You’re only as wise as you are ‘self’-educated.  If only we remembered that we’re all heros, we wouldn’t be searching for ‘super’-iority of crested emblem. 

And the ‘voice’ of heart did say, “Endure we do a great anguish of longing.  A longing sitting heavily upon Spirits of bloodlines of fore-Fathers’ memory—brothers and sisters who have been and are to be taken by heart through earthly moment.

 1881 Family


Long awaited is an ear to hear of truths given through ‘voice’ of blood of generational healing: An essence of intelligence of curiosity used for the gathering of information speaking volumes of worth.  A gross disbelief in intimate love and power is sorely forgotten of the hearts of our children—hearts of great worth bearing ‘gifts’ of intuition and wisdom; centers of reason and filter of determinate Universal will.  There is not a one exempt from a feeling of Grand Spirit begging to lament out from place of tears laying in abeyance to obedience of worldly un-bearing occurrence.

Moments of energy [Spirit] share paths of past, present and future strings of continued connection of life, breath and eternity.  Even innocence is accepting of Spirit at birth: A Spirit of place where Fathers’ reside balanced through blood of new birth; a love brought forth unto life’s realms fraught with difficult assimilation, transgression and ignorance of poisoned mind: A place of many tasks given, and even to the hard-of-hearts what no longer ‘see’ the instinctual human ‘powers’ of the ways of Love—ways that only a Father can teach to his children a meaning to wisdom’s ‘gifts’.  Fathers of your Fathers behold your ‘gifts’ before all moment.  Know of heart that Love’s ‘power’ is the most compelling of earthly and eternal force: An energy not to be confounded of nefarious purpose.

Sad we do know the demise of many blinded by worldly weaknesses of ignorance—they who reside from Love’s restraint; an unjust purgatory of ‘self’ denial.  They are the weeping ones seeking mercy—remembrances who have tasted their Fathers’ blood and are full of remorse.  Prayer be said for these bonded Spirits of intention who failed to heed the wisdoms marking their hearts.  They do ‘speak’ to touch, to attempt a disturbance of the living ones of Love in the eternal stirring: A begging to complete that which was unaccomplished.   Sad too, are the living who remain blinded to the untruths, and so to, truths offered of progenitor’s blood—these our sons’ and daughters’ who sway in confusion of troubled mind who do not consider a discernment of heart and not of the mind that is lost in anxiety of forgotten reason.

A child must be shown rightful place of beginning; a reasoning of blood-faith vital for mysteries to abound upon an inspired natural fervor, so remembered and constant will be simplicity of awe-filled Spirit: A recognition of place.  It will be unfortunate for a ‘time’ of mankind’s ‘time’, to be of misunderstanding heart, as only seen will be a ‘disturbance’ of indifference.  It will matter not to the Spirits who remain stilled of firm meaning.

Divine grace is for a purposeful keeping.  Progeny has sorely been denied a deserving harmony: An appointment of sovereignty born upon the heads of highest born thrust into the chasm of great pains of ‘time’s’ stagnation of thought.  Usurped upon entrance is the key to the chains of illusion placed upon the human condition.  Made forgotten is choice of destiny; a marvelous and complex responsibility of imagination of compensational intention.  Some may try, but cannot dismiss a haunting ‘voice’ of reason, recognition, and of determinate will forever burning of wontan sensibility: A life remembered of bonding reign of humbled honored stewardship.

Awareness is simply what has always been, a ‘voice’ of guidance attempting to speak freely and logically from out of sufferance of abominations and untruths.  Remembered must be the many souls taken are the many ‘gifts’ given of change and denied progression.  What greater indiscretion of humanity can possibly be?!  Mercy be given to innocence born of ignorance—moment’s sway as healer.  Let it be known, mankind has grossly failed in scholarship.  Denied has been the intuitive desires of many kind imprisoned in a purposeless arrogant affair.  A must of mind of responsibility is necessary for recovery from the ‘curse’ of shame placed upon the human heart of place of synchronistic order. Teaching recognition of responsibility will nourish the newly born heart with all things suited to perfected progression of destiny’s hand—the ultimate intention.

Let children daydream of their own ‘voice’ allowing imaginations to be consumed of the changes sculpting young hearts.  And so to, is engaging will and choice.  From these will bloom and grow that which is wonderful and purposeful—like the fauna and flora tended with great care and reaped is a marvelous joy at its maturity: A knowing of miracle given of moment; a reward of promise from our Fathers’ experience of wishes come true of heart. Faith is Nature’s balancer; a provider of light, courage and inclination toward pinning thought and intuitions of beseeching.   Let one ‘see’ the ‘self’ of mirrored reflection of remembrance.

Love . . .  is a ‘God’ of repetition in progressions frame of thoughts.

Love all things intimately, and without fear, and known will be what is meant to be truly free to just be.



Happiness is found in the thinking upon the joy of what is Loved!”




Coding: A way of behavingA set of unwritten principles concerning acceptable standards of behavior: Moral code written upon humanity’s conscience.

Locus [place]: A place where ‘something’ happens where blood makes the heart grow stronger.  


The message is in the music:

















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