Dear ‘God’:  photo-by-leo-ch-on-fivehundredpx

Did you answer my question in moment of asking a question you had waited long of me of the asking?

My question of where do I find this ‘understanding’ of joy through unbearable pain of burning tears.

Must I believe you did answer?  Was it an energy profoundly felt of brief and precious moment?

Did I feel your pain as though one with my own?

Did I hear you say, “I am here.  All you need do is ‘see’, and then know how deep is my love for you.”

Indeed . . . there can be no doubt, the fathers’ of blood did say . . .

“You must have courage
to face the pain . . .
do not let fear hold you . . .
as I have given
you a mighty lathe
of great light . . .
a protection
through battles
of pain

Rivers of blood speak
of laws
to uphold
of highest esteem
Do not allow
unworthy infiltration
of light and courage given . . .
or surely it shall
be snuffed out . . .
clearly lost
and locked within
many darkness es
so as not
to be recognized
of your
own beating heart . . .
and so to . . .
shall not be felt
of another

Also . . .

when you ‘see’
a man walks
in his own darkness . . .
and is lost in fear . . .
a man’s darkness
so becomes your own . . .
and even
in not knowing
its depth
you must hold courage
to enter into it
to enable
a light
to illuminate
a way of rekindle

‘See’ you then
all men stand
being shoulder
to shoulder
as the light
of touch
bends as one . . .
is fear and pain
of all darkness es
of which are many lies
laying in hopelessness
hidden within
dark walls
of cunning deceit”  ©


If there be an empty face found of a day, it takes only a light of kindness to fill the void.