Human . . .  Judgement
of force
of endless
moment’s beseeching
A connection
to creators
of old . . .
blessings reaching
to tell
of hidden
words foretold
from beginnings
to no ends


A question
of why?
marks minds
to seek passions
of spirit
in thirst
of truths
bearing down . . .
a conscious concern


be mortality’s smite
of vengeance
of anguished ‘self’. . .
of harkened remembrances . . .
of intended flesh’s reign
of fore-fathers’
bliss and joy
whose seed
did interject
choice made firm


A sovereign silence
where spirits
of alliance
stand at ‘time’s’
essential verge
of endless
merciless weeping
of abominable
human woes ©



Perhaps . . . a spirit of benevolence had made this world in such unconditional love where interjected of human seed was empathy and compassion to still a malevolent will.

Perhaps . . . a benevolent spirit has taken a grand black canvas to gift light upon; a reminder of minds of men of laws given to perpetuity.

Perhaps . . . humanity should listen to the cries of hearts of old in order to save himself.


It is expedient for humanity to pursue imagination’s path through compassion of thought. Knowing . . . is more than believing.  Knowing . . . is courage going forward.  There is only fear in remaining of status quo of expectations proposed of apathetic empty heart.