Speak . . .   

Carry Family

Grandmom Jule Butler & the first four Carry girls: bottom: Catherine (L) and Elizabeth (R): Lap: Eileen (L) and Margaret (R)

speak to me

in tone

of enchantment 

of dream’s wordy




Dance . . .

dance with me

slowly over

tranquil rivers

of passions 


of luminescent


and golds



Touch . . .

touch the psycho-serendipitous


of my soul’s expression

of wonder waiting

in silent faith

of peace 

of haven’s glory



Pause . . .

pause here

in moment’s time  

to permit memory’s


of curse

of un-reason



Linger . . .

linger longer

in tale

of secret story 


of the ones’ of me . . .

and so to . . .

to the ones’

of me of me



Give . . .

give to me

of the ones

of me 


whose light shines

a light upon

a light

of my heart . . .

‘til I am rendered certain



Let . . .

let then light

of me within me

be kindled . . .


in circle bound  

stirred in flame

of sanguineous appeal  © 


It is not for the mind to say what a soul is destined to become.

“Walls fall down.  Where there’s a peaceful sound, lovely souls hang around.  Don’t be shy.  There’s nothing left to hide.  Come on let’s talk a while of the places we left behind, no longer yours and mine.  We could build a good thing here too.  So give it just a little time.  Share some bread and wine.  Weave your heart into mine.”
~Josh Garrels, “Sway of the Siren”  by L.K. McCall

ENIGMA, “Shadows in Silence”

















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