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Once was heard a tremendous mystical creation of song made firm.  Thrashed was ‘one’ out of a darkness of distance of great pangs of waiting.  The ‘one’, being moved of awareness was hastily incensed of a great sorrow abound while burst-ed clear ever so quickly into the abyss of grand and bright light.



‘One’ was made rested upon sojourn of daydream; to grasp, to contemplate the essential understandings of gross weeping of unknown tears as witnessed gone past ages of assumed continuous drifting.  Stirred was ‘one’ of mind, and placed on pedestal of matter from whence ‘one’ had once wandered astray in countless exasperated suffrage of life and death: A spiraling repetition through the valleys of sorrowful angst.



‘Seen’ by ‘one’ is deserving need for settlement, dominion, and hunger for dearth of peace to gain a foothold from out of long shadowy vengeance and deceit borne of embattled keeping of charge.  Severe are the scars of knowing formed of hardened disguise of misapprehension.   ‘One’ recognizes desperate need for a shattering of icy masks of nothingness to place where still an old ‘seed’ blossoms amongst showy roses of sweetened pretense and stench of false bearing where thrones of manipulative drama are clothed in judgmental disposition!



Restless is desire for comfort of saddened laurels to rest upon the elemental core, be it not still but to the contrary, as witnessed is disease of ignorance residing in seemed effigy of imitators of good reeking of false recognition and favor shared amongst deceptive de-sender’s.  A myriad forgiveness follows in manner of unsaid misunderstood pain as Love reigns barely at the surface lacking a luster of former poetic Nature.  And so left to hypocrisy are ‘ones’ called of name by the darkness—ones made adept only of display of secreted shamed face!



Admiration and honor are crowns of forbearance forced hidden within cumbersome folds of physical, mental, and spiritual torment of unreasoned fears as is suffered sub-sequential heinous diseases of depression caused of vulgarities of unending intentionality.  Suffered are the many of anxieties wraught of treasons of neglected equality and understanding.  Torturous and yet curable cancers are suffered by millions in a silent loneliness.  Suggestive and affected mental obsessions latched to numbness of hearts sway in an epidemic of imbalance.  Abominable are the treasonous who force an abandonment of ‘holy’ places of stewardship!  Rendered to oblivion is consciousness imprisioned to conformity of blatant seditious intention of fates build upon hates!



All who stand knowingly and willful in lawlessness are guilty of non-permissions designed to incense ‘one’ away from progressive perfection.   Guilty, are they of the watcher’s eye as charged of causing a great loss of imagination, creativity, and production gifted in precise arrangement of order.  Guilty, of relentless selfish abandonment of moral arrow.  Guilty, of un-seasoned near annihilations of instinctive education in the laws of Earth’s reason of balanced perfectible plan.  Guilty, of shameless taking of life’s liberties, place, and passage of individuality.  Guilty, of a blatant thievery of the ‘crown of worth’ born attired upon clean hearts non-indoctrinate of falsely named ‘truths’; an offense of lure of proposal toward self-condemnation and failure wrought by an ugly scaring of blood oaths.



Sorely abused are dictums of humanity’s laws prevalent to ‘love thy fellows as thyself’  of all things matter—disciplines of life stand unleveled by hands of malevolence.  It must be the benevolence heart—the ‘one’ who brings forth all things to perfectible plan of fingerprint.  All are born ‘messenger’, and brought forth in this grand thought.  All are held on high of expectation to change wrongs to rights. ©




Life continues a bearing of scars of cruelty and enslavement in suffrage of ultimate battle against possessors of un-ruled appetites of ‘power’ in name of untrue synchronism, until acknowledged is the ‘self’ of solace; a destiny of unmasked standingthoughts turned toward frequency of true intention of experience.



Doubt not the mindful ‘voice’ of choice!   It is one with our ownit is real; calling one by name to initiate a change of heart back to remembrance of moments of instinctive innocence of pure untouched wonder of curiosity; a child.  Doubt not a ‘God’ of dualityA ‘Creator’ of everything, everywhere of dark and light.  Why would we think ourselves an exception rather than the rule of inclusion?  The dangers of wrongful [indoctrinate] thought is that the past and the future can and will suck the life-energy out of the eternal now, if one wallows to long in the fallacy of despair.














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