moon_moonlight_pale_219754(unknown photographer: free range image: Google Search: Moon)

Many times I did enter the realm of midnight fair of air of Zana‘s garden.  A place of billowing peace painted of enchantment; an unending diversity of plumage: A menagerie of flora and fauna releasing Nature’s drug, euphoria, upon me at first deep hypnotic breath.



I am at once rendered calm—moved away from life’s dark-sighted anxieties  of due affairs of tormented spirit while swayed of tire as Zana’s garden welcomes my secret tears to cleanse and cure: A peace is given to open heart’s door to rest.



I sit in moment upon nestled caress—senses lulled in awe of flaming hibiscus and out stretched arms of comforting bended palm.  My nostrils fill with intoxication of warmed summer breezes of sweet earthly delight of flowering blooms singing whisperings of strength to vanquish silent mournful illusion.



On this night, a full moon gently gleans the night sky reaching to touch my soul in quiet quiescent delight.  Zana’s garden does somehow know it is peace and comfort I seek: A peace graciously given in unselfish Love’s language of lush and ‘Godly’ bonding.




Embrace the intimacy of cosmic rapture to feel Love’s native tongue.



A message is spoken of Love’s tongue, ‘Your deepest fear is not the sense of confined false inadequacy, but of how powerful beyond measure is your power.  It is the light of heart within that most frightens you, and not the darkness of tormented mind.’



NATURE: The inborn forces of light and dark: A realization of awakened being: A place of transitional euphoric-agony of joy and pain calling: A recognition of connection of truth in just taste of ‘godliness’: A mind ensensed of Universal mastery and self-love’s place within the moving canvas: A constant dance toward infinite change.


The ‘something’ that we feel, is real. 💫

 *NOTE: The original name given to this song is “Goodbye Forever”.