Festival of hanging lanterns

Can you ‘see’?

We are but one star

within reflection

along a stream

as we breathe

the rhythmic rain

linked together like

a chain inter-played

Can’t break sway!

Do we dream

that it’s too real

how we feel?

Gotta pray!

When you hold me

in your dream

does it seem

we’ve been set¬†free?

Come together

what we dream . . .

our dream is a plea ©




Dreamers dream of awe-filled things‚ÄĒpurest joys once lovingly appreciated by the child within without compromised born grace in trade for expectations’ disgrace.



“Life should be lived to the point of tears!”
‚ÄĒAlbert Camus

. . . and so indeed it is . . . because all sentient life¬†thinks and hopes and dreams for humanity to make the connection before things divine are no longer seared in affections’ reflections.

Turn an eye inward to ‘see’ eternity. ¬†You are what you seek.


Message to the child¬†who wants to be an Astrophysicist: ¬†“I AM the consciousness of the stars. ¬†I AM the sentient ‘theory’ who hurtles above the house grieving¬†the death of gravity. ¬†Do you want to be devoured by the great emptiness? ¬†I will tell you how. ¬†Come close, and I will whisper my secrets.” ¬†

‚ÄĒStephen Hawking (on speaking of “G.o.d”)








‚ú® The messages are in the music:

Wait  >>> listen >>> for the message ~~~* (voice of Alan Watts)
Terra Nine – “The Heart Of The Matter”¬†



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