What’s amiss  conscience

of Love’s abyss
where privilege holds summon
atop an eyefull tower
in final hour
of power?

Oh’ how humanity weeps

whilst mortality creeps
along a disturbed consciousness


Who holds high
the lathe
of heaven . . .
to strike first blow
upon a deceptive seven?

Wherefore art thou

laden leader . . .
to bring forthwith
 paradise sweeter?


Fruition endures
dire straits . . .
’til forsaken
human will awakes


A tower
of power
shall again be built . . .
to rid the world
such shameful guilt! ©




“Burn the Lies.”  Hatebreed

Those who seek shall not stop seeking until they find.
When they find, they shall be ‘disturbed’ [FREE].
When they are ‘disturbed’, they will marvel, and will reign over awe!




“Never do anything against conscience.  Even if the state demands it.”
Albert Einstein


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