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of quiet

pervade melancholy


of thought’s

dreamy intentions

of¬†future’s life trade

for shackled bleeding heart

of glassy tears

reflecting memory

past and missed

through paths

in search

of splendor’s toll

to enter

shinning rivers

of empathy

to swim

where daunting


be washed away

though never


So swells my soul

in silent weeping . . .

for captive

joy’s release ¬©


¬†Memory: The stories we create upon the soul’s eternity. ¬†






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The mind is the seed. The heart is the fertilizer. The spirit is the flower of life.


How unfortunate it is that glorious Earth is being re-designed by devious men of perverse persuasion. How arrogant they are to think they have right to the taking from all others! They continue to deceive and incense minds to paths of non-reasoned ignorance. Stagnated are the intentions to connection to seduction and beauty of intuition’s wisdom s: A truth of all things creation. We, as individuals, as well as together, are currently walking paths of destruction to synchronicity and place. How fortunate it is for life that love remains strong upon the heart’s perception. It is a good thing we continually ask, and even in seeming effigy of cycles of chaos and conundrum,

‘Whose “plan” is it? Questions beget questions because ‚Äėsomething‚Äô along the course of evolution was unjustly tainted, intruded upon, interfered with, tried and embittered with beguilement equal to the intensity of begotten intermittent joy, Was it a “plan” of rendering to force life to perversity in meaning? Or was life created in mindful simplicity of “plan” for intention toward sublime elation? Could there possibly be a singletree existence one without the other?: A battle made assured between the light and dark mingling within the soul of all life. A battle of internal embrace.

And so it is, humanity, through all generations, must contemplate the why of all question, and of all answer. Why would a “G.o.d” of all that is professed to be of love and benevolence, and what claims all omnipotent of intention for good, have reason to give ‚Äėroot‚Äô to non-reasoned ideas of “evil” upon the minds of men, while all the while completely aware, in conscious thought, that a supposed greatest creation of likeness would and could also form the same level of intention toward malevolence; thoughts conjured of temptations offered through instruction of the infamously fallible ‚Äúforbidden fruit‚ÄĚ? Furthermore, why would the “G.o.d” of supposed good intention, who so loved his creation of premeditated promise made favor, place such temptations of mind toward “evil” before them, full-well knowing that in due “time” of humankind’s making, would in fact intentionally cause his own demise and damnation and disconnection from “the one”—the Great Spirit of unfathomable wisdom s in regard to this misunderstanding? Humanity, in fact, did find “evil” to be convincing in its magnificence; equaled in elation to joy as is witnessed continually in renderings of permissive absolutions upon the human heart, whether aware or unaware.

Humanity may¬†conclude then, come¬†of given conscious awareness, that “evil” is merely a word made force by humanity‚Äôs efforts, and thus¬†so contrived out of the minds [egos] of the few who claim themselves “deserving”.¬†Humanity has, all along mankind’s time-line, been made to question the reason for “G.o.d.” through way of primal ego. Humanity has¬†come to realization that there is simply no godly reason for malevolence to be¬†separated from the¬†natural world as humanity precieves it, unless, the “G.o.d” of proposed good intention is so too, of duality of thought and rhythm and logic come of¬†choice of will.¬†In which case, humanity would then be forced to inquire, through fervent beseeching for divine intervention of understanding aforethought, request mercy and forgiveness us for the “sins” of choice.

We explore a Divine Province to not place judgement upon the souls of humanity for what does the flesh, as these are come of¬†long standing mortal sufferings existing out of birth of questioned self-intention, as the “sins” of the sinners may be of divinity’s unintended oversight. This would then make humanity the unintended offspring of an inherently divided intellect, and therefore, should not humanity be forgiven for the abominable offenses of malevolence? As it is so that humanity be indeed made of the¬†same [questionable] image of divine essence. We must not, and cannot deny the ‚Äėsomething‚Äô of connected duality of innate nature, as it is consistent in both dark and light of countenance.

It would seem logical then, and clearly necessary for humanity to come to recognition of the importance of metaphor’s meaning for ‚Äúthe tree of life‚ÄĚ. The temporal physical moment¬†of conscious experience given to thoughts as insurance for chance at perfecting personal worthiness: An acceptance of the knowledge of self-loving forgiveness while living the existence where self-love is considered “taboo” of professed societal self-ish-ness, and thus, considered a wrong: An untruth of systematic unreality.¬†This is the intentional attempt at stripping away human thoughts that are naturally¬†akin to¬†uniqueness: An arrangement which could not possibly be without conscious notions of ‚Äúmorality‚ÄĚ—the understanding of truths hidden within metaphorical meaning for ‚Äúthe tree of knowledge of good and “evil” as the main representation of¬†choice. Be it moral, or be it immoral or both of arrow according to one‚Äôs personal thoughts for being.

Is humanity to assume that all is as was meant to be of the foretelling, with love being the¬†intended force of internal fingerprint? Because if there be such force as the what of “G.o.d.”, surely then, in “G.o.d.” we must believe, if we are to believe in love, as it is love that could not have made a¬†mistake in renderings of mystical mathematical precision regarding creation. Can there be such a thing as “a simple life”, without good and evil at constant battle for the very energies of life? Balance must be offered unto human vulnerability and will and choice, if genetic disposition means anything within the corrupt misunderstandings made to confuse human¬†origins.

All Matter is choice made of will. Will then, is the imperative intuitive persistence of mandate and precise perception given to all moment of all now, intuition and imagination are the progressives of and for mortal moral growth. It is necessary to constantly move awareness to the where of need for constant need of change externally, but there must also be the constant internal plea of positive polarity for possibility of arrangement needed in the keeping of charge. Energy must be kept in checks and balances for sake of moral design of arrow. There is no positive reason for humanity to think indifferently toward Nature, as this is the same as neglecting the “laws” of human nature. Humanity surely must come to the realization of worth: A connective mindfulness centered in thoughts of direction for positive growth: A growth once revered.

In this summation of “overthinking”, if one‚Äôs energies are being unknowingly usurped, and then given intentionally to negative energies of malevolence, then stands to reason that all human energy of must of will of connection influences the life-force; be it for good, or for man-made “evils”. It is humanity what alters the good, the bad, and the “evil” of all intent flowing to course of choosing, and ultimately determines the state of internal worlds, and external worlds, be they crippled in chaos, or remembered for great vision progressed toward higher states of human logic and truth and insight of understanding all realms of capability. When self-worth is realized, so to will rise personal fruition of design, where the individual will escape the false constricts of man-made “time” imprisoned to ill-will‚Äôs intent.

Hope is the perpetual bearer of conscious flame: A divine urge to continuance. An insurance vested in eternal possibility. Truths are reckoned in chance of days given seemingly without end. In fact, all days are the same day, given over and over in unending beseeching of persuasion: A deliverance out of the mental battles between the good and evil of human consciousness. Both are of equal force, in that both are capable of magnificent direction to will. We must remember that joy is the ultimate destiny of promised reward of the wise. Chaos, is the fate of the wicked. Stands to reason, that choice in thoughts for good must remain forever firm within positive energies of will. The what of “G.o.d” proves the powers of love inexhaustibly. An indestructible bridge to humanity in the giving of lifetimes to chance and choice: A persistent strive given to heart. Laying in wait are curiosity, passion, and imagination—the true self of worthy wanderings and wonderings.

It is humanity what shapes intentions of bliss on Earth, to reflect the beauty of the heavens. To give shape to eternity. This . . . the blood of memory, knew. The “G.o.d” of the Universe insures that all are born proud “sheep”—all having equal choice to partake in the promised pastures of abundance. “The Sheppard” leads with thought those of Earth who chose devotion to gratefulness and faithfulness to wisdom s of perpetual keeping. Within this great love, Nature gives to all life, Life was not meant to wallow in the want‚ÄĚ for “evil”‘s temporal dis-satisfactions. The want for the greater good of the whole is in of itself satisfied through works of positive thinking, from which is reaped energies of joy in the understanding, in the intuitive knowing. It is within these words of near forgotten wisdom, that the unwarranted “spells” of fear perpetrated on the minds of kind, will subside.

The walls of false will will fall to humanity’s feet to reveal a true nature that has always been; an inner shield of peace of one‚Äôs thoughts of creationism: A personal reality, where clearly is forbidden manipulative societal confusion offered to blindness assured.

Matter is steeped disillusionment. There exists those of our species who are unfaithful and inaccurate of right mind.¬†Humanity can no longer wait return of the false god of promise to save synchronicity. However, what must be, is life given return to the “G.o.d” of love. A “G.O.D” what resides in awe of all things. And so it is so,¬†the what that has never left. Love is the force given to life, giving permissions to destroy the lies and ties of malevolence within ourselves; sufferings derived out of deviant negative thinking.¬†Love allows humanity to just be humanity, to reap the joys of simple splendor given to the recognizing ‚Äėeye‚Äô that looks toward Eden [Earth] what knows that love [“G.o.d”] is alive and only veiled among st the mired distractions offered of chaos. Love is what was forced banished from the Garden of Eden of humanity‚Äôs soul. It is love that is in need of mending. Humanity is the appointed guardians of love through way of mindful connectivity of will, choice, and eternal desire for joy. It is humanity who will¬†either break or make straight Eden‚Äôs divine posture.


Lesson learned … path to simplicity’s light earned through forced detour of “overthinking”.

Intuition’s seeds are planted inward, to be nurtured at the center to insure the waking of Nature‚Äôs beauty to bloom outward. This is “law” of all growth. A seed must first be planted, and like the flora and fauna, must endure the darkness until ready to feel the full joy face of the Sun!

Wonder is born openly and freely into ‚Äėthe games‚Äô of secreted realities. Carved deeply to the heart’s of Earth‚Äôs human inhabitants are desires for intuitions’ wisdoms of intention; living for happiness. The anxieties of worldly want become unnecessary when thoughts are simplistic.



Follow your heart – The Fertilizer






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Ying & Yang

A menagerie of sensation rose from the garden called Eden: An aroma of citrus, the tantalizing sounds of wildlife, the feel of the air through strains of hair. Overwhelmed was the young beautiful and spirited girl named Eve as she felt the roughness of strength of the full-grown great Ironwood tree against her soft flesh. In her divine nakedness, Eve closed her eyes to receive and relish in the intoxication of invisible sweet balmy breezes of mid-May move through her long thick shimmering black hair. The scent of bitter-sweet citrus moved her to the realms dreams. As Eve relished in the massage of air brush her delicate skin, she became entranced to unawareness to the sounds of an entity making its way down from out of the canopy of the great Ironwood where she stood. Eve closed her eyes as she stretched upward, taking in a long deep breath of enchantment. Upon opening her eyes, Eve saw the large looming figure of color; yellows and greens, and blacks and reds. A creature with menacing glean of purpose. Eve became paralyzed with fear and anticipation; making the grave mistake of gazing into the creature’s eyes. An assured hypnotic spell had been caste.

The large and formidable figure of the serpent took lustful pleasure in its triumph of overcoming Eve‚Äôs innocence as it moved ever slowly toward her it’s slow stride of amuse. Even in this trance of moment, Eve instinctively knew that the serpent’s visit was intentional as she felt the silky-soft, yet heavy and cold movements of the serpent’s large head move across her right shoulder as it slithered its way between her breasts as her breathe raced and she could hear her heart beat as stimulated within her were the newfound emotions of fear and pleasure intertwined within her.

The serpent gently moved its body of cold matter slowly further toward Eve‚Äôs warm abdomen, meeting the softness of her feminine frame. In her trance of mortal spell, Eve could feel the numerable waves of pleasure in conscious abandonment of self-control as she succumbed to passions of the flesh. In preying upon Eve’s vulnerable young feminine inclinations, the serpent took great satisfaction in presumptuous thought that it had beguiled Eve’s divine nature. The serpent presumed “sin” of insatiable mortal feeling had been cast: An intent to defame the eternal promise made to innocence, truth, and progression. A supposed perpetual “sin” of physical, mental, and spiritual legacy did the figure of a serpent mean to make placement upon Eve‚Äôs Holy virtue—one of malevolence. One of mortals’ “sin” of flesh and blood experience. The serpent named such “sin” guilt, as it laid assumed corruption to the very essence of love. This, the serpent did to accomplish a purposeful self-justification: An envious coward’s move to disgrace humanity’s true worth to devotion to intuition come of entropy’s force of intention. However, unbeknownst to wicked ruse, was woman’s privileged beginnings of intent toward higher purpose; to dispel deceit of all unjust affair. For it is love being Eve‚Äôs begotten nature. And so even be through her heart’s torment through human vulnerabilities, A woman’s intuition of heart will never allow her to betray devotion to responsibility, and even to love through the temptations of disparity suffered through many mortal moments of temporal self-disrespect.

The genius of the spirit of Beauty
—that which is of the feminine, remains so for preservation of love to reign eternal; mortal and immortal: A bearing of essence and expression of universal form. The serpent of malicious favor was the one who was tempted, and thus was rendered riled and unable to resist Eve‚Äôs powers of innocence beauty and seduction of Nature’s imagination of perfectible plan. The serpent, through thoughts of arrogance and willfulness and self-professed godliness, was the one who was unaware of its own imperfection, and thus become perpetually angered and tempered toward the “G.o.d.” of love and all manner of creation made of love. The serpent chose to be non-reflective of the things of equality in all things created through devotion to all one. The serpent vowed to curse and make all malevolence in attempt to usurp life and light for all moment, and for as long as humanity remained in boundary of place of grace, because malevolence refuses to acknowledge strength in benevolence: A power greater than itself. An idea of dis-harmony did reign in the minds of mankind thereafter: A continuance in dark subconscious given to false place of worthy heart: A mind and spirit imprisoned, But it be for moments issued to human memory there’d be no gathering of pieces to the arrangement of balance.

The mind is the seed in the dark. The heart is fertility of feed to insure proper growth. The spirit is the flower of life of perpetual light.

A liar cannot have last word over love’s will, for in all beginnings to all ends to all beginnings, the insinuators of doubt cannot change what has already been clarified of spiraling dance. It was She who was and is for always. It is She of all human thought centered in love what is fertilized intended to keep balance of of the whole: A Holy purpose.

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Wise men come

come bring yah new

tah ‚Äėsee‚Äô dat JAH

be love com through

Of dis ting be

will’d tah hidd’n

fah’boor’ish mind

be cool forbidd’n

Wut be dis dats

of the mat’tr?

Fah want of still

and cease’less chatt’r

Wise men be want’en

change da wurl’d . . .

but be not pass

’til hearts unfurl’d

Dah long awaitin’

longin’ be wait

whil’st dos merci’fal

JAH re’late

Dah time be now

be taut tah you’th

Dah time be now

be giv’n a tru’th

JAH yah still

not believ’d be real?

Try yah may

tah snub wha‚Äôcha fee’l

Yah o’pen heart

be still aband’n . . .

eve’n yah giv’n‚Äô

keys fah fin’den?

Now dis ting jus canna

be lie . . .

yet still yah be act’n

and demandin‚Äô a ‘why?‚Äô

Be yah reachin’

dat church of Ear’th . . .

alrea’dy be giv’en

yah width and girth

Dah time of fools

com now be ov’ah . . .

’cause be all yah drink’n

dat cup of sobe’r

Yah doubt dis

be dah Sapiens choice?

Den fear yah

be of si’lent voice ¬†¬©



“Everyone makes a difference. ¬†Everyone!¬† Are we not born children of men come change the world?”¬†

¬† ‚ÄĒBob Marley

“We should acknowledge differences, we should greet differences, until difference makes no difference anymore.” ‚ÄĒ Adela Allen


You think you know what¬†a truth “prophet” looks like? ūüϧ A pure love, a great human being is born to us gifted, to remind us of our worth. A prophet is spiritually humbled; knowing the greater power before them. They are not supernatural.



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Enchanting roses . . .

what sweet sense of seduction

Time’s fleeting beauties ¬©




Nature’s desire seduces pollinators to suit her senuality.


Thee of many thorns.  Oh how I love you so when you show me your roses.





“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”¬†~William Shakespeare



“A word after a word after a word is power!”

–Margaret Atwood




The intellect of Flowers ~~~ never do they give up on necessary repetitive hope. The singing and laughing continues through eternity.






















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Dimensional World

Dimensional World







Nature’s Way is Sane

Beauty and Seduction lone

Stir not perfection ©



“Forget not the ground tickles under your feet and the wind is long to play in your hair.”
—Kahlil Gibran




Man Of No Ego ‚ÄĒ “Web Of Life”:
There’s a message in the music.¬†‚ô©‚ô™‚ôę‚ô¨


Man of No Ego, “Blinkers Removed”
Beautiful … just beautiful. ~~~‚Äß:‚ĚČ:‚Äß











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