Perception, is everything.  perception-is-everything

Every soul born to this plane of growing pains mourn carries a message of shape, sound, and form for change.  It is not for us to change the world, it is for us to change ourselves!

These things through all generations are given freely—selected to give meaning to indenture of personal thought.   A message to ponder a perception to awaken inclination; be it sealed within awaiting embellishment of one’s worthiness to receive a perfected wisdom.

For human heart’s progression sake . . . when will humanity be ready to cast away compliance of blindness in order to awaken a simple mortal truth perpetually gifted; an assurance of deliverance of burning responsibility, and even if the price for wisdom is aloneness: A deeper peace felt without words. ©


“The reason people do not know much, is because they don’t care enough to know.  They are incurious.  In-curiosity is the oddest, and most foolish failing there is.” ~~Stephen Fry




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