Africian Ironwood citrus blooms.

African Ironwood citrus blooms.

How unfortunate it is that our glorious world, having been re-designed by devious men of perversion as they continue to deceive and incense minds with supposed ‘secret’ knowledge traveling along moment’s paths of unreasoned evolution. Stagnated are the intended connections of seduction and beauty of intuition’s wisdom: A truth of all things created.  Mankind walks an unintended path—one of destruction of synchronicity of place.  How fortunate it is for life that love remains strong upon the human heart’s perception.  Mankind does again, in seeming effigy of cycles of chaos and conundrum ask, whose plan is it?  Questions beget only questions because ‘something’ along the course of evolution was unjustly tainted, intruded upon, interfered with, tried and embittered with beguilement equaled to an intensity of joy.  Was it a plan of renderings to make life perverse in meaning?  Or is it a simple plan of intent toward sublime elation?  Could there possibly be a singletree existence one without the other?  A battle made assured between the light and the dark of the soul of life.  A battle that all souls must accept.

And so humanity, through the generations does contemplate, why?  Why would a ‘God’ of all that is professed to be of love, benevolence, and what is all omnipotent centered of good’s intention, have reason for unreason to ‘root’ ideas of ‘evil’ consciousness upon the minds of men, while all the while completely aware of the conscious thought that a supposed greatest creation of likeness, would and could also form the same consciousness of malevolence.   Thoughts conjured of temptations offered of infamously fallible “forbidden fruit”?  Furthermore, why would the ‘God’ of supposed good intention who so loved his creation of premeditated promise made favor of immortality, place such temptations of mind toward ‘evil’ intent before them, full-well knowing that in due time, humankind would in fact, cause their own demise and damnation and disconnection from the one Great Spirit of unfathomable wisdom in regard to this understanding?

Humanity, in fact, did find ‘evil’ convincing in its magnificence, equaled in elation to joy, as is witnessed continually in renderings of permissive absolutions upon the human heart, whether aware or unaware.  Humanity may conclude then, come out of a given conscious awareness, that ‘evil’ is merely a word made force by humanity’s own efforts, and thus is so contrived out of the minds [egos] of a lost fallen few.  Humanity has all along been made to question ‘God’s’ bearing of reason upon life, by use of primal ego as we come to ‘see’ that there is simply no ‘godly’ reasoning for malevolence to be separated from the natural world as we presume it . . . unless . . . the ‘God’ of proposed good intentions is so too, of duality of thought and rhythm and logic come of choice.  In which case, humanity would then be forced to inquire through fervent beseeching of prayer,  a Divine intervention of understood aforethought; forgive us Divine Province for the ‘s i n s’ of the sinners’.   We employ you not blame our souls for what does the flesh, as these long standing mortal sufferings exist out of birth of much questioned intention, or even as may be of unintended oversight.  This would then make humanity the unintended offspring of an inherently divided intellect, and therefore, should not humanity be forgiven the abominable offenses of malevolence?   As it is so that humanity be indeed made of the same questionably divided Divine essence.   We must not, and cannot deny the ‘something’ of connected duality of innate nature.

It does seem logical then, that it is clearly necessary for humanity to come to the recognition of meaning to the “tree of life”.   The metaphorically temporal physical moment of conscious physical experience given to thought as insurance for chance at perfecting personal worthiness; an acceptance of a knowledge of ‘self’-love while living an existence where ‘self’-love is considered a taboo—a professed societal ‘self’-ish-ness’, and thusly, considered to be a wrong committed of manmade untruth of systematic unreality; an intentional stripping of human thoughts naturally akin to individuality.  This arrangement could not possibly be without notion of “morality”; an understanding of truths held within metaphorical meaning of the “tree of knowledge of good and ‘evil’”.   A representation of choice, be it moral, immoral, or both of arrow according to one’s personal thoughts.  Is humanity to assume that all is as was meant to be of the foretelling; an intended plan with love being the eternal force of fingerprint of which is, ‘God’?  ‘God’ we must believe, could not have made a mistake in renderings conjured of mystical mathematical precision regarding creation.  Can there be such a thing as ‘a simple life’ without good and ‘evil’ at constant battle for our very energies?

Balance must be offered unto human vulnerabilities of will and choice designed of
magnificent genetic disposition of natural yet misunderstood origins.  Choice, then, is
imperative for change, and chance is pertinent in precise perceptions of moment, intuition, and survival: A progress of growth necessary to move toward ‘spiritual’ [inner] awareness of the truer ‘self’; a positive arrangement of thoughts keeping matter of energy in checks and balances of Universal design at constant exchange of beauty and chaos.  There is no reasoned causation for humanity to think ourselves any different.  Humanity surely will come to realize the utmost worth of mindfulness centered in thoughts of positive direction—firstly being conscious of one’s own thoughts in perspective of awareness of all life being conceived of this manner.  In summation, if one’s energies are being unknowingly usurped, given intentionally unto the negative energies of malevolence, it stands to reason that a living and deceased soul’s energies do influence the life-force, be it for good, or be it for ‘evil’.  That is to say, humanity choose s good, or humanity chooses ‘evil’,  via thought energies.  Which energies humanity so chooses from within, reflects outward the world in which we live.

Humanity’s primal egotistical force enables justification for false belief ‘systems’ that do cripple the inborn remembrance of vision; a higher truer ‘self’ of being.  A being of reason and truth in all thoughts of matter; an intended ‘insight’ [understanding] of humanity’s place within the realm of capability to change one’s reality with the gifts given of the ‘God’ of design, so to allow the individual to escape the false constricts of manmade ‘time’.  Hope guards the conscious flame of human hearts of physical experience; a Divine urge to continue . . . to insure chance and change at will vested in eternal possibilities. Truths are reckoned in chance of days given seemingly without end.  In fact, the same day, over and over of unending beseeching of inner persuasion: A deliverance out of the mental battles between good and ‘evil’ of personal consciousness.  Both are of great force, both are capable of magnificent perfective direction.  Joy has always been the destiny, a reward of the wise.  Chaos is a fate of the wicked.

It is then, ‘God’s’ choice for the good of humanity to remain forever firm in positive energies of thought of free will.  ‘God’ has proven the ‘powers’ of love; an indestructible bridge to humanity in the giving of lifetimes of choice in persistent strive forward of hearts lying in wait of passionate wanting imagination. Our true ‘self’ awaits worthiness to roam, to change, and to shape an intention of bliss on Earth and in the Heavens.  The ‘God’ of the Universe, so named, “Sheppard”, insures that all are born proud sheep—all having choice to partake in promised pastures of abundance.  ‘The Sheppard’ leads in thoughts those of Earth who chose to be faithful in the wisdoms of perpetual guidance . . . “Within this great love that I give you, you shall not want”  of ‘evil’ temptations of the temporal, for the greater good is in of itself satisfied through the works of positive thought given to allowances for the joy of knowing.  It is within these words that the fears perpetrated by ‘evil’ minds of men subsides.  Walls fall to reveal a nature that has always been; an inner shield of peace protecting one’s thoughts from matters of malevolent unreality. ‘Seen’ clearly are the offered regrets of societal confusion.   Mere distractions created to purposefully incite a blindness assured.

Matters of disillusionment exist only of unfaithful and inaccurate moments held of the mind’s imprisonment.  Humanity can no longer await the return of a ‘God’ of promises to come to save humankind and the realms of synchronicity, because the ‘God’ of love has always been resided in the everything of things living, and so it is, has never left.  Love be the chosen force given of permissions to destroy the malevolent lies, ties, and sufferings derived of deviant negative thinking of humankind.  Love allows humanity to be free to reap the joys of simple splendor given to the recognizing ‘eye’ that looks toward the forgotten Eden [Earth] what knows that love [‘God’] is alive within all things of matter veiled forgotten amongst the mired distractions of malevolent choices offered of chaos.  Love is what was forced banished from the Garden of Eden of humanity’s soul.  It is love that is in need of mending of the hearts of the children of Eden.  Humanity is the appointed guardians of love by way of gifts of mindful connectivity, will, choice, and eternal desire for joy.  It is humanity who will either break or make straight Eden’s Divine posture. ©



Intuition blooms inward, so as to be nurtured to manifest beauty outward.


Wonder is born openly and freely with secrets carved deeply to hearts of Earth’s worthy inhabitants desirous for wisdoms intended for great joy, wherein nothing of want is necessary in simplistic thoughts of a life intended for love’s sake.



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