anonymous  Is it really any wonder that when the entire world is faced with surmountable challenges of intentional ill-gotten gains of ill-willed willful-minded men and women, that a philosophy of truth should become humanity’s armor of choosing?  



I hear these words so often said these days that do touch me deeply, “You simply cannot bear the weight of the world on your shoulders.”  And yet, how can I, a human being, consciously not feel such burdens of heart in full awareness of the ensuing and impending environmental catastrophes?  And so too, cause and affects.  It is not my fate, as a human being, to be knowledgeable of my passions and instinctual purpose?  My passions are my gifts; a birthright of intended cosmic balance of order—destiny of seduction and beauty of just ‘being’ in kind, and thus naturally suited to cause of insuring my own survival: A given reason for being of meaning and consideration, and to an innate responsibility of promise to uphold these rights and the rights of all life as I choose not to ignore a cumbersome weight of worry as humanity stands as witness to countless and unreasoned disappearances of many. What more is needed to beg the question of chance for humanity’s survival? Fortunate or unfortunate, it shall be, for as far as humanity can ‘see’, and even within the confounded and ‘non-permissive’ levels of hidden knowledge.  I need no more than instinct to know that humanity is the only species whose thoughts, throughout life, will turn toward passionate vulnerabilities given in of individual divergent belief principles to endeavor to bring about balance to the whole.  To be sure, I am aware of the many considerations given also to the belief principles of others.  Furthermore, I am also aware of the demise and impending demise of a variety of species what are ‘indifferent’ toward any of humanity’s ‘belief’ principles, as they do only simply exist in a given place of connective balance and order of truths. Stands to reason then, that it is the human factor within the whole of connection of cycles of life who are given unto a responsibility of recognition of ‘place’ of life, as was revealed from mankind’s beginning in full state.  It has hence, been historys’ hegemony aforethought that has erroneously erased the promise of joy from blood memory.



Humanity is the only species on the planet who are currently aware of states of being and what does obsessively reflect upon ‘death’s supposed fate; a naturally occurring purpose and necessity in name of the cycles of balance and order. Our concepts of death are outwardly unequaled by any other life form, and therefore, death does bring an emotional scaring of loss that some can never recover from, and even in the knowing of death’s altruistic affair. Human assumptions and belief systems with regard to death are exclusive to all other biological forms in given self-expressions and perceptions of abstractions of superstitions held with regard to death: A psychological justification in attempt at understanding the nature and mysteries surrounding death.  Humans have an insatiable desire for holding tightly to conjured belief ‘systems’: A mere pacification of mind against indoctrinate misunderstandings of the things of natural laws. Humans do tend to cling to proposed [religious] supernatural thought.  The facts in truth are that humans have become knowledgeably ‘distant’ from the wisdoms of such ‘mystical’ things, and therefore, humanity is no longer precise in predictability of common-sense mentality.  Nor does humanity use as once did, intuitions, means and ways of language, and logic necessary to mind the specifics of diversity of other species. Humanity, is no longer in-touch, and no longer uses the ‘God’-given connectivity of ideals and thought and reason to the inevitability of death’s purpose.  Humans have only just begun to fathom a return to awareness of the not-so-secret intricacies of nature, and more importantly and most urgent, a need to grasp an understanding of our part to play in all matters of common connections. Humanity questions still, in selfish unreason, a meaning to just ‘being’ of such incredible array of magistracy. Humanity must question the obvious imbalance of order of multitudes presented of Earth.  Humans, notwithstanding the few who aim to usurp awe from all, are exclusively capable of ‘seeing’ all as one from whence awe has come to be, in all its glory, complexities, and capabilities, and thusly so too, are capable intuitively and instinctively of rendering all to be of progressive and purposeful intention; a goal toward the perfected betterment of the whole.



Human beings are genetically inclined toward an understanding of organically ‘programmed’ balance of the species.  Our instincts tell us that life learns from life in repetition.  Humans are insatiable in want of gaining full understanding of the life process.  This fact therefore, means that humans should also be accepting of what is known of hierarchy of responsibility of place and complexity of the given order, and of expectation of part to play within a set of natural principles and laws of nature.  Our human instincts —our very DNA has been created to evolved and enlightened of this knowledge. It is instinctual by nature of responsibility for humanity to ‘see’ that our very survival is in peril, and that this ‘something’ that we feel is very real. ‘Something’ is terribly wrong! What are we to do with our own instincts in this deeply felt helplessness of fear and impending losses?  What are we to do to restore balance within the natural world?  And  before all balance of order is forever forgotten?  I, a human, not only instinctively know wrong from right, and therefore ‘see’ in these times a horrendous chaos of disorder.  It affects us all negatively. What are our prospects for a positive future least we acknowledge humanity’s shameful wrong doings and take full responsibility for the unspeakable crimes committed against our precious Earth and its life-forms! Where is humanity’s inbreed benevolence of loving kindness?  Why doesn’t humanity act on instinctive urgency of must to reverse the wrongdoings of years of disrespect toward our world? How can I, an individual of the whole, not feel affected if I do indeed deeply  ‘feel’ that my own survival, and the survival of my very genes has been immeasurably compromised? How can humanity not be absolutely terrified of the in-our-face reality of possibility of having no future?  How is humanity as a species—the entrusted steward of plant Earth, going to regain a lost faith of soul to recover recognition of place of importance and favor and awe in honor of all?



Humanity must recognize the intellectual intuitiveness and effectiveness of power given of will to choice as compared to other life forms. I ‘see’ the many who still question humanity’s instinctive ability; a forgotten and most necessary component for survival.  Human instinct has been pushed aside and put out of the way for those of our kind who have no care for the enrichment of the planet. However, try as they may destroy in name of shame and greed, human instinct cannot and will not be simply ‘weeded out’!  Humans are the only species who are capable of using recognition and instinct as means for gaining knowledge, and therefore, are responsible for reconciling the damages done.  It is imperative that humans ‘see’ how perverted self-appointed ‘leaderships’ have become, and have thus chosen to no longer recognize compassion for human favor.   They have replaced their instincts with greed, selfishness, and abominable abuses of power. They have openly beguiled natural laws.  Have we ever in history witnessed any other species other than humanity, who have purposely in mindset of self endeavor destroyed life? Humans are the only species who have abused the vital virtual role within a given ‘system’ of order. Survival is imperative!  Humility is given a magestic power of human heart and will to challenge any enemy that seeks the destruction of life.  World ‘leaderships’ have taken life from life for far too long, and have complacently demeaned natural and moral obligations of respect, love, equality, and understanding of the importance of all things of given place of order.  Supposed ‘leaderships’ have failed and have shamed humanity, and yet still are given unrighteous permissions to sit on thrones of distrust of their own making as they continue to yank the moral chains of reaction of a blinded majority in purposeless hegemony of mania!



Humans have seemingly given up without consideration of power and place as appointed caretakers, and have given in to the ‘evils’ of a status que of our own kind: An assured reverted conformity toward dementia. Humanity has simply given away the natural and instinctive capacity for give and take relationships concerning equality for all. This squandering of power is unfortunate to the detriment of entire planetary systems of connection.  There are indeed complacent humans amongst us who take and do not replenish that which was taken, nor do they share in the spirit of equality of resources. This we may as well recognize as the great human “mortal sin” of indoctrinated antiquity bearing upon us.  In an accurate reality, no greater ‘sin’ exists than the inhumane in-considerations of ‘evils’ which now strive to overcome chance and change at continued progressive existence.  All species of earth continue to struggle through this man-made fallacy.  We live out our lives through thoughts, dreams, wishes, beliefs in hopes of betterment, and lies of choice acceptance on various levels of knowledge and truths that are befitting to individual and whole comfort.  Humans will either accept death as a new beginning and not an end, not accept death and live out life in perpetual sorrows of thought, or death will be the means to an end out of control—thereby making our very existence mere ends to no means of purpose.  Humanity does give name to reference such end —“hopelessness”.  The givers of lies still roam our precious planet, and have so named her “playground of the ‘gods’.” If this be a truth to follow, then our species has failed miserably in a responsibility of connective worth. Humanity then, has become nothing more than generations of childish ‘gods’ at play toward an inevitability of nothingness; a stagnation of numbness.



If a parent suffers the pains of indignation caused by a child, then all children suffer the consequence.  The human race, in these man’s-time seasons, pray to a ‘god’ of desperation, a ‘god’ what gives stingily, a ‘god’ of no joy. Humans will remain tolerant of accompanying pains as an expectant ‘experience’ when forced into a unified humiliation of suffrage of UN-bearing.  Humans are expected to a giving; a joy reaped only by way of choice of true human spirit of responsibility to do so. Human minds are held in perpetual states of ‘want’; a profound self-satisfaction and gratification of the things of ‘want’ freely offered and therefore taken in  complacency toward false-debt: A solely and sorely human loss of virtue.  Humans perceive understanding that virtuous displays of affection are apparent in many species, thus rendering compassion non-exclusive to the human species. Sad it is that there are humans who are, and even in this knowledge, still uncaring in their stance of motive concerning other life forms who do experience joy, pain, virtuousness, nobility, and ‘feelings’ of loss, who are indeed also experiencing the awe of beauty.  Humans have brought shame of a worst kind upon the planet with meaningless acceptable mental allowances: A death sentence brought upon the supposed ‘weak’ and benevolent the likes that has not been committed by any other species!



Do other species ‘feel’ such gross shame?  Perhaps, but unjustly so.  Humans are responsible for recognizing disappointment: An unforgivable disappointment in the eyes of the multitude now existing; a realization of the extinct, and the near extinct, including the human species through all means of genocide.  It is human cause to be responsible for maintaining the ‘up-keep’ of Earth’s environments: A stewardship in knowledge and inventiveness that the earth is of great worth to sustaining life.  Humanity has just cause in sorely scolding the childish in their inflictions of pain upon their fellows. Without exception, all life feels a grave consequence of unnatural illogical suffrage.  Our greatest moral achievements rely on the human condition of mind and thought. A universal heartache is felt throughout, and utterly burdens life to a degree beyond bearing.  All life rides upon great blood rivers of biological significance. Humans are witnessing historical events of complacency and inhumane insanity!  A raping of the planet ensues for an exclusive ideology of selfishness! A stagnation of slavery raught upon the heads of many!  A curse of numerous agenda of indiscretion!  A dishonored humanity is left in a seemingly helpless agony without mercy!


The questions of ‘Whys’ have now become astronomical. Why have humans allowed such casual ignorance?  Why have incensed humans been made ignorant to understanding, who proudly stand firm in opposition to compassion while the rest of life lay sick physically, mentally, and emotionally?  Why are humans uncaring in their actions of severing the vital connections of stability?  Why do these humans ignore their wrong doing of indiscretions?  Why do these humans accept the heinous repercussions of war and physical death to millions, and so to the inevitable disappearances of future’s loss?  Why have these humans chosen to forget the value of life in their madness of greed and self-interest?  Why hasn’t the majority of humanity yet stopped the torment?  Why does the populace continue to allow abuses against the balance and order of life?  Do humans no longer ‘feel’ the pains of nourishing earth as she trembles of humanity’s abnormal lack of conscience and love?  A grand majority of life forms are having unprecedented difficulty coping with losses of a natural environment—loses preventable by humanity’s power of will.  Everyone and every species of all moment suffers in vain for the errors of humanity’s stupidity! Populations are left heartbroken as the earthly ‘demons’ continue their mockery!  So many are left to pains of anguish and hopelessness by humanity’s wake of disparagement of endless disappointment!


Who are ‘they’ to dare say than that ‘they’ are the righteous in a blinded sense of ‘superiority’? Who are ‘they’—so self-deserving of everything as the rest of the world continues an existence in unnecessary, unreasonable and purposed ‘inferior’ states of powerlessness as slowly lost is ground in battle for survival! Must we be humble in our forgiving of wrong choices made of Earth’s children as we are shamed by their selfish digressions and common stance to do nothing more than shuffle meaningless paperwork around a bureaucracy of controlled movements toward inevitable onslaught?  All generations of all species are striving and struggling unnecessarily; a suffering even the blind know without sight!  What more proof is needed to ‘see’ the devastation?  Humans have been appointed caretakers from the beginning of time.  How so can it be that still so many are ignoring the urgent ‘calling’ felt deep within our spirits to come back to a role given of progenitor’s blood.  Can humanity again accept the Forefather’s and For-mother’s given truths of heart which do now speak?  Can humanity accept full responsibility toward embellishment and conviction to love and appreciate and care for life? Is humanity prepared to listen to this call upon their hearts with an undeniable conviction of faith summoned through pangs of change . . . through time and time between . . . the very blood of ancestry pleading through guidance of ‘voice’, “Have you forgotten”?  Is humanity deserving of mercy of renewed unmerited favor still yet to come?  ⓒ




Unfathomable battles for life are fought in perpetuity. A spiritual intelligence [conscience] has always been humanity’s purposeful fate in all battles of ‘inequity’. Earth’s diversity connects the riches of sustainability and magnificence of order for an assured survival that should never be given over to a questionable self-proposed supremacy of complacency of immorality! Humanity’s ‘calling’ is not in the finding thereof, for it is given at birth’s moment, and is revealed in the pain’s of purpose.  Hence forth and without fear, burning are fires of perpetual love.  The ‘spirit’ within mortals is, and must fight the ‘beasts’ that be of the physical plane—until they are no more! 



“Organic Systems of Nature operate all systems in  organic ways. Somehow, mankind has deemed itself inferior.  How can we humans even conceive of the thought that ‘God’ got it wrong?  Clearly, it is mankind’s interference with universal ways that has caused imbalance to the organic systems.” —www.soulliving.c





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