‘WAR’:  A word what meaning is shame; a living nightmare! A word of detestable negative energies best banned from human thought!  A word beyond comprehension of bearing—humanity’s seemingly endless burden of disgrace born of insanity’s womb that bleeds upon life; a monstrosity defecating on innocence, without exception of kind or form as it runs ramped throughout history in name of the self-professed ‘gods’ of malevolence! And if ever an end shall come of war and the minions of war and their ‘gods’ of unbearable things, then so too will end the weeping and the raping and the reaping of ungodly pleasures taken in blood lust! And yet still left to bear of the living will be a mark of dark impression, misery, suffering, abandonment and memories of grand loss forsaken of blatant murder! Perhaps, if left to apathy, a war to end all wars  will come.  What then will be of aftermath condition of precious breathing life?  No doubt is feared there will be still a greed-diseased communal few who will attempt and presume continuance of abominable power and vice, for as long as is allowed.  Perhaps they  shall fight among st themselves to appease their temporal greedy ‘gods’ of selfish appetites of apathetic comprehension—mongering gossips of hate and division being the indulgence of choice to inflict misery and mockery upon the human heart!  War, nothing but a purposeful never-ending purgatory for the masses; an affliction of continued self-appeasement for the few of anguished state of mania for profit and power gained of UN-holy lies and ties of devastation!



No kidding!!



The most pitiful mourns of immoral wars is the unending abundance of foul and abominable pleasures earthly malevolent self-professed ‘gods’ of power do take in the causing of and relishing in the offered ‘systems’ of proposed failures of humanity’s children; a lust for virtuous innocence to covet to service their wants: A very thought that should enrage humanity toward righteousness, and survival! The worst lies of all lies malevolent ‘gods’ and their human minions [whose names dare not be said aloud] strive to deceive mankind with, is that “war is vital for protections and preservations of life, liberty, and individual pursuits of happiness and freedoms”—the very precious gifts of life wars do intentionally consume! Humanity’s wars are a cunning deceitful disenfranchisement from a right to transparency of truths!  The only power that an innocent [benevolent] populace has against these ‘gods’ and their minions of perpetual pursuits of obsession, is their spirit of dignity and moral honor; a ‘something’ that connects from within.  A something of free will, and whose desire is firm in love, peace, choice, justice, equality, individuality, and creativity of vision, and a righteous respect, appreciation, and awe for all life.  It is unfortunate that humankind will forever remain forlorn in continued lack of unanimous unawareness, and so shall remain suppressed of  stupefied mindset; a prison of indoctrinate ignorance: A collective consciousness lead astray from design’s purposeful progression. Indeed!  Humanity will reap what is sown!  Humanity, the appointed species of stewardship standing behind their own blind shadow in twisted fears of forced allegiance to the ‘gods’ of profit and power left reigning unabated, until hope, the ever soulful “sleeping giant” is fully awakened from within to take up battle for thought and truth of natural laws of harmony and order.  Must be  slain is the beast within the mortal mind!  Why must humanity learn time and time again, throughout history, that innocence does not have to drown in their own blood in order to be free to swim the waters of life as first foretold? People desperately need to recognize that current global ‘leaderships’ suffer a disease whose outer symptoms are uncontrolled obsessions of unethical desire, power, and greed run rabid upon absurdities of notion centered around a ‘worship’ of money—a thing whose value is nothing more than fleeting debt, and is becoming more so as days go by and the global economy sees less and less of it as the want for it grows out of control under influence of consumerism: An insanity of immoral movement of moments!  Should not the people have right to take up lathe [mindfulness] against such illegitimacy?  Should not a return to balance [survival] of life be humanity’s priority of pursuance?!  Thy rod [faith] and thy staff [truth] shall comfort thee . . . “.  Such words surely are meant to encourage the living, and are not meant as burial blessings for the dead as is proposed by a controlling wicked ruse!   Joy barely hangs in the balance while attempts are made to weed out hope’s enlightenment: A searh for connective healing of wounds inflicted by the ‘beasts’ of burden of man-made ‘time’.  A spirit of genetic disposition speaks true that once a seed of magnificent and convincing ‘evil’ is planted in the minds and hearts of a people by mankind himself, that only ultimate horrors can and will grow from it!  Bad seeds do continue to ripen on the tree of universal perfection, and have been left untrimmed in the garden of Eden for lack of tending from the beginning of man’s time.  Thusly, all life has been imprisoned in fallacy of abeyance.  Now has alwàys been moment of rekindle-ment of human intuition of memory’s ‘something’ residing and  sustained of blood ancestry; an insurance given of highest yield—born  of awareness of awe and understanding the importance of mastery of the whole.



For Love’s sake, know who, what, why, and where of answers to questions of ‘God’. Take great heed in discernment of wisdom.  Bend young minds of future seed away from worldly wordy dogma and drama of cunning and convincing deceptions of psychosis of need for permanent war!  Then ‘see’ true that murder committed of wars can no more be burdened upon the hands of humanity’s children!   It is a horrendous thought, that mankind be the only creature on the plant who will follow orders to kill with indiscriminate lust of unreasoned mania, and for no causation other than money, resources, power, and control of all things of life! ©




Truth is, truth IS scary, and most times why people ignore it!



Six things of what ‘the Lord’ (a Universal connection) disapproves, but seven are most detestable: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies, and a person who stirs up conflict.  [excerpted from the book Proverbs 6:16-1]



“W.A.R. is organized murder, and nothing more!”
~Harry Patch (the last known surviving British solider of WWI)

Time-line of wars and conflicts:


A History of man’s insanity …

























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