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“Waves Under a Pier”, by Walter G. Arce

As an experiencing observer of life, I don’t always believe what I witness of ‘display’ of proposed reality.  I have learned to use my intuitions and faith to sort out the confusion.  Seems to me in these ‘times’ of my generations, that the so-named “average” citizen of the planet, for all intent or none, has sorely been excluded from the ‘interaction loops’ of human affairs seemingly ‘reserved’ for a self-professed self-deserving [elite] few.  And just who does have right to claim dominance and ‘power’ over creation created for all life?  I do fail to see equality.  A fault lay of the people themselves as they slumber in illogic of those whose intentions are of a mind-set of phycological slavery mandated through politics, science, economics, education, sociology, anthropology, archeology, history, religion . . . and the list goes on and on [etc … etc … etc] of a structured secular society evolving and persisting within hierarchies of secreted schemas of microcosmic unreality.   A forefront of fate wherein accurate histories are purposefully ‘hidden’ of awareness from the majority residing in an institutionalized macrocosmic existence.  Surely, an inevitability of reckoning must eventually be satisfied.  Humanity as a whole, and in the now of moments, is experiencing [feeling] altered sense of vast unrest; an overwhelming of negative human emotion wallowing in negativity of complacency of ‘nobody cares’: A collection of thoughts manifest of immoralities focused in disillusionments of expectation of individual egotistical stage.  Witnessed is utter chaos of unbearable mania across all matter of conscious frequency.  Let us contemplate together these exploits of malevolent behaviors.  Held high must be a lathe of courage needed to face the ‘demons’ released upon the life-force.  Conquered must be the wicked ruse—‘beasts’ within ourselves that must be taken for the slaying to free the deeper real of ‘self’, our own humanity—sentient beings born free to explore an existence of higher order of intellectual common sense.  Humanity, a species of supposed ‘higher intelligence’ than all other beings experiencing the world, surely must reinstate themselves as ‘keepers’ of souls of thought—ones made to ‘see’ to understanding that mankind is not the only species living for love, joy, growth, courage, and reflection of thoughts of the things loved.  The things not to be given over so easily to hegemonic professed ‘leaderships lacking heart and soul.  Humanity cannot help but acknowledge an existence of a greater power: A nature of all things set in perpetual sustainability of Universal laws of order.   Thusly, words of meaning and ‘power’ are surely responsibility of stewardship over the changes charged to benefit the whole.  And so to, to instinctively maintain the wisdom to know our limitations with regard to position of protectorate of all others.

10  Devotion to a self life-long education: A resolve to research historically antiquated matters of importance—‘keys’ to the proper caring of the kingdom so to say; a bonding to the wisdoms of genetic coherence.  For otherwise if not so, humanity will continue in plea of “Who am I?”; a sufferance in abeyance to deserted tears of ignorance.  Certitude must reason that individual place of standing is honorable, righteous, and gift of acuity invested in spirit of connection [memory] to a great imagination, a creator, whom may not be a who, but may be a what.  The words community, civic, municipal, social, and freedom, all seem longing for meaning in multitude of language of all human aspiration.  This ‘something’ that we feel we know to be real—something concealed by emaciated veils of dogma and deceit.  A ‘something’ remaining suspended awaiting attention; a ‘voice’ of reasoned simplistic symphony playing on our heart strings

9  Remember the term, “tabula rasa”: A term first coined by a man named John Locke in 1693 in his written works, “Some Thoughts Concerning Education.”  Mr. Locke’s observations were that human thought is capable of censoring information of an indoctrinate nature.  Mr. Locke states that individuals are capable of “new beginnings” offered through a re-training; a gain of open-mindedness through newly learned experiences; a new understanding.  Mr. Locke’s idea of open-mindedness is no less important today as was in his ‘time’.  In our ‘time’, as we venture to grow wiser from the naturally occurring prompts of mind, we become ever so determined to release the redundancy of indoctrinate ideals based in conformity, confusion, and the numbness of expectations based in materialistic consumerism.  These are the ideals that strip the individual of integral development; a chance at choice to change ‘something’ needed changing in the world.  How unfortunately ridiculous it is that the subconscious be set in motion by hypnosis from birth into intention of fruition of fallacy.  The greatest of lies has been told of human histories! It is only logical then, that if an individual’s capacity of thought can be had of coercion, than one most certainly is equaled of thought in opined free will: A pursuance of reality in individual contemplation of personal contentment in evolution’s purposeful endeavors of cooperation with the natural world.

8  Awareness: A common sense focus on the question of necessity for political and geo-political activity.  Such way of thinking simply does not sustain life in a natural survive, repeat, survive mind-frame. Humility must heed the ‘voice’ of human conscience, the instinctive fore-teller of fate based in forbearance of human thought not to be taken so grossly for granted.  A society’s silence gives consent to such tyrannical control—all ‘power’ over the masses steeped in apathy, complacency, disconnection, and ultimately lead to an unsustainable demise: A grim end caused of humanity’s own ignorance.  It is said, “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.  The horse must be feed salt to make it thirsty before it will even attempt venture to the water to drink.  An individual must come to face the pains of life’s heartache,, before a joy of living is realized; a wakeup call so to say.  Finding an inner stillness away from the secular chaos is where is heard the ‘voice’ of reason speaking volumes of forgotten insight.  And so be it an adults responsibility to let the children give unto imagination’s way; a daydream amongst the clouds of sacred utterance where gifts are given of stage for display the world so readily and hungrily awaits: A message is relayed of internal procurement.

7 Remembrance of faith.  No change can occur until a meaning of faith is restored to understanding: An understanding of ‘understanding’ found at the edge of the nothingness offered of chaotic existence steeped in conjured fear. Fear, a bad seed whose roots must be severed to allow for the emancipation of peace.  Understand that ‘understanding’ cannot be understood until one stumbles upon the truths filtered through hearts of generations.  In so doing, memory of place is replanted, thus restored.  A joy will bloom—a bitter-sweet fidelity moved in mood of awakened human emotion.  Beware, one will become challenged of relentless of negative force that comes unto the vulnerable re-borne ‘spirit’ incensed of restored joy of ‘self’-worth.   Forces will enter through doorways once forbidden, and pass away only  in due passing of ‘time’s’ permission.   The negative energies of indoctrinate fears can be reasoned in the asking, what can I, a mere mortal that I am, do that will bring about change through the existing worldly irrationality? Answers do flow in revelations of understanding that no change will come without fervent listening to the remedies repeated, despite all else, in patience of faith held close to being.  Eventually, fear and failure fall at our feet in shear act of looking the ‘demons’ of misery in the eye as to say, it don’t mean a thing, and therefore, I am not afraid!  Within this cleansing of air, a connection to knowledge of answers is immediate!  Re-sown is courage flowing as a river of words like a dam been broke free.  There  can be no denial, and there can be no turning back.   There is no controlling irony.  There will be tears of secret mourning come to free the imprisoned will.

6  Acknowledge and accept  the fact that a money ‘system’ rules all things; be it root of all that is ‘evil’, or be it for necessary ‘evil’, or be it for good.  Therefore, money is the ultimate resource of man’s world, like it or not.   It is mankind’s Insanity that puts money at the center of notion as ‘invisible debt’ as it destroys so many hypnotized of blind pursuits of immediate gratification and satisfaction of carnal desires of greed, rather than for choices made in innumerable possibilities of personal joy.  The ‘evil’-minded do so abuse such commodity to advantage as made are attempts to shape worldly intentions of amassed global ‘power’ and control, while the ‘good’ are so too, forced toward temptations of money’s mental imprisonments of life needs that need be fulfilled of justification.  An informed heart refined in the fires of Love will no longer feel a lust for it, using money only in necessity, and as a tool to implement a necessary change; an endeavor of righteous cause benefiting the whole.   Beware the hidden agendas of malevolence—the illicit ‘pyramid schemes’ of destruction and dishonor held fast by abominable means of lies and ties of the self-professed mightiness.  Money, a contaminator of attitude, a spoiler of spiritual riches.  So easily is one deceived in conveyance toward conformity of it and its accompanying emptiness. It is most abominable that money be made humankind’s choice of ultimate covet.  Stands to reason then that force be applied to meet the requirements of the taking, so to belong to the circle of kinship of “the haves”.  And so too exists a populace of desperation, “the have-nots”, who will assuredly resort to desperate means in equal taking of it.  Such is a ‘system’ of inequality devised of the soulless greedy few.  An old Chinese proverb (unknown author) states, “If one has no money, he may as well be placed in a bucket of rice with duct tape over his mouth.”  Humanity is born unto to ever-ensuing chaos and conformity of a money system’ which encourages the suppression of due freedoms at first breath.  And even unto the greed and disillusionment of ‘Ole-reliable-in-‘God’-we-trust . . . hope, or, the lottery.  Keep to mind, that the elite of humanity; the apathetic ones, do constantly fear the ultimate fear, in that is the possibility that you . . . will be ‘the one’ to change their world, through a positive- destruction of such an ‘evil’-made ‘system.

5 Beware ‘the ‘grid’  of earthly man-made ‘time’, the mighty sword of dissension, discontentment, and disappointment: An imprisonment of incomprehensible walls constructed of notions of fallacy of force born of desire for control and insatiable thirst for ‘power’ built upon dependence of collective compliance and suppression of mortality’s tribute of imagination.  Forgotten is the Sun-‘God’ what greets the celestial sphere, provider of hope and gratitude of days devoid of mankind’s inference of thoughts in conscious firm expectancy.  Awakened must be the numbed mortals crying out for mercy’s loss, or evermore linger in insidious impulsive repulsive devious restraint.  The only way off the ‘grid’, is in the coming of answers from within.  Seek humanity’s way foretold of Love, liberty, and pursuit of happiness achieved within a heart’s measure.  Creation patiently awaits humanity’s return to the garden called Eden . . . human thoughts of remembrance.  If you are not living the joy of life, it is because you are thinking too much of the things of man’s thoughts, and not your own.

4  Do not forsake Love: An honored feminine sacrifice.  The human female of the species is born of purity and loyalty, of instinctual reason of choice design made clear in perpetuity of the life-force.  Of all passions partaken of earth, human love is the feminine desire in all things.  Why do you, sons of our fathers so blinded by will of selfish arrogance [ego] deny Love’s intended gifts for continuance?  Why do you man built up a woman with promise of eternal love and equality, only to abuse these things within the same breath, causing unbearable heartache, disappointment, and anguish so utter, that love fears to love because you man, did not consider the tenderness of the sacred feminine heart.  Women wait still, in a stillness of patience of must, as ‘time’ waits for reason within your seemingly perpetual unawareness.  And, if you man, do choose shrewd and arrogant un-reason, then least put forth consideration and empathy of thought concerning matters of the destruction of the very nature and worth of a woman’s intended grace, so as not to curse her to grow numb of heartache, and thus cause her to fail in her appointed nature, and lest you also fail in your extension.  Know this man, that a woman gives love and loyalty ‘holy’ and freely for love in return resulting in kind of yourselves.  The ‘God’ of hearts will show no mercy for abominable ‘spells’ cast upon men’s hearts seeking the destruction of Divinity in blindness of amity and mania of foolishness.  Man has sorely forgotten his position of responsibility; a knowledge given of balance in matters of adoration, for surely a man is less than whole without the stability and Divine interventions of a loving and loyal woman to keep him from falling from  continual unmerited grace fraught with imbalance of temptations’ whim.

3  Forgiveness—virtue of mercy; a setting free the mind’s imprisonment of anguish.  Heavy are the wounds of bearing bestowed upon life—as deep as the stars weep an eternity of tears. Wounds cutting profoundly to leave scares of earthly sorrows of restlessness.   A healing through forgiveness brings peace only in understanding a soul’s agony.  If one chooses forgiveness, one will then taste a bitter-sweet stillness of harmony of mournful contrition.  In forgiveness, the burdens of offense are committed to memory, and nevermore revisited.   Forgiveness defined is the conscious deliberate act of releasing a desire for vengeance, regardless of whether or not deemed justified.  Understood is what forgiveness is not.  Forgiveness does not mean to deny or dispel the significance of an offense. To forgive does not mean to forget, nor does it excuse the behavior of the offender or offenders.  Though forgiveness may have psychological reparations of worth, it surely does not liberate culpability.  Forgiveness brings peace of mind to the forgiver—released are the corrosive angers of self-destruction.   Intention of forgiveness is a way of letting go deeply held negative feelings toward another.  It empowers one to recognize suffered pains without letting pain define repute.  Subsequently, a self-healing forgiveness enables oneself permission to move on through life without further inflicted burden caused by human indiscretion.  Nothing can be remedied of the past.  It is always now that is for the now of moments to change.

2  Requisite of humility. What more miraculous human faculty for healing than is the gift of benevolent heart compelled to remembrance of purpose: A heart’s mark of given stewardship; a gift revealed to ‘self’ of the importance of balance, place, and order genuine to external physical character immersed in realms of illusion.  A remembrance of humility breeds empathy; a ‘self’-portrait of the many faces of ourselves seen of others.  Empathy gives way to compassion, compassion renders Love to all manner of life, without reservation; an equaled distribution of awe wherein abundance is given of Love’s return, and henceforth, renewed are uninhibited bonds of elation of vows of awe seen anew.  Restored is the eye of ‘I’ to the receiver.

1  Restore enlightenment; a return to spiritual state wherein one naturally seeks not the who, but the what of a ‘God’ of all things of magnificent force of worth; an architect of thought and will of perfection from whence all comprehensive design comes of matter.  How does one touch such majestic fingerprint of imagination?  Indeed ‘God’, it seems, is pure thought shared [gifted] unto life through immense energies of states of reality persisting in seemingly perpetual metamorphisms of both chaos and simplistic-complexity of order; a duality of choice is inevitable in perpetuity—mayhem and malevolence reside in partnership with freedom and joy in all physical states of experience.  There are no winners, there are no losers, there are only choosers of experience.  Humility, is due respect given to the ‘powers’ beyond human comprehension: A due realization of one’s own connection.  Remembrance is a call to the choosing of side.  Wisdom is freely given upon transcendent worthiness of heart.  Receive Love, gift of life in the understanding of live and let live, or lost will be depth of Divinity to insincere superiority of mind: A death assured of wrongful discernment.  ‘God’ is simply, pure Love . . . creator of life and all the Universe in thoughts of beauty and seduction seeking only to expand and evolve in state of curiosity: an external and internal display of mystery and form moving dynamism of passion and emotion of flowing moments.  Life exists for contemplation of appreciation of experience. Conformity of mind is never required, for this course leads only to stagnation, and in fact, should be considered illogical to simply experience all things just through the mind. To choose constant change is to respect the continuance of course of all imagination—the prerequisite of path to perfection.

The Universe evolves constantly of beauty and chaos.  Why would we think ourselves any different? ©




“Everybodys lookin’ for something.”  —Eurythmics

. . . and the ‘something‘ is always seeking.










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