Wise men com

com bring yah new

tah ‘see’ dat JAH

be love com through

Of dis ting be

will’d tah hidd’n

fah’boor’ish mind

be cool forbidd’n

Wut be dis dats

of the mat’tr?

Fah want of still

and cease’less chatt’r

Wise men be want’en

change da wurl’d . . .

but be not pass

’til hearts unfurl’d

Dah long awaitin’

longin’ be wait

whil’st dos merc’fal

JAH re’late

Dah time be now

be taut tah you’th

Dah time be now

be giv’n a tru’th

JAH yah still

not believ’d be real?

Try yah may

tah snub wha’cha fee’l

Yah o’pen heart

be still aband’n . . .

eve’n yah giv’n’

keys fah fin’den?

Now dis ting jus canna

be lie . . .

yet still yah be act’n

and demandin’ a ‘why?’

Be yah reachin’

dat church of Ear’th . . .

alrea’dy be giv’en

yah width and girth

Dah time of fools

com now be ov’ah . . .

’cause be all yah drink’n

dat cup of sobe’r

Yah doubt dis

be dah Sapiens choice?

Den fear yah

be of si’lent voice  ©





“Everyone makes a difference.  Everyone!  Are we not born children of men come change the world?” 


“We should acknowledge differences, we should greet differences, until difference makes no difference anymore.” — Adela Allen




What does a truth prophet look like? 👤













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