“Anxiety is Love’s greatest killer . . . ” ~~Anais Nin (Feb. 1947)



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one feels
of inner isolation



Great is a pang
for meaning
far from grasp
of intended deed
as one is
outwardly encircled
by illegitimate powers
of impious restrain



Patience . . .
a must need
for silent stillness
of ‘voice’ speaking
relentless persistence
of choice . . .
‚Äúnever give in!‚ÄĚ
“never give up!”

No matter chance
No matter change . . .
decipher’s compass
is¬†destiny’s will



An influence
attempts custody
of a mind confined . . .
a foe
of heart’s affirmation
being¬†borne ‘soldier’
in plea
for sanctioned sanity



One mustn’t fail
a fateful intent . . .
and even
in knowing
of inflicted heartache
of mind confined
as one
to a logic of ‘self’ . . .
an only option
to quell
an incessant internal plea



A small facet
of courage
one must play
in game called ‘hope’ . . .
as held fast is faith . . .
a¬†secreted “Holy Grail” . . .
a savior of heart



Humbly one prays
in ignorance
of comprehension
to get it right . . .
before death’s door
one is to strike ©



A ‚Äėspiritual‚Äô path comes to greet the soul at the center of anxiety. ¬†Struggle, stumble, and fall we do¬†through valleys¬†of mortal tears of¬†disappointment’s angst. ¬†Pray we will¬†for simple comforts of mind, body, and embattled spirit.¬†

A discontentment of mind is a¬†denial of ‘self’ trapped in lonely silent humility¬†in company¬†of dark shadow’s wrenching un-forgiveness. ¬†Quiet must become the mind; a stillness of inner ‘voice’ of¬†beckoning comfort to quell¬†an aching¬†heart where is forbidden torment of imprisoned¬†anguished nothingness. ¬†Waiting¬†patiently is the¬†‘God’ of ‘I’ holding¬†a¬†lathe of peace showing lighted paths to the lost child¬†within.

Anxiety, is NOT a ‚Äúdis-order‚ÄĚ, ¬†it is a dis-comfort; a natural instinct of inner ‘prompt’ to change one’s mind¬†and¬†heart. ¬†A ¬†feeling of despressed and¬†suppressed¬†‘spiritual’ growth.







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