If you dare . . . and you must of anxieties of instinctual wonton burden, delve deeply into a proverbial “rabbit hole”; an inner sense of way where one comes to ‘see’ paths of truths once lost.  Seems legend, myth, fairy tale, art, and Music, are more truthful in lyrical meaning than any of mankind’s watered-down versions of interference of ego: An interpretation of  knowledge offered of  twisted histories. The supposed “holy books”books versed and re-versed according to the whims of culture and religion are sorely missing truths of value and realities of untold record.



The histories of organized religions have been grossly bloody ungodly, and frankly, have very little or nothing to do with ‘faith’ nor ‘words’ of means of biblical sense—words concerned with matters of Love and hate—namely, specific accounts of witness of historical story of relentless and numerous battles between the Love and hate of mankind’s hearts.  Faith then, becomes profoundly personal; a choice come of ourselves of inner ‘voice’—thoughts given by way of personal whisper: An unrelenting loyalty, devotion and surrender to a magnificence of faith given unto one or the other.  It is impossible that faith would come from elsewhere other than from within.  No other one can reach unreachable souls except for the ‘one’ who is the first divine Soul-Mate shared amongst the whole of all other ‘ones’; an expression of connection of one-ness . . . ‘God’ . . . the Universe . . . the Omnipotent . . . Phi of fingerprint . . . Mathematics . . . the Matrix . . . the Alpha, the Omega . . . Allah . . .  YAH  . . . Yahweh . . . Nature . . . [etc. etc. etc. of all cultures].  



Life is created of free will. There is no mistaking a ‘calling’—‘the something’ that is felt and does exist.  It is the Soul-Mate what we seek, and so too, is the ‘what’ that is also seeking.  It is best to choose to believe in your-‘self’, rather than ‘powers’ that be who mock your thoughts if they be outside the ways of drama and dogma.  Let it be known, let it be said freely, curiosity satisfies the imagination.  Indeed . . . surly it is unthinkable to give up on a possibility of chance to achieve the impossible when is given such divine role model as a perfect Love; a Soul-Mate  of expressive thoughts of unfathomable beauty of light in plain sight—an intense drive of passion, where lay blood chilling joy!



Do mind your thoughts . . . always, they are intimate conversations with a Universal Soul-Mate.  A will either chooses to listen to a divinity of ‘voice’, or, will choose to conform to the forces of worldly voice of misery and unreason; a deafened defeated right of progression.  To wherever thoughts lead, such is what will come through the door left opened. ©




‘G.O.D’: G.aining O.nes D.efinition. —Common




It becomes important to know the histories of “sacred texts” before reading them.

ie; The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia—all versions before the “Authorized” K J V version:



A history of John Wycliff: http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/john-wycliffe.html



Other studies [books] of message (+):




“If some years were added to my life, I would dedicate fifty years to the study of the Book of I, and then I might come to be without great fault.” ~Confucius


The Complete “I Ching” – 10th Anniversary Edition:



A·poc·ry·pha: biblical or related writings not forming part of the ‘accepted’ canon of Scripture: https://carm.org/reasons-why-apocrypha-does-not-belong-bible (writings,  [questionable] ‘reports’ not considered genuine).



‘The  word’ of ‘holy’ books, together with all books removed thereof,  are given to personal interpretation. Never were they intended for organizational use by religious groups endeavored to usurp a control of the masses, as this would most assuredly deny and defy a fulfillment of requirement given of ‘God’ to personal freedoms of choice and will.



Q:  ‘Who am I really?  What is my message [gift] for change?

A:   Have a conversation with the Soul’s mate, you, to find out.




To agree and to disagree, should always be matters of personal discernment. Question everything to contemplate the ‘something’ vying for your attention from the center of your being. Do research with an ‘eye’ outside the realms of religionists and political drama and dogma. Seek, and never stop seeking. Be awed by the things you will come to know.   The things of a true ‘God’.










There are healing messages on an ‘awakened’ side of Music:













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