MirrorI am the one who disappeared


for this I’ll reap my pain from within your tears

as you look right through me

I’m the one who disappeared

where you write my name and  no words appear

Nothing I say is endeared

because in your heart I have disappeared


in my turn I must look away

so as not to feel the scars of your wounds

I am the one who disappeared

A pain endured to teach forgiveness . . .

so I am told

Yet still . . .  

I’m the one

I am that one

who now has no name

I have no name


I am the one who disappeared

I know I’m the one

by the way you gaze through me


for this I reap the pain from your tears

I was once first


now I am last you see . . . 


I am the one who has disappeared

from memory

 I will reap this pain

of my own tears

in this affair of earthly forfeit

to appease your pain


I am the one who disappeared

I am the one who asks forgiveness

when you see my face in your mirrors

of deprived memory  

(unknown Author)

“Tears stream down my face.  I promise, I will learn from my mistakes.”  —Coldplay

Blowing out another’s candle, and even unintentionally, doesn’t make your candle shine any brighter!  In fact, fate will alter chance destiny by eventually making sure your candle has a complete melt-down . . . leaving you standing in utter darkness . . . alone!
If you see that another’s candle is dull, or is completely snuffed out, rekindle it!  Trust me . . . the worst pain of endurance is not being able to relight that beautiful candle YOU snuffed out!
Just don’t do it!  Regret . . . is a sadness that one will find difficulty in recovering from, because  ‘self’- forgiveness is near impossible to acheive.  








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