Crying 2Wounds of our fathers . . .

of our mothers . . .

bestowed upon us

in life ‘til death

as deep as

the stars weep

an eternity of tears

Wounds cutting profoundly

’til left

are scares

of earthly

pain upon us

A reason for

our restlessness

We must believe

in peace

of healing

to come only

of understanding

another heart’s agony

And if we choose

to forgive . . .

will we then taste

a sweet stillness

of harmony between us?

A mournful contrition?

To life be left

these burdens

of memory’s past . . .

and revisit

them not ©


“Forgiveness is not an occasional act.  It is a permanent attitude.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anger is murder of the heart. Forgiveness, is a choice of the strong and not of the weak who suffer a soul’s imprisonment of consequence; a repetition in ‘self’-remorse until surrendering to humility’s ‘test’ of fortitude.






Affirmation with Love to ‘self’ … everyday …

I will be humble to the things surrounding my heart … the things that hold me to a higher standard than I hold to my ‘self’ while ‘the negativity’ seeks its continual torment of demise. I will pay no mind to the judgmental masks undermining my worth!  What was … WAS … and even for whatever reason not fully understood!  What IS … is what remains … and is forever of forgiving hope!
For what exactly does ‘the negativity’ really care … really know of the me of me of pure energy? Exactly what it tries so hard not to ‘see’ … the ‘something’ of light gifted to be … the me of me of individuality!  
With grace by my side I will ‘see’ ‘that negativity’ has no place in me to hide as I strive to no longer allow a purposeless dark crushing of my soul … because I ‘see’ ‘the negativity’ is less than whole!    
















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