Seemed decreed 


through time

and space . . . 

that we should take

our noble place


And what meaning do’est this declare?

A reason why the natives stare?


 So why then this

must we mutter . . . 

lest ye not know

why we shutter?


Chosen for

a burdened fate . . . 

in hope that time

will soon negate

To whimsical winds

do est us bend

and curtsy . . . 

yet not be heard

our pleas for mercy


Whilst burning limbs

in flame a-kindle . . .

and still  . . .

they not consider

why we dwindle

And after such

horrendous slaughter . . .

what blame

be told the sons . . .

the daughters? ©



Trees absorb joy and sorrow.

Trees give life suckled awe to all.

Oh man, how could you?! 



“A new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter” —Led Zeppellin












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