeper meaning.



HARMONY: A balance of wings



Once upon

the stage

of life . . .

I . . .

the Angel-Hellion


with personal strife


to temptations

of ignorance

of selfish



of due pains

of loathing treason

of restless


and feelings


of hypnotized oblivion

of unforgiving

steeped deeply

in bleak

unbelieving deceiving

Play you will

‘the game’

as minion

of sink or swim

against me

of grim

and smite

Callous uncaring

be my


of torment

in my no-show

of mercy

in lust

of human-sided

forced fate

of must

I am you see . . .

but a troll

of immortal soul ©


And ‘God’ said,
 “love thy enemy”.  She obeyed.  She began to love her’self’; a divine within whispering idioms of lecture from the conundrum. 

The Universe is chaos and beauty intertwined; an inseparable constancy of motion.  Why would we think ourselves any different?  A woman is her ‘self’ a creator of personal heavens and hells. She will be a feathered angel, she will be a hellion of thorns, all according to her own will—an equal measure of wisdom and pleasure. 


‘SELF’-AWARENESS:  forgiving peace of mind. 🕊



‘Self’-Love, is a battlefield … do be mindful in your self-talk … surely it’s a conversation with the Universal Soul-Mate.











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