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LOVE:  An honored feminine sacrifice given of a ‘God’ of the life-force: A reason why the feminine of the species is chosen of unrelenting strength and wisdom; the great forces of Earth’s virtue.  Of all passions partaken of life, love is what be the most powerful of feminine desires of awe; Beauty’s artful design.

Why do you, sons of our fathers’ so blinded by will of selfish arrogance [ego] deny yourselves a love intended for gifted continuance?  Why do you man, build up a woman in false-minded promise of eternal love and equality, only to abuse these things within a same breath of mindless lie—hence causing unbearable heartache, disappointment, and an anguish of feminine soul so utter, that love itself fears to love, because you man, did not consider the tenderness of the sacred feminine heart!

Woman does wait in tiresome agony of patience, because she must, as moment waits for clarity of unreason within man’s seemingly perpetual unawareness.

And until you man, do confess your illogic, then least put forth consideration and empathy of thought concerning matters of the destruction of the very nature and worth of a woman, so as not to cause her to grow numb at heart, hence to make her fail her chosen appointment, lest you man, shall also fail in life’s perpetuity.

The King of hearts will show no mercy for these abominable ‘spells’ cast upon some whose heart’s seek destruction of divinity in pursuance of ignorant blindness of amity and persistence of complacency in cause of chaos and presumptive greed of power held in madness of mania!

Mankind has sorely forgotten how to act upon instinctual natural laws in matters of love’s gifts. Surely a man is less than whole without the stability and divine intervention of a loving and loyal woman to steady him in his temporal falls from grace.  After all, it was to woman that was given to knowledge firstly, she being one with intuitions of common human sense.  It was man who usurped divinity from her in his lust to control all things.

Moments of ‘voice’ of now speaks great heed for humanity to ‘see’ to move motion’s return to equal part to the Matriarchs of a ‘God’ forsaken mess of the Patriarch of apathetic stance; an intentionally ignored knowledge toward sacred things greater than mankind given of beginning balance, and order of perfected planning—those ones who think themselves gods and are not, as we witness abundant failures bearing no wing at either side.  Man cannot, and will not fly right without the right wing purposely and firstly given to womankind, the very representative of ‘the word’, what is Love, through what all things are maintained. ©


‘I want my hell to burn in you like heaven’,  said every woman.


Q:  What came first, the seed, or the egg?

A:  The egg represents the feminine form from whence all life springs forth. Even the exceptional male pipe fish waits for the female to donate her eggs to then seed life’s intent of perpetuity.

Take great heed you of womankind.  You . . . caretaker of the “Holy Grail” of which is the womb!  You are the chosen supreme life-givers!  If a man is genuine of love and respect, it is because the man does love himself first, and thus knows this to be a truth, and in his deepest heart will know he is undeserving. Therefore, let no man say otherwise! Discard unholy manipulations done of scripted texts created of the ego-testicles of unintelligent man, as these are not the words of the ‘God’ of your soul, of which, is Love!  Reign no more in a man’s pretense of false thoughts  . . . and be then free to love freely!  There is only one ‘God’ who is personal, internal, loving, forgiving and merciful.  ‘God’ is not of fear.  Fear is an external enemy created of a man!




Dear fornicator:  Shame is upon your head!  All suffer the burden of your wicked countenance, selfish heart, and empty soul:  A curse of un-bearing.  You are first cause for disrespect; a proposed ‘evil’ of ill-will!.  It is you who perpetrate the hidden ‘s i n s’ of embarrassment!  If your arrogant wickedness were extinguished, women and children would be then placed upon due pedestal of Love’s honor!  It is you who cause undue pains of mental and physical disease!  And so it will be you of corrupt heart who will wallow in nothingness for the eternity you have prepare for yourself! An end must come to your suffered shamefulnessseek the paths of self-love, self-respect, and self-worth held of your inborn ‘spirit’; an assignment of attendance.  Mankind is born of good intention, but have grown to allow weak ‘evil’-minded others to dishonor place, and therefore, all place is made corrupt and passed down to worry the heads of your children!  Do you not ‘see’ their tears of abominable sufferings?!  Do you not hear their screams of plea for someone to end their torment?!  Do you still not ‘see’ that it is you who are the only one who can sever selfish stupidity in shear will of desire for want of an end?  For sake of Love’s survival . . . the children
. . . the future, the very ‘Angels’ come to save the world with pleas of breeching . . . wake the fuck up!
  Your begotten intellect,, created of Love, desperately awaits your forsaking the contemptuous mind by giving due honor to the wisdoms of heart!


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