At salt water shores   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I shall be with me  

for tears

to travel near

and far

along open wind

and horizon

and back again

to celebrate the things

I’d seen

and touched

to remembrance ©  




A ‘spirit’ travels for comfort and peace to the deepest most highest thoughts above humanity where dreams breathe freely once passed through porous veils of unreality. Live life to the point of tears, always. 



“Stand on the shores of a site unseen.  The substance of this dwells in me ’cause my natural eyes only go skin deep, but the eyes of my heart anchors the sea.  Plumbing the depths to the place in between the tangible world and the land of dreams, because everything here ain’t quite what it seems.  There’s more beneath the appearance of things.”
~Josh Garrels, “Sway of the Siren” by L.K. McCall


(Photo by E P Carry)