I did finally listen  confetti heart



to hungry heart’s 


of ponder

of words

I did hear



I am encumbered 

of mind 

I am enlightened

of heart

of answers revealed

to remedy

an anguish

of hopelessness



I continue

to question

answers unfolded 

of mind

I humbly accept

simple truths


to heart



I am made affected

of ‚Äėvoice‚Äô

of reason


as my own


of forgiving mercy 

of a greater love

what did enter

to take rightful place

past unending shrouds

of doubt 

where I did relent 

to the silent 




I accept who I am

I am what I am 

I am made complete . . .

given to spirit

of tears

once held

to abeyance

and let free . . . 

to a great awaiting



A light

of courage given


be vanquished 

A weapon

to carry on . . . 

protection from

the darkness

of pains

as I walk

a truer path

of Love’s 

secured promise ©




‘See the truer ‚Äėself‚Äô‚ÄĒborn of human consciousness; an empathetic spirit who cannot allow apathetic advise otherwise—constricted and sustained of stains of socital scaring of expectation of cruel ignorance.¬† Birthed of pure untouched love, so you must remain, no matter hellish sphere of province’. ~~Love


ONUS: An acceptance of responsibility.


We are … the soldiers of Love …