“If ‘liberty’ means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” —George Orwell

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The truths of ourselves are written between the lines of false clarity. ¬†The ‘something’ we feel missing is an¬†inner ‘enlightment’ given at our birth¬†which¬†does call to us relentlessly despite all else.

Fear: A primal instinctual force of life insuring chances of survival in due harm situations. At present, the word fear has become a conceptual mechanism of mind-control taken arbitrarily out of context, and against a seemingly unsuspecting life-force by complacent minds of so-called ‘leaderships’. Fortunate it is for mankind that fear does not reside at heart where the individual is capable of filtering through given messages of mind. If the majority of the planet‚Äôs populace is adhering¬†to, and thereby being hypnotically circumvented toward a mindset of agenda of those who most assuredly want to do harm through simple manipulation of word, then clearly there is something terribly wrong with the natural aspect of human intuition. ‘Something’ inert and begotten of a species has ‘shut down’ . . . been forgotten . . . used out of context by ‘man-beasts’ of a twisted Machiavellian-like design of negative thought left mingling¬†in the Aether of the heavens awaiting karmic consequence.

It is¬†human intuition, a spirit of the light which¬†resurrects human history‚Ää‚ÄĒmoments of now of heightened states of awareness¬†of¬†lingerings between¬†disturbance and marvel: ¬†A natural order of all things comes to reveal a¬†rebirth of¬†mankind‚Äôs sense of awe and wonderment; a revolution of thought¬†and persistence in realities of beauty and seduction‚ÄĒ‚Ääan reawakening of the enlightened¬†man: A calling of¬†full circle return. ¬† The¬†‘veil’ [fog] is¬†lifting from our minds and hearts as we ferverently¬†seek¬†our¬†place of worldly balance. Revealed is¬†the abuse¬†of the word ‘fear’ by those who¬†clearly seek to assault individually, imagination, and ‘self’-worth. ¬†Leaderships place¬†incessant transparent and shrewd unjust blame¬†¬†upon the heads of innocence of all state and form. ¬†Fear, a primal useful human instinct, can and is now being used by leaderships to insure humanity‚Äôs compliance toward one direction; a nonsensical condition brokered by those in positions of authority who render the word ‘fear’ obscured in true¬†meaning as it is interjected into so called “common core” human learning processes of conditioning required of assimilation into status quo of indoctrinate secular society. ¬†Hegemony‚Äôs ‘demonic’-like rationality¬†therefore, is to create socital discord, render a¬†solution, and henceforth appear to the masses to be the heroes of an implemented false sense of peace.

A ‘creation’ of secular society by the ‚Äėman-beasts‚Äô provides for decisions made on moment to moment basis; a pros and cons calculation according to the needs of progression of proposed planning‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ää-be it abused of iniciated fear factors, or insensed of fear instincts. ¬†Fear factor is a construct of ‚Äėpower‚Äô used against a populace for illegitimate, corrupt, and unending control through ideologies of politics, theology, technology, media, indoctrinate education ‚Äėsystems‚Äô, environmental abuses, and so forth on through all levels of a supposed civilized society. ¬†Fear instinct, being it inbred, is a biological mechanism used by the autonomic nervous system beneficial to¬†all creatures in times of threat; a ‚Äėprimitive‚Äô form of action and reaction. ¬†The former is a psychological manipulation that moves against the Nature of living things. ¬† A type of fear used for the enforcement of power by global governments to suppress the transformed compliant weak; an assurance of apathetic agreement. ¬†History plays out in gross repeticious reputation of testament to the truths of human weaknesses: A¬†mortal witness to absolute corruptive governmental powers used against all life of all shape and form. ¬†This utilization of fear factor demonstrates a constant deceitful use of a coveted will over the many. ¬†How terrifying it is that a basic human instinct be considered a weakness, and moreover, be used for malevolent indulgence of nefarious intent of the most heinous endeavors of malicious minds!

How blessed is humanity to have and behold this one and only home laden in magnificent beauty and seduction! ¬†Richly diverse are¬†precious variety of life moving toward a perfective plan. ¬†The ‘God’ of Nature calls humanity to¬†must¬†of protectorate¬†as is witnessed a chaotic state of rule contriving to destroy it‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ää-a self-appointed egotistical few of kind who masquerade upon the planet as ‘man-beasts’ affecting their version of enforcement of fear as they¬†render gross atrosities¬†upon¬†life‚Äôs diversity. ‘Man-beasts’ who blatantly and cunningly use the word fear in self-righteous manner of conquest and¬†pilfer of Earth‚Äôs resources meant for the sharing. ¬†All manner of destruction being¬†done under the eye¬†of the watchers . . . humanity, the forgotten stewards. ¬†The ‘man-beast‚Äôs’ desires of fare are begotten through¬†a misuse of¬†fear¬†combined¬†with the immoral mental and physical forces associated with money: A¬†spell of insidious insatiability. ‘Man-beasts’ have taken full control of the ways and means of distribution of the planet‚Äôs energy sources, including humanity, as they knowingly leave millions disparaged in conundrums of chaos in wake of devastation caused of unwarranted wars and consequential ‘economic’ aftermath of collapse.

The ‘S i n s’ of the ‘man-beast‚Äôs’ choice moves in pretense of favor of so-called “progress” as they devastate the planet’s ecosystems to the detriment of sustainability. ¬†The ‘man-beasts’ have decimated multitudes of habitats as they covet resources to fullfill self interests. ¬†Humanity begs to ask, ‘how is Earth, a living organism, supposed to live without the basics necessities of global sustainment’?¬† How will life cope through such strife in pursuits of survival, if, through happenstance of negligence, the planet implodes upon itself as it is drained of its life bloods? ¬†Humanity, an¬†intended stewart of care, what will you do when you are permanently rendered the weakest link in the chain of life; an opposing non-protectorate? ¬†How did mankind allow themselves so blindly to be placed of wrongful place so easily?

A usurping of personal freedoms of thought and choice are blatantly given over to¬†greed and selfishness by ‘man-beasts’ who so ingeniously and artfully ‘lead’ in manner of control of¬†false nonsensical and illogical reality‚Ä䬆situated in¬†mental imprisonment. False hope is offered in trade for compliance of gestures resulting in economic sufferings. The indoctrinate population are mere cogs of the machine, and no longer an ominous threat they once were‚Ää, and now¬†‘numbed’ to secure tolerances of necessity within confined existence of prevalent lies in order to¬†anesthetize human instinctual emotions: A¬†loss on a grand scale of inadequacy and helplessness, and self-disappointments leading to self-loathing thoughts of inbreed¬†madness!

‘Man-beasts’ rule in¬†lack of¬†spiritual moral arrow: A commonness of incensed compliance of¬†morality aforethought. Shame has indeed perfected its will on the minds and hearts of humankind. ¬†No considerations are given unto to the awakened; a populace made aware who no longer wish to concede to false doctrine and forbearance of shame. ¬†The ‘man-beasts’ ignore the pleas of mercy from the exhausted exulted in their continued dire commitment to necessitate negotiations of global expectations of healing toward Nature’s true¬†states of reality and existence. ¬†Desperate are the pleas for emancipation are the numereous kinds¬†critical to bio-diversity in a silent dying. The moments are always¬†now of neverending eternity to acknowledge the unworthiness of mankind who engage in deceitful deeds of knowing catastrophic finality. ¬†Humanity‚Äôs off-spring will suffer utter sadness and helplessness as witnessed are¬†continued acts of un- bearing disappearances of many species at alarming momentum.

Left to tears are we the witness¬†for having lived the horrors of mania; an existence of broken promises of progressive¬†evolution. ¬†Regrettably, a common burden of pain of heart continues unabated as humanity remains strangled to seeming helplessness! Responsibility and reconsiderations¬†of mind centered toward Universal levels of mind, heart, and spirit must prevail! ¬†Hope cannot indefinitely stand guard for joy! ¬†If awe is to be no more, then hope will also be no more. ¬†Humanity needs to reclaim courage—remember¬†the¬†innateness of connective synchronism. ¬†Fear abused of thought,¬†is mere illusion of a heinous kind! ¬†Urgent attention to intented intentions of heart is imperative! Action must be taken in the now of moments given to regain a place of honor: A perpetual state of stewardship. ¬†Do the ‘something’ we are intended to do is a Mother‚Äôs fervent cry across all hearts! ¬†Everyone is together guilty of allowances given to unawareness! ¬†Moment is neigh for acceptance of truths over the comforts of complacency!

People are made blinded¬†and¬†lost‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ää-put out-of-place, seemingly made still where the ‘man-beasts’ have had¬†predictive powers throughout centuries of generations of secreted planning of guile¬†hidden of¬†confined walls of assured and complete surrender of human logic, and all that is of life‚Äôs intimates of Universal devotion to the ‘God’ of all things of awe. ¬†Humans have allowed planted seeds of blame to grow in the darkness through generations; an ignorant attempt to falsely justify a lost intelligence of connective morality, equality, and a still unfathomed level of acheivement of inner love for the experience of¬†being alive. ¬†Truth be known, the ‘man-beasts’, those whose secreted names are known but dare not proclaimed¬†aloud from out of dark shadows, do suppress their own grimly fear of¬†humanity’s power in¬†unity as they cower¬†behind construct of¬†laws of compliance within non-constitutional hierarchy; a continuance of inundation of fast-paced progressive¬†technology that will forever be of meaningless distractions used to ignite and appease human fears and carnal desires¬†of irrational fashion at will ; a means to affect complete control of the masses: An infliction of addiction mankind will have difficulty recovering from.

Humanity must come to know that the ‘man-beasts’ do fear a force¬†of¬†towering spirit invested in intentions of strength of immense possibility centered of¬†unanimous conscience and imagination of design; a higher order beyond themselves obvious in all living matter. ¬†The ‘man-beasts’ dwell in fear of human ponderings, as is openly revealed are ways and means of¬†secretive invasion of personal privies. “The people” do grow exceedingly tired of abuses forged upon the freedoms of just being as awakened is a knowledge of place and rightful continuance and divinity given to¬†individuality. ¬†There exists a real-time fear in the minds of the ‘man-beasts’; a fear of great proportion of reveleation of truths of reality‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ää-a most paralyzing terror to those who seek to appropriate the plant in earnest of mania, and thus, have they themselves appropriated words of restraint upon a most powerful force in ingenious attempt to squelch and exploit as is seen fit to their own ideals of desire¬†and¬†realitiy. ¬†Fascism, consumerism, and materialism are the weapons of terror and destruction used by the ‘man-beasts’. ¬†Human beings stand as witness of how individuals¬†of outspoken truths are¬†dealt with based on personal levels reached of awakened wisdoms to affect a¬†courage to speak; a courage found at the heart of false fear of indoctrination—an anger of disappointment in a realization¬†that their own kind has committed treason against the very bridges holding together the life-force.

The powers that currently be are full well knowledgeable of the fact that it could be YOU¬†.¬†.¬†. ‘the one’¬†of momentous significance to bring about changes YOU want to see taking place in a world for a good of the whole . . . we of connective thought in that we reside on a unique planet belonging to all of life‚Äôs beloved, and not just for a few: A planet given by a ‘God’ of fingerprint force; a magnificent Love measured in all things. ¬†Humanity and all of life are the children of Love¬†.¬†.¬†. the greatest bio-diversity of art of thought of a supreme consciousness of perfection.

Humanity‚Äôs one and only home, a living breathing organism, cries out to the blood of her kin to solider up the nurturing powers in reciprocal of Love and care; an oath of responsibility taken in intuition’s wake by human-kind:¬†A promised loyalty¬†to Love and protect the Earth and everything of it from all harm. ¬†It is humanity’s humbled¬†birthright of knowing of place¬†that¬†decides what is morally right. ¬†If the people do allow the Earth‚Äôs demise, then consciously we choose genocide of all conservancy. ¬†A ‚ÄėGod‚Äô, who is Love, cannot forgive such insult of choice. ¬†The ultimate consequence of such choice will be that of devastation and disconnection; an eternal and just judgment made upon us for allowing temporal ‘man-beasts’ (whose names are one in oppression)¬†to succeed in their haste of contempt and¬†furtherance to usher in a¬†reality of foolish nothingness.

And if, through the good grace of character of Earth‚Äôs children life survives such wrongs of onslaught, surely punished must be the guilty for deeds perpetrated against the very breath of life—it is ours to forgive the man, but never forgotten should¬†be the foul ‘man-beasts’ who did covet the energy of souls in earnest of voracity!¬†¬©


‚ÄúThe most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.‚ÄĚ
—Thales of Miletus, Philosopher

Man-beast(s):¬†Person or persons of supposed ‘leadership’ role who manage badly¬†under false pretense; a disguise of demise intent on destruction of Nature’s synchronism by way of indiscriminate inconsiderations toward all of¬†Earth’s inhabitants.





[6/electrons, 6/protons, 6/neutrons = a ¬†single human cell = a flesh and blood man‚ÄĒa primal ‘beast’¬†residing¬†within]





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