Adam or Atom?

Force of matter?

Attitude of principle?






This pain masked
as pleasure
Those pleasures disguised
as pain
of legacy . . .
of susceptibility . . .
of intent





will of engagement
of conflict stirring stagnation
of challenge . . .
of evolution . . .
of life stage





Neither benevolent
nor malevolent mutation
escapes equaled opponent
of will





A bitter-sweet pill
for life-long taking





are ‘demons’
of detriment
lusting and reeking
of lies and ties
donating ills
of discontentment





Tho too . . .
is witnessed
‘angelic’ impressions
of combatant





Choice . . .
a mere restraint
at hands
of consternation





Lest’ then
‘see’ true . . .

s i n
is simply idealistic
non-sense . . .
and disillusions
of coerced reality
of beliefs . . .





Entitlement is high
and mighty . . .

but so too
may be
the missing





A frolic
in these woods

is just
of all kind . . .
be by means
of power . . .
of prelude
to exile 








Life is CHOICE . . . internal joy, or external madness.  Heaven and hell are ‘something’ we carry around with us, not a ‘somewhere’ we are slated to eventually go.  Energy is eternal.  It cannot be destroyed, but only transformed. 





FEAR: Indoctrinate indifference: Apathy: A ‘contract’ of external contradictions: A learned expectation of pretension to offered fallacy: Hell: A slavery of mind.


IMAGINATION: Love of life: Ability to create: An internal ‘experience’: An un-learning to re-learn and reaffirm a right to liberty already given of true reality: Joy: Heaven: Freedom.







It is my soul’s conclusion . . . to hell with you then, oh you ‘demons’ of external injustices!  A vote I do hence here give unto myself!  And until such ‘time’ of man the word “democracy” does equate to reality, I no longer am participant of your deceit, nor will I conform to any man-made ‘policy’ or ‘procedure’ bent toward a “turn-a-blind-eye” mentality to creations of false hells committed on earth in name of  fallacy or pretense.


























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