Weeping Angel by Tim Doyle

Image: “Weeping Angel” by Tim Doyle




of suggestion . . . 

an offered


of illogical ‘ego’


A self-righteous

altered allusion

of hint . . .

a manipulative thought


in misunderstanding



are the overtones

of shameful spiteful smite

freed in


of indiscriminate lust

of intentional

avarice behavior 


A need for search of character is revealed of one’s spoken unspoken gist when offered is apathy, fear, lies of gossip, and intentional mockery of another’s worth!

“A bizarre sensation pervades a relationship of pretense.  No truth seems true.  A simple morning’s greeting and response appear loaded with innuendo and fraught with implications . . . each nicety becomes more sterile, and each withdrawal more permanent.  ~Maya Angelou

Noted is gist of message hidden in mocking words of tongues: An intention made clear of overwhelming ignorance—complexities of concern of thoughts wallowing in ‘self’-expression of malcontent-ness.  Left in the heart of the ‘victim’ is a burden of disquiet discomfort, until is realized in retrospective summation, that thoughts are mere energies produced of mind, and do stray about a physical place where such thoughts themselves become ‘spiritually’ restless as they wander through a fog ’til no longer is longed for place.  Words of ill-purpose are never wasted on benevolence.  They simply wait for a time of alternative fate of expression; a destiny of ‘karma’ awaiting balance of bounce-back.







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